Thursday Telugu (a lazy one): Mr. Perfect! Based on My Imperfect Memory of It!

Back before I started this blog, instead of writing for you nice people, I wrote long long long epic length emails to friends about movies I had seen.  And since I am completely exhausted this week, we are taking a trip back in time and this is a post based on one of those emails, plus my memories of the film.

Moviemavengal lent me her copy of Mr. Perfect about two years ago, in the post-Bahubali  1 Prabhas love haze.  And it took me two tries to finished it.  I got about twenty minutes in, and then I just wasn’t feeling it, so I stopped.  But on the second try, I got past the set-up bit, and I loved it!  Or else I was just in the right mood the second night.

One of my big problems with the beginning, was that it was supposed to be a big hero intro, but I just didn’t like him!  But then there was an intense glaring scene which won me over, because it is just So Hot.  And so tall! I think there were a lot of lines of dialogue about it to?  Calling him a “tall tree” and stuff?

Image result for mr perfect prabhas

(The hair still isn’t quite there, but SO TALL!)

Kajal was delightful, almost made up for Magadheera.  But still not quite as good as she was in Singham (I love Singham).  I really liked her character though.  A strong woman, who was also caring and wise and all of those things, to go along with her temple.

The general question of the film fascinated me.  Well, two general questions.  The other one will have to go into spoilers.  But before spoilers, I can talk generally about how I liked the differentiation between his life in Australia and her life in the village because it was more than just “village is best!”  It was saying, correctly, that she is leading a full life with multiple responsibilities and human connections, and he is living a life that is just work and fun with friends, and his life is emptier.  Which is sort of the opposite of Bangelore Days!  Except not really, more like Bangalore Days was showing that if you know you will be living in the city with no parents the rest of your life, then you start building a real community.  But if you are Prabhas, in Australia for 3 years and then home, you don’t.

Which is something I see all the time among people my age!  Most of my close friends, Chicago is their hometown, their family lives nearby, they have a whole variety of responsibilities and ways of being part of the community, but then every once and I while I will meet someone who is clearly just here because they think it would be a cool/fun place to live for a few years and they know the beaches and the cool clubs and all, but they don’t really know anything else.  I hate those people and always try to avoid them at parties, because their conversations are so boring!  Anyway, I thought that comparison between their lives tied in really nicely with the overall theme, that relationships are work and compromise, but without them your life is empty.





Our hero is living in Australia trying to achieve the “perfect” life (thus the title).  He wants it all tidy and ideal and no problems.  He goes back to India to visit his family and they try to convince him to marry the girl next door, who he always fought with as a child and is fighting with again now.

Only, slowly, they come to fall in love.  He falls in love with her spunkiness, and her kindness, the way she gives to the whole community and is so centered.  And she falls in love with his confidence, and his care for her, and his different way of thinking.  It’s a really great romance, with a lot of time spent on the two of them together.

For instance, I loved how he handled the eve-teaser guy who was bothering her.  He immediately grabs the guy and stops him.  But then instead of beating him up, suggests that he find a different girl who is actually interested back.  Because it explained so nicely one theory as to why India has such an issue with sexual assault, that boys never learn any normal healthy way to interact with girls and vice versa, so the solution isn’t seclusion, but more interaction so you can meet someone who actually likes you and vice versa.

Later, of course, there actually is a fight scene and I loved his reaction to her helping in the fight scene, he was so upset, and he hated the idea of her being hurt because of him, which was different from the usual “I am so touched and in love and it is so awesome that you were hurt for me!”  He sincerely didn’t want any sacrifices from anyone else, it wasn’t just a pose.

After all this time, they fall in love and go along with the family engagement.  And then, at the last minute, Prabhas announces he won’t go through with it.  Because things have changed and it’s no longer “perfect”.  But for HER, not for him.  His India job fell through, his career is going to take him overseas again, and while she is willing to give up her life and follow him, he is not willing for her to make that kind of change.

I liked the build towards the rejection at the wedding.  I knew it was coming (because moviemavengal told me) and I was all set for it to happen out of nowhere, but it actually was kind of reasonable and believable!  Their lives were very different, he had already seen her change a lot of herself, and then his friend tells him he is getting a divorce, it would be a natural reaction to take a step back and say they should stop this marriage before it happens.  Plus, it wasn’t one of those “she will be ruined forever!” kind of engagement breakings I was afraid of, where he really would be a jerk, it was still in an informal within the family level, and it was kind of the right thing to do something real quick at that point if you had any doubts (we’ve seen plenty of movies where they went ahead with the engagement and there was a big scandal later!).

But the big thing I kept thinking about, and this is a kind of odd connection, is comments about American TV shows like the Mindy Project, New Girl, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, which show a longtime couple go from “first love” to a relationship of long standing.  And when the show in later seasons becomes more about conflict instead of infatuation, the light-hearted “OMG, so cute!” kind of comments and reviews I sometimes read online become super contentious about it, and it’s the exact same argument as this movie!

(Also, Alaipayuthey/Saathiya get this)

Some people say “It’s completely unrealistic, they were so in love and happy and agreed on everything, and now they are totally different people, this came out of nowhere!’ and “she/he should just leave him/her, they don’t get along anymore!”  And then other people say “Well, this is what happens, you’re in love and you sort of ignore or don’t care about differences, and then you have a baby and you both change in a lot of ways, but you can’t just walk away from it.”

And this is all just mindless prejudice and assumptions about anonymous internet commentators, but it feels like the people who are coming at it from the more extreme side of “just leave him, this is so horrible and unrealistic!” side of it might be more at the place that Prabhas is in his life, where everyone is still carefree and without real responsibilities, so there is no need to ever adjust to anything.  And the people on the other side might be coming at it from more of a Kajal/their parents side of things where you have to constantly do things you don’t want to do for people you care about, but your life ends up so much richer for it.

The second half, in which Prabhas goes back to India, meets Taapsee (Taapsee!  I will love you so much more in Running Shaadi!) who really is the perfect woman for him, goes through a bunch of hoops to win over her and her family, but ultimately realizes that he wants Kajal after all, he wants a love that involves differences and sacrifice, not just easy perfection.

But I still had some problems with the end which seemed to be saying that it was okay and normal for her to change everything about herself when she fell in love.  I think the ending bit was trying to walk that back a little, but I needed just a little bit more.

(also, I fast-forwarded a lot of the comedy uncle bits, but I don’t think I missed anything important)

29 thoughts on “Thursday Telugu (a lazy one): Mr. Perfect! Based on My Imperfect Memory of It!

  1. Saw Mr Perfect rather recently (post Baahubali 2 prabhas fever LOL) and I quite liked it. There were a lot of things discussed in the movie that I could relate to. It had a balance between the preachy kind of cinema where everything modern is wrong and well the movies with a genuine modern outlook to things. Funnily enough, I quite liked the character. He was never a jerk, just someone who knew what he wanted, where his priorities lie and with a genuine fear of forced change. I can see where he comes from. It’s so normal to be emotionally blackmailed into doing things you don’t want to in a typical Indian family, he takes a firm stand because there’s no other way around this.
    This is also one of those rare movies where I liked both the heroines for their individual characters and for their interactions with the hero. I thought the ending was fine. It was not just her who changed he changes too and they work out an ending where she doesn’t give up her dreams (which honestly comes as a welcome change I wish all movies considered both sides when it came to conclusions) though I did feel it ended a bit abruptly like we could’ve had more?
    Tapsee and he were too alike and too averse to change to be able to survive in the long term, after all relationships need their share of sacrifices and understanding and very similar assertive people together might not be the best combination.

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    • I like your point about how he has to be forceful because it is the only way around emotional blackmail. He’s not being a jerk just to be a jerk, he was driven to it because there was no other way. Reminds me of Bahubali (not just because everything does, it’s actually relevant), what some commentators were saying about Devasena’s refusal of the initial proposal, she has to be extreme because otherwise it will leave an opening.

      On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 4:15 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I agree with Divya, Prabhas and Taapsee were too similar to be able to make it. Plus in the ending he realizes that compromise is important so you’d believe that he would make some sacrifices and he would find a happy middle ground with Kajal.

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  3. Small correction, Vicky goes back to Australia, not India. And also, I don’t think he was in Australia “for a few years”, he was fully intending to settle down there if his game took off. The coming to India was to please his parents, not himself, but only if he could find a comparable (challenging, rewarding) job in India.

    I don’t think Maggie (the Tapsee character) was “perfect” for Vicky. I thought the point of the whole wedding sequence was to show how self-centered and shallow she was, as well as him coming to appreciate how making others happy makes him happy as well, more so than just sticking to what he wants would. The cricket game is a perfect example of this, where she was all about “You made me lose my bet!” and he was “But look how happy everyone is because the feud is ended!” Even their final argument is because she accuses him that he’s changed, he doesn’t put himself first any more, he’s too interested in others and compromising. All that is true, but it really points out how selfish (or self-centered) she still is, until the final explanation makes her mature a bit, too.

    In an interview either pre of post the release of his film, Prabhas talks about how this is a very challenging role. While it looks simple, it is tough because he has to walk a very fine line not to make the character unlikeable while sticking to his guns. I think the writers got that balance perfectly, as you noted.


    Was the ending sequence too fast for you? He not only comes back to India, he actually tears up his passport, to show that he’s never going abroad again (which I frankly thought was stupid; how do you know when you might need to go again for career advancement, to the benefit of both parties in the marriage?) This is in addition to the earlier changes he makes, where he gifts her a sari instead of a sexy dress (as he did earlier), he cuddles her pet dogs (which she had banished earlier because he was uncomfortable with them), etc.


    • I think there was a minor plot point that he was offered a job in India? So at least at the beginning of the trip, there was a possibility in place that he would end up settling there. Not like he was committed to India or anything, but his career was heading that way anyway. And then that job went away, so his career headed back to Australia.

      On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 8:39 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yes, he was planning to return to India because he had a deal in place in Australia for his game, for which he was going to start a company in India. When that deal falls through, he has nothing career wise to keep him in India, while having a strong motive to return to Australia to get another deal for his game.

        I’m glad you enjoyed this film. As you noted, some times the external factors have to be right for us to enjoy a film for what it is.


  4. As usual, this film had a masala story that was turned on its head with the treatment. I like that about Prabhas’ films. Even when his films have a moral, they aren’t didactic.

    I really loved the childhood scene. It wasn’t like the hero just became who he became out of the blue. Like with tapasee’s character. We aren’t given her backstory but we assume she had a solid reason for being who she was that was rooted in her childhood.

    For a masala film, the story writers sure did put enough effort into the characterization to ensure the characters didn’t end up looking like caricatures of themselves.

    Kajal I felt really excelled in this role. I loved how effortlessly believable she felt in Maari too. After having watched Magadheera, I had kinda given up on her as an actor but she convinced me in this film for sure. She was believable as the kind hearted village girl. The goodness didn’t feel forced. Her heartbreak didn’t make Vicky a villain either.

    Tapasee, god do I love this girl!!! I imagined kajol doing this role and I thought she would have felt akadu not just snobbish.

    I loved the cricket match scene. That could happen in any family. Divided by family politics united by cricket!! 😁 could anything BE more Indian?!!

    I must say I didn’t really get the job deal. I watched this just once so maybe I missed exactly what happened there or maybe I watched a chopped up version so some scenes were missing. At any rate, Indian films aren’t that great at designing characters’ job and work environment so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

    The location of kajal’s village… OH god dude… What a pretty place!! I wanted to do to there.. And I’ve grown up shimla!!!

    Would I make an effort to watch it again? Probably not. Would I change the channel if this was on tv? Probably not!!

    Kajal– she was ok. No special effort was made to highlight her beauty. She looked like she always does. Miss Nice.

    Prabhas– dude, don’t sculpt your hair! It doesn’t work! Keep your natural bouncy locks. They definitely work!! Wardrobe- nope! Weird combinations don’t help. Maybe spend a few hours in a store and find jeans that fit. Classic cuts. And maybe stock up on basic t shirt styles too. Again, things that fit.

    Tapasee– I did dislike her bike intro. Everybody can’t pull off bikes and biking attire. Maybe they could have put her in a convertible and had her emote the attitude. I loved her styling. Loved that even though unwilling to compromise, she didn’t come across bitchy. Also, she didn’t turn into a pile of soppy mess when the guy chooses the other girl!! Give this girl a cookie!! 😁


    • Yeah, what was up with his hair??? It wasn’t just that the hair itself looked bad, it was that it made his face look all kind of out of proportion, and then his face made his body look out of proportion, and the whole thing kind of snowballed.

      On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 7:08 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • True dat! It doesn’t help that his real life style is so “I rolled around in my laundry and this stuck”.

        I so wish his woman has a real sense of style and maybe she can pick clothes out for him/boss his movie styles into making him wear better outfits.


  5. I want to point out one thing here. People who are too alike don’t pair up good. But people who are too unlike fall into a disaster zone because there is a limit to a lot of things. But idee think, we get a message here clearly when prakash raj says the dialogue that is so etched in my memory because my mother mentions it all the time ” Love is not when both of you like the same coffee, but both of you making a coffee together so that it is likeable to either of you”. I find it like a mantra of life.
    I noticed that when baby arrives, if one partner has a way of dealing things and the other shares it too, then the child lacks basic completeness in life, which is probably why nerds are made. this is because they are alike and have same style. On the other hand if they can’t agree on something they fall apart like bard Pitt and Angelina, nobody is to blame for that.
    Young couple who are serious on garnering a life partner should watch the movie and understand that your partner should complement you to make you one whole, not one half or nothing i.e. To have a spouse choose a person that fills your void. Agree to disagree. Life is not just about yourself, and people realize this when they have a third person, a responsibility aka a baby in their life. That’s when everything breaks down.

    A couple without baby is like coffee without sugar, sustainable but distasteful for the participants. If babies are to enter, this “not too alike” aspect has to be considered.

    I think hero saw it all the way that he is charging homself because of a lot of factor, far from perfection he wanted, but for good. If he is to sustainable, she would be his perfect match not the other one who just shares rastra with him.
    Take way point here is that just intentions need to be aligned for couple to be eligible for partner ship and choices or approach needn’t be, unless they are quite opposite.


    • I don’t know if this is common in India, but in America often before a priest or minister or other religious leader will agree to marry a couple, they will insist on meeting with them for several weeks for pre-marital counseling. The goal being exactly what you say, to figure out the really important bedrock issues (they are usually the same for all couples, money, religion, children) and make sure the couple has common ground on those at least, even if they disagree on everything else, like what kind of movies they like or sleeping in on weekends. More important is to just make sure they know how to talk about any issue and find a common ground, instead of just giving in until they lose themselves, or insisting their way is the only way.

      On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 8:53 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. Am I the only person who had an issue with Prabhas’ dialogue delivery in this movie? It took me out of the movie very frequently, which is very odd, because I’ve never had that problem with any of his other movies. It felt forced and unnatural quite often, like confident “I can sell you anything onscreen” Prabhas was replaced by his more self conscious twin.

    The movie has a lovely premise though. I wish we had more movies like this – where it’s okay for a lead character to be selfish, to put himself first, to do what feels right for him (not necessarily what is the noble thing to do), but is still a good person – because I felt like it was not a jerk-turned-over-new-leaf storyline, as many of you have pointed out, it’s just a natural evolution and growth for the character. That felt very real, because that’s how people usually are – likable sometimes, annoying as hell other times. Till the very end, he does what feels right to him. On the other hand, Kajal’s “I will give up my world for you because I love you” felt quite forced in comparison, because it rarely ever works that way (and it REALLY shouldn’t). Her character needed more of a reality dose.

    I wish his relationship with Taapsee was more well thought out, including how they get together (that was so contrived!). There’s a lot of potential there – I just didn’t feel the chemistry or even a real relationship. It felt like it was put in there just for plot development.

    I really didn’t mind Prabhas’s hair either!! 🙂 Took a few minutes to get used to, but once I did, felt like it brought out his eyes more, they looked even prettier than they do usually. Which was very important because it kept me distracted from his dialogue delivery. 😀

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      • WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!!! You will not get a lot of sympathy here from the 33% of us who are only English speakers and yet watch primarily Indian films.

        On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 10:36 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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        • Ha!!! I do watch the odd non-English film too so I totally understand. I had a major Russian film phase and I only had the facial acting to work with!!! I’m still in love with Sergie Bordov Jr and it makes no difference that I understand like just Russian words 😂


    • I like that he is multi-talented, good dialogue delivery AND pretty eyes. So if one isn’t working for him, he always has the other for back-up 🙂

      On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 10:21 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • I don’t understand Telugu well. In fact I’m just picking up the language while watching more and more movies. But even I found his dialogue delivery quite jarring. Like you pointed out, it felt forced.
      And yeah…I hated the hair too. I watched half of this before Bahubali, before I even knew who Prabhas was. If anyone had told me then I would soon be crushing on him, I would have laughed at their faces.
      But that said, I believe he looks a tad bit better in this than in Darling. God….his outfits in Darling were hideous!


      • Actually prabhas never wanted to do the role. He postponed it for nearly 6 months and waited for someone more ‘tender’ to pick it up. He said the exact same reason ‘ the character isn’t natural to me. It doesn’t connect to my real life’. I think I don’t need to explain how reckless , careless and totally un celebrity like he is in real life. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about fashion or anything. He is shy, not much out going but is fun to be around with. He doesn’t even have a twitter account. So, naturally it was forced on him by directors and producers and the result was the movie where he looks out of place.


        • Oh, that adds another facet to the whole thing! Thanks for pointing it out.

          On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 1:32 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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