New Befikre Song! I’m guessing for the end credits?

Yet another Befikre trailer!  I really did not much like the first one.  And then I disliked the second one slightly less, and the third one even less, and now the fourth one has continued the trend, and I almost enjoy it!

I strongly suspect this is just going to be the big celebration song at the end of the film, ala “Kaala Chasme”, not part of the plot.


But I really like it thematically, if it is put at the end, after all the “We’re French!” stuff, to instead reclaim the space of Paris for Bhangra and Indian culture.  And I hope that it is a sign of a bigger trend in the film, if they start being all modern and uncaring and rejecting romance and stuff, and by the end of the film have come to embrace all the kitschy glitzy joy of a traditional Indian love story.  That would be cool!


Also, new theory, it’s not her hair, it’s her large chin and nose.  Which the hair accentuates, instead of minimizes.  So, okay, it is the hair a little.  Certainly she looks A LOT better with the shorter brown hair, than the long ombre hair.  (as always, caveat that this is not a criticism of Vaani Kapoor, but of the hair and make-up people who are doing a terrible job)


3 thoughts on “New Befikre Song! I’m guessing for the end credits?

  1. well, vaani has definitely gotten a nose job. and potentially also a chin implant/jaw reshaping. i’m sure makeup, getting older, and hair also have an impact, but her nose is crazy small now.




    • Oh yeah, I can see it now. But it’s definitely less noticeable in both those pictures than in some of the Befikre trailers, which just shows how much lighting and angles and everything else can do.


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