Starter Kit: Top Jodis Of Hindi film

I was going to do a “100 years of history in 10” list, and then I realized there AREN’T actually 10 jodis of equal level.  So I am just going to introduce you to the really really big ones and without worrying about how many I include or putting them in order or anything.

Raj and Nargis

The greatest Jodi of all time!  A classic partnership on and off screen, creative equals in every way, and a special kind of magic together that could never be replicated.

First Film Together:

Aag (1948): Nargis has a small role in this, it’s really Raj’s story.  He romances 3 women, but in the end it is Nargis he ends up with.

First Film to Take Advantage of Their Chemistry

Barsaat (1949): A whole film about Raj and Nargis and their passionate love!  Which also gave us the immortal image that inspired the RK Studio’s logo.

Image result for RK studios logo

Most Famous Films

Awara (1951): So intense!  So connected!  So powerful!  You can see why this is the movie that brought them to the attention of the world.

Shree 420 (1955): Later in their romance.  The passion was still there, but more sweet and low simmering than a burning flaming fire.

Last Film Together

Chori Chori (1956): A remake of It Happened One Night, not directed by Raj, their chemistry was still there even though in real life their relationship was falling apart.


Amitabh and Rekha

One of the most controversial jodis.  Were they lovers?  Were they not lovers?  It is unclear.  Definitely they had smoldering chemistry onscreen, Rekha’s transgressive sexuality mixing with Amitabh’s transgressive violence perfectly. (more info on them on this post here)

First Film Together

Namak Haaram (1973): They didn’t make much impact together in this film.  Rekha was still a little chubby and unformed in her style.  And Amitabh was still skinny and tentative.

First Film to Take Advantage of Their Chemistry

Do Anjaane (1976): the birth of Rekha and Amitabh as we know them now!  Amitabh was post-Deewar, had hit his brilliant stride.  And Rekha, with his influence, became sleek and focused and controlled.

Most Famous Film

Muqaddar Ka Sikander (1978): The perfect Rekha-Amitabh film.  She is a fallen woman, he is a troubled man, together they build a tragic love together.

Related image

Last Film Together

Silsila (1981): The blow out picture!  the lastest of the last films together.  In which they play out their rumored affair onscreen, Rekha as the other woman, Jaya as the wife, and Amitabh caught in between.


Shahrukh and Kajol

The current ruling Jodi.  Sort of.  Everyone is still more excited about them together than any other couple.  But not as excited as they were 10 or 15 years ago.  So kind of the ruling Interim jodi, while we wait for another better younger one to come along.

First Film Together

Baazigar: Similar to Aag, Kajol was one of multiple heroines.  But her chemistry with Shahrukh easily over-shadowed his with Shilpa Shetty.

First Film to Take Advantage of Their Chemistry

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge: Baazigar and Karan-Arjun came out on the heels of each other, this was the first film that was cast once the industry knew how magical they were together.

Most Famous Film

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai: SRKajol have really done very few films together.  I already mentioned DDLJ, so now for Most Famous, I am left with Kuch Kuch Hota HaiKabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham was arguably more successful, but it was also more of a multi-starrer.

Last (?) Film Together

Dilwale: Okay, so it wasn’t the best film.  But there was still some sweet sweet SRKajol moments in there.  And some of it felt like a tribute to their whole life history of films together.

Image result for kajol shahrukh dilwale


Hema and Dharmendra

Just realized, the first of these Jodis that turned into a happy marriage in real life!  Well, happy so far as we can tell.

First Film Together

Tum Haseen Main Jawan (1970): A fairly unremarkable film, Dharmendra was a young officer and Hema his true love, Pran was the villain, and so on and so forth.

First Film to Take Advantage of Their Chemistry

Seeta Aur Geeta (1972): hard to decide what to put here.  But I am going with this one.  The plot really only works if you believe Hema and Dharmendra as both friends and equals (in her “Geeta” version) and lovers (in her “Seeta” version).

Most Famous Film Together

Sholay (1975):  Another hard one!  Sholay is so much bigger than the some of its parts, but on the other hand the Dharmendra-Hema romance, just on its own, is the best they have ever been together.

Related image

(The shooting lesson alone would make it their top film, but then you add on the “sooooo-i-cide” scene and “Jab Tak Hain Jaan” and everything else, and it easily soars to the top)

Last (?) Film Together

Tell Me O Khuda: Made to help out the career of their daughter Esha, Hemaji and Dharmendra came together one last time.  Well, last time so far.  Who knows, maybe 20 years from now they will come together to launch their grandchildren.


Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla

The first of these to end not with a bang but a whimper.  There was no love affair that went sour or anything like that.  They just got sick of each other, after working together in 6 movies in 9 years.  Aamir played a practical joke on set, Juhi did not find it funny, they stopped working together.  They made up 10 years later, but it is very unlikely that they will work together again considering the different direction their careers have gone in.  Although it would be awesome if they did!

First Film Together

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988): Swoony young love and a swoony young couple that all of India fell in love with and wanted to see over and over again.

Most Famous Movie Together

Tum Mere Ho (1990): Their most famous movie is obviously their first film, nothing else even comes close to QSQT.  So I am going to take this opportunity to talk about the best bad/good movie they made together.  Watch it with a group of friends and be prepared to laugh!

(Or just watch this.  And as always, WARNING: You will fall in love with Kanan Gill!)

Last Film Together

Ishq (1997): Also a good/bad movie!  Any other couple, this would be the worst movie they were in together.  But it’s Juhi and Aamir and the competition is just too fierce.  It’s not a really remarkable movie, like I said, an end with a whimper not a bang.




Who did I forget?  Who did I include that doesn’t belong?  Is there a “famous film” choice you would dispute?  And, most importantly, which is your favorite?

13 thoughts on “Starter Kit: Top Jodis Of Hindi film

    • Yeah, but did they cross from “popular jodi” to like “timeless seems wrong when they are with anyone else” jodi? I also thought of Salman-Karisma, Salman-Madhuri, Madhuri-Sanjay, but then rejected them. And Dilip-Madhubala I really struggled with. Guru Dutt-Waheeda?

      On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 9:59 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yes they did. Maybe not Saif preity but yeah the rest were pretty much solid. Both Sri and Madhuri were heavily rumored to have had romance anil, Rani-Abhishek nearly got married and it was a scandal that they didn’t. Govinda and these two ladies basically made a whole bunch of idiotic films super massively popular.

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        • Agree with the Sridevi-Anil and Madhuri-Anil jodis.They were surefire formulas to success at that time.Though I can’t abide Govinda in any form whatsover the Lolo-Chi-chi jodi was popular with the masses at that time. There is a Dilwale promotional video by Shahrukh and Kajol which mentions the Lolo-Chi-chi jodi.Of course SRK and Kajol argue that theirs is the best jodi.And then there’s everyone’s favorite 70s jodis -Rishi Kapoor/Neethu Singh and Rajesh Khanna/Sharmila.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Totally forgot about Rishi-Neetu! Considered Rajesh/Sharmila,but I couldn’t find confirmation that it was more of a thing necessarily than Rajesh/anyone else. It was a thing then?

            On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 10:56 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. These are the classic ones. I personally really like Hrithik-Aishwarya, Rani-Abhishek, Rani-Saif. And of the newer ones that are approaching or have potential classic jodi status are Ranveer-Deepika, Ranveer-Anushka, and Ranbir -Anushka. Ranbir-Anushka is one I hope to see again and again but I worry that his heroines will start getting younger and younger. I guess after the success of their films Varun-Alia should also be on the list but they’re not my favorite at all.


    • I was thinking Ranbir-Deepika, and then I realized they really have only been in 2 films together, it just feels like they have been in more.

      After JHMS, I feel like Shahrukh and Anushka might be on their way to being another classic jodi. Not from the film itself necessarily, but that they were working so closely for so long, I suspect it means they have built a level of comfort that they can draw on for multiple films in future. Unlike, say, Dips and Shahrukh after Happy New Year, where he had more scenes with the rest of the gang than with her.


      • I think that time of jodis is over. Nowadays I see most people groaning when the same couples are paired up together. People are more interested in something new and fresh.

        As for SRK, he always gets into these phases where he works with the same actresses. Early in his career, it was Kajol and Juhi. In the second phase, it was Rani and Preity. And in this current phase, it’s Deepika and Anushka. Right now, I would say he feels most comfortable with those two.

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        • I was really struck when putting this together by how little the later jodis had actually worked together compared to the earlier ones. It felt like back then it was more organic, they worked together a bunch and slowly the audience started to respond to their pairing. Whereas now, once there is a hit film, suddenly they work together over and over to the exclusion of all else and everything is promoted based on their pairing and people get sick of it.

          Which is too bad, because purely in terms of artistic development I find it fascinating to watch these couples mature together. Even something as silly as Ishq was still interesting to compare with Juhi-Aamir back in QSQT days.

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  2. Well if you are going with Índian Films’,there are plenty timeless jodis in non-Hindi flims also.MGR-Jayalalitha,Prem Nazir-Sheela,Satyan-Sharada,Sridevi-Kamal-just off the top of my head.I’m sure there are many more in other languages also.

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