Box Office Report: Pink is a Hit! (Really?)

As you may have noticed, I did not see Pink.  It just looks toooooooooooooooo depressing!  Plus, I wanted to see a Malayalam movie for Onam.  But, even though there is no Pink review here for you, I will still give you Pink box office figures.

Bollywoodhungama has the global figures!  Which are the only numbers I really believe, because they come from Rentrax, an independent 3rd party group with an extremely exact method for calculating figures (when I worked box office at a movie theater, some nice lady from LA would call us up every night and have us read off the number of tickets sold for every film).  Unlike the India figures which sometimes seem like they come from some intern at the website being sent to count heads at the movie theater next door, and then multiply that by every theater in the country.  And even if you asked the theaters, especially the single screens, they are just going to lie to avoid the entertainment tax anyway.

You ready for a real headscratch?  Last week, Baar Baar was a “flop” because it only made around $5,000 per screen in basically every global center (except Germany, where they only watch Shahrukh movies.  My people!).  This week, Pink is a “hit” because it made around $5,000 per screen. ?!?!?!?!?

I say “?!?!?!”, but really, I do understand where they are coming from.  For one thing, early reports on the ground in India have Pink growing in the box office every day.  Okay, that could just be Intern Vijay looking at how many tickets are sold around the corner, but it’s still something!  Meanwhile, Baar Baar was dropping every day.

More importantly, Pink looked just like Amitabh’s last two releases, Wazir and Te3n.  Heck, it looked worse!  At least Wazir had Farhan Akhtar and some catchy songs to support him, and Te3n had Vidya Balan.  But Pink had one sort of song that was sort of popular, and 3 young actresses who were barely known.  And yet another plot in which Amitabh looked to be playing some kind of aged avenger against crime thing.

(I really like this song)

Wazir was only released on 35 screens in the US, and trailed behind even regional films on opening weekend. And Te3n trailed behind Housefull 3 in week 3.  Ouch!  And now here’s Amitabh, coming from behind, and actually hitting the top of the global box office list!  Well, at least in America.

In Canada, there is a new Punjabi release, so obviously that’s going to be the top of the list.  But Pink is right behind it!  $4,000 per screen on 9 screens!

In the UK, Janaan, a Pakistani film, is at the top.  Weird, don’t think I’ve seen that before.  I assume it is because of Eid-Al-Adha and no Hindi release coming out related to that (unlike Sultan on Eid-Al-Fitr).  And then Baar Baar is second, on 33 screens.  Well, that makes sense, it is mostly set in England, there would be that hometown pride.  Plus, 33 screens.  And then Pink, number 3, on 18 screens at about $1,700 per screen.  Huh.  Not that great actually.  Even allowing for the UK’s freakishly low ticket prices.  Something about it must really not appeal to British audiences.  Often, the UK box office is the closest to the Indian box office, because of the huge number, and varied cross-section, of desis in that country.  I wonder if this is a sign that Pink might be a good metro movie, but won’t play in the heartland?

Australia and New Zealand were about the same as the US, Pink on top with around $5,000 per screen.  Baar Baar came in second for both, but at around $1,500 per screen in Australia and around $700 per screen in New Zealand.  Someday someone is going to have to explain to me what kind of freaky cultural differences there are between these two places that explain their occasional wild differences in box office.

In Malaysia, you will be SHOCKED to learn that a Tamil film is at the top of the charts! (that’s sarcasm, it’s always a Tamil film.  Unless it is Sarbjit, which for some inexplicable reason won it’s opening weekend).

And in Germany, as I said, Baar Baar is slowly failing.  Apparently, Karan got confused by the success of My Name is Khan and KANK and thought that it was him that the Germans liked.  Sorry, Karan!  It was Shahrukh all along! Go sob in a field like Kajol!  Baar Baar made a hilarious $414 dollars in Germany on 2 screens.  So, $207 per screen.  Figure at least 6 shows over the course of the 3 days of the weekend, that means $34 per screen per show.  So, 3 people.  3 people came to see this movie in all of Germany.

(Karan, realizing Germany doesn’t love him)

9 thoughts on “Box Office Report: Pink is a Hit! (Really?)

    • That’s what everyone’s saying! And yet, it is only playing at one theater, two shows a day, in my city. Which is probably a sign of how distributors don’t recognize quality, but it also makes it really really hard for me to get out there to see it.


    • That’s my problem as well. The real world is too scary, and I care about this issue too much, to be able to enjoy it on film. But Cricket, on the other hand, I don’t care about at all! So I am all about the MS Dhoni biopic.


  1. First, I just found you (or rather my other obsessed Hindi film fan did) and started reading you. While your posts come at too furious a pace, I read every single one and love your knowledge, attitude and comprehensiveness!!


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