Saturday Small Talk: What Do We All Want to Talk About Today?

Happy Saturday!  I am sleeping in, or at least trying to (I always have a hard time sleeping in).  So I am writing this from The Past so you have a place to talk amongst yourselves while I sleep (hopefully).

Sarfarosh 2!  It’s Happening!  I am excited!  Are you excited?  No Aamir Khan, but same vibe to it, and John Abraham subbing in.  Tell me your thoughts!

(No Sonali either)


Next discussion topic!  Two big fun celebration songs released, “Swag Saha” from Happy Bhaag Jayegi 2, and “Milegi Milegi” from Stree.  Which do you like better?




Final discussion topic!  I can squeeze in one, maybe two movies this weekend.  Out of Mulk, Fanney Khan, and Karwaan, which one do you think I should pick?


Oh, and bonus discussion topic, I’m doing part of the service at church tomorrow, do I wear the same old grey knit dress I always wear when I do the service, or do I wear my nice new dress that fits perfectly but is perhaps a bit too low cut for church?  Or do I wear the second dress with a dupatta like a good Indian girl?

Image result for bhumi pednekar shubh mangal saavdhan

(Very similar cut to Bhumi’s top here, only about 4 inches lower.  So, maybe not church appropriate)


12 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: What Do We All Want to Talk About Today?

  1. Sup Sup. My work called me yesterday, and was like, “Can you work 56 hours this week?” And I was like, no, thanks! So, as revenge, my manager made me change stores in a ghetto area. Ah. At least I am part time.
    I wanna talk about Nepotism. You should do a post like Hindi 101 on Nepotism. How did people perceive it from the beginning; cinema is relatively young, so how did Nepotism evolve over time.
    I feel like my generation is like pissed off! While my father’s generation embraced and looked forward to the launch of a star kid. What do you feel? With Janhvi and Dhadak, Suhana and Vogue, basically in the coming years, most star kids foraying into the film industry.
    What do you think the outcome will be? Say in 5 years?? Will people get tired of it? Recently Jacqueline posted a picture of salman’a bro in law, and all comments were booooo!! FLOP!
    From this negativity, do you think the industry will change? Like the Pakistani artists ban, create some kind of formula to include all? What is your take?
    Ever since I became a social manager for your blog, and seeing all these posts from actresses and actors, things do begin to grow


  2. I saw Fanney Khan last night and it was disappointing. So many missed opportunities!

    First the good: Anil Kapoor gave a terrific performance. There’s a scene at the end where he has to react to his daughter’s singing and it is amazing to see the mix of emotions play out on his face. Rajkummar is good in it too as a wimpy guy who just wants to find a woman to cook for and pamper who won’t take advantage of him.

    Aish is a big zero which is a shame. There are a lot of opportunities to give her character some poignancy and depth but nope, Aish just rolls her eyes and pouts a lot. Rajkummar deserves a medal for doing all the heavy lifting in their scenes together.

    But the biggest problem in the film is the portrayal of Anil’s daughter. It’s not 100% clear for most of the movie whether she’s a genuinely talented person being thwarted by unfair expectations around appearance or if her father is delusional in seeing talent in his daughter that doesn’t exist. She’s also just an extremely unpleasant character as written. She treats her father like garbage and spends most of the film having tantrums. I don’t get why the character was written this way because it’s important for the audience to sympathize with her and instead I found myself cringing every time she was on screen.


    • Hmm. Well, I am seeing it in about 3 hours, so I will have to see how I feel. If nothing else, it sounds like Anil will be a treat. With this and DDD and Ek Ladki next year, he has a really impressive string of complex mature father roles.


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