Last Minute Song Plagiarism Post!

So I just had a friend over to hang out and watch songs and watch me make pumpkin bread.  And I was showing her a bunch of the stuff I had discovered since the last time she came over.  And she recognized one of the songs!

Ready to have your mind BLOWN? Remember this song from Businessman?  With the questionable consent issues but the awesome catchy tune?


So, my friend really liked the song.  But then she asked if I’d shown it to her before, because it felt really familiar.  And then I kept playing it, and she said “oh!  I think I know what this reminded of a little!”  And then it kept playing, and she went “wait, this is actually the exact same song.”  And then we had to pause for her to play me this:


Mind=Blown!!!  There are so many levels to this!  The Lion King was originally a fable about colonialism, repurposed as a sort of oddly culturally appropriation-y stage show, which was then appropriated in turn by a country which had suffered under British colonialism.  !!!!!

5 thoughts on “Last Minute Song Plagiarism Post!

  1. The last part about colonialism is really interesting!

    I didn’t know that this song was plagiarized too 😦 Pilla Chao from Businessman was known to be copied from a Romanian song from what I remember. Thaman, the music director of Businessman and a bunch of other Telugu movies, is infamous for his plagiarism. You can find many youtube videos that show proof of his copied songs.


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