Baazigar in bullet points

Rain, sick mother, cool shadow pattern

A Great Setback!


Shahrukh, sweet house

Coin, Baazigar, Shahrukh

Hitch a ride

Vicky Malhotra, dead parents

Johnny Lever, Chopra’s

Sexy legs, college, notes, garden song

Kajol!  (Gabbar)




Race track

Baazigar song

Swimming pool

Driving in car (meeting sister)

Motorcycle chase, ice cream


Police station

Sister, birthday party

Engagement meeting

Phone call



Marriage bureau


Kajol and Vicky

Funeral, suicide


Father don’t care

Fear of heights, meet with Karan

College friends



Closet, Contacts (first speech to camera)

6 months later, in car

Father’s office

Flashback, feet

Holi, rising in office, vacation, speech, IIFT

Meeting in Jewelry store

Engagement party, finds photo


Calls house, Johnny messes up



Confronts cop

Loses contact

Power of attorney

Suitcase found!

meets Karan

Wild jealousy

Kaali Kaali!

Real Vicky!


Speech about true love (voice over, added later?)

Confronts Dad about past (women’s sunglasses)

Kajol investigates, Der Shirt Shape

Goes to his house, finds stalker stuff


Sad story


Stab, trident

Shot, mother recognizes, fight

Outside, through glass and railings “My mother’s tears run through my veins!”

Breaks arm

On the run with knife

Stops, because of stupid cops


Death embrace!

Crawls to Mom

“Let me sleep”

Love song reprise

Pull back

Costumes by Gauri Khan!



12 thoughts on “Baazigar in bullet points

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