Upcoming Movies: Another Dangal Trailer, OK Jaanu First Look, and Sanjay’s Come Back!

I don’t know if any of these three actually tell us anything new about their respective films, but they are pretty to look at!

Dangal first.  This is basically the male version of “Dhaakad”, my favorite song.  Aamir’s character’s perspective on his daughters training and championships and all that.  From their side, it was a series of successes, pride, and hardwork.  From his side, there was the fear of failure, and fighting the world to make it happen.

If this is how the film plays out, I can kind of get behind that.  The girls did the work, but Aamir’s job was to protect them from everything else going on that could have distracted them from their goals, make sure they were allowed into the competitions, got the best coaches, all of that.

The other interesting this is that this is a Dalar Mehndi song, more sort of folk sounding.  Where as “Dhaakad” was definitely more modern rap-hip hop type thing.  A nice character touch, Aamir’s version of his tale is still an up from the bottom fighter track, but a more old-fashioned one.  While his daughters story is all rap and modern.

Oh, and also, I still think that is TOO MANY MUSCLES.



In other upcoming film news, the First Look for OK Jaanu just came out.  It’s cute!  But it’s not really much of anything.  I guess it confirms the film will still be set in Bombay and will keep that golden tone to the outside shots like in the original?

Image result for ok jaanu first look

Oh, and it also confirms that the makes aren’t expecting this to be a massive cross over hit.  Not only is it being released on a non-holiday weekend, it is being released smack dab in between Dangal on December 23rd and Raees on January 25th.  So it will pick up the screens that have dropped Dangal in it’s third week, and then lose them all 2 weeks later when Raees sweeps the nation/Globe.

It’s not a total dog of a film, if it were it would be coming out on the 20th, right before Raees when any failure can be waved away as just due to competition.  But it’s not something special that they feel like they should really set apart and give it’s own space.

I’m okay with that, if this isn’t going to be a massive cross over hit, that means it is more likely to stay true to the spirit of the original and be a little unconventional, and also a little small and human.


And then there’s Bhoomi!  The First Look for this tells us basically nothing, except that it is actually coming out and has a poster.  Which I guess is SOMETHING, so many movies are “rumored”, and even start shooting, and then sort of disappear.

It also gives us all the people involved listed all in one place.  Omung Kumar, with the big “an Omung Kumar Film” credits, is a director with two failed-ish films, Mary Kom and Sarbjit.  Serious topics and serious gloss on the films, so everyone spoke of them in the usual reverant “An Important Film” kind of way.  But nothing more than that, he didn’t earn the kind of “Oh wow, incredibly good film” critical reaction that came for things like Neerja or Ship of Theseus or The Lunchbox or even Gangs of Wasseypur.

And Bhushan Kumar is also invested, which probably means a really good t-series soundtrack.  And a decent Indian release and pallid overseas one.

And beyond that, really not a lot to say!

Image result for bhoomi first look

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