Happy Birthday to My Japanese Located Reader!!!!!

Assuming I understood what you meant by “weekend after next” several days back, this is your birthday!!!!!  Or the day before your birthday!!!!  Or the day before the day before your birthday!!!!!  Congratulations!!!!!  If I were a really good person, I would have watched a classic Bengali film for you, but I didn’t.  The best I can do is this post.

I’ll start out with two things I am pretty sure you will like, Konkona Sen Sharma and a tiny tiny puppy.

Related image


And here is Uttam Kumar!  With a slightly small full grown dog.

Image result for uttam kumar dog

Shahrukh, Gauri, Dog

Related image

In honor of your plan to watch Bahubali 2 again for your birthday, Bahubali 1 recreated……with puppies.


Image result for wet puppy


Snow chase

Image result for puppy in snow

Under water tattooing

Image result for puppy under water


Love song

Image result for two puppies playing

Sled escape

Image result for puppy sledding

Ride into city

Image result for puppy on horse


Fight scene

Image result for puppies fighting

Sivagami nursing

Image result for puppies nursing

Item song

Image result for puppies dancing

Battle ready

Image result for puppies battle


Image result for puppies crown

Stabbed in the back by one you trusted (metaphorically)

Related image


Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!  From Dog Hazel and me.


(her head, my knees)


Have some cake and candles from Shahrukh!

Image result for shahrukh khan happy birthday gif

And celebrate yourself!

Image result for miss briganza gif




18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Japanese Located Reader!!!!!

  1. Oh, thank you!! I’m just back from Bahubali and this is so exciting!! Love the pups and Konkona and Uttam! My birthday was actually two days ago here, yesterday in your time zone, but this is the weekend I’m celebrating so it’s perfect. Very cute reinactment I’d Bahubali 1. I particularly like the betrayed little dog having a bath. You must have googled for hours! I really appreciate this special post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy Birthday late! Well heck, if I’d known I could have put this post up on the actual day, I had it ready and everything. But doesn’t matter, so long as it made you happy!

      My favorite is the coronation puppy. He is so uninterested in wearing the crown in a very noble Bahubali way.

      On Fri, Aug 3, 2018 at 5:30 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Happy b’day Miss Braganza. Pity Uttam Kumar never succeeded in Hindi films.But at least he has that wonderful song ‘Dil aisa kisi ne mera toda’ with Sharmila from Amanush.


    • Well, he did try. And I wish he could have stuck around a bit longer so he could be playing interesting older man roles with Soumitra. But, yeah, I love all of Amanush!


  3. So it was the 1st of August, your birthday, Miss Briganza? May you have a year ahead that gives you more of such lovely attention you got today 🙂
    Margret, you easily make forget that you are doing this blog like a profession…it seems always like a dedication 🙂

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