Watch a Movie With Me One Week From RIGHT NOW (No, this isn’t an April Fool)!!! #MPK

If you are a regular reader, you should already know about this.  But just in case you missed one of the earlier posts, or just started following me today, An Announcement!  We are planning a twitter watchalong in exactly one week from now, 7pm Chicago time Saturday the 8th, of Maine Pyar Kiya.  You can join in or following along using the hashtag #MPK.

This will be our 4th twitter watchalong, and they have gotten more fun every time!  The first time we tried to be all formal (well, at least I did) and explain things to new viewers and be respectful of the film we were watching and all of that.  And then it just got looser and looser.  And last time we did Hum Saath Saath Hain and just let loose with all of the “Salman’s sex eyes in this scene are KILLING ME!” and “why are there so many fountains in their house?” comments.

I am looking forward to a similar experience with Maine Pyar Kiya!  Feel free to ask sophisticated questions like “and what does this say about homosocial interactions in modern India?”  But don’t be surprised if the answer is “OMG, Bhagyashree’s hair is so beautiful!”

Oh, and this is a Rajshri film, so make sure to have a lot of snacks.  You WILL get hungry!

You will also get a crush on 1980s era Salman, but there is really no way to prepare for that.  Maybe even more snacks so you can eat your feelings?

Image result for maine pyar kiya salman

7 thoughts on “Watch a Movie With Me One Week From RIGHT NOW (No, this isn’t an April Fool)!!! #MPK

  1. The snacks suggestion is very sound advice. I ran dry before intermission during Hum Saath Saath Hain and spent the rest of the movie salivating over delicious looking food (and possibly even a hamburger t-shirt). I might skip snacks and go right for a big takeout order from my favorite Indian restaurant this time around!


  2. I did once explain the socio-political implications of the climax bike vs. van chase scene. Also the religious background to the pigeon’s role. So I think I’d better stay away from this watch along.


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