My Very Very Productive Day

Phew!  Sitting down for the first time since 9:30.  And thinking about maybe having breakfast, now that it is almost 5pm.  Or maybe dinner at this point.

I have to go out of town next weekend to help my parents close up their house, which means I am trying to squeeze 2 weekends worth of stuff into one weekend, plus getting ready for the chilly weather that is supposed to start any day now.  Plus I accidentally committed myself to 4 things simultaneously at church today (no really).  So generally it’s been A Lot.

I woke up this morning at 7am like usually, started writing my Silly Sunday fanfic, realized I wouldn’t finish it any time soon, and put up the Jodha-Akbar rerun post earlier than expected instead.

(Plus side, this is a very good song to listen to when you need bucking up)

I stopped writing at 9am, rushed around getting dressed and walking the dog.  Which involved stopping by my parked car to pick up the toilet paper I hadn’t had a chance to bring in last night when I bought it at 11pm (did I forget to mention I had Dina over last night and we stayed up way too late and then I had to buy emergency groceries at the 24 hour drug store on the way home?).  But as soon as I opened the door, Dog Hazel trotted right in and made herself at home and refused to leave the car.


(Adorable, but inconvenient.)

The trick is, Dog Hazel doesn’t want to be left behind.  She doesn’t care about the car, just being with Her People.  So I let her in there alone and walked ten feet away to indicate that I really truly was not getting in the car with her, and then came back and she jumped right out.  This whole thing killed my time margin though, so by the time I had dropped Dog Hazel back at the apartment with the toilet paper and run back to the car, I was now running 5 minutes behind.

(Time never moves slowly when you need it to move slowly)

So, no time to pick up coffee on the way to church the way I usually do, but I was going to get there 5 minutes after the service started, giving me just enough time to run down to the Sunday School room and check the supplies and read the lesson plan before the kids descended upon me.  Except I had forgotten about my other 3 responsibilities.

(If only I had hologram technology to double myself!)

See, this is also the week the church has its involvement fair.  All the committees and groups and stuff get a table and a sign up sheet and try to get people to join.  And as chair/member of 3 separate groups, I had signed up all of them.  And then remembered too late that a) I couldn’t man 3 tables simultaneously and b) it didn’t matter anyway because I also had to teach Sunday School that week.

(My kids are not this organized.  They are far more likely to throw markers wildly around the room and tip over furniture when left unsupervised than they are to wash and dress themselves)

So, I remembered this about 5 minutes from church.  Which lead to a sudden lane change and change of plans to go to the grocery store around the corner and grab cookies that I had promised to “make” in order to entice people to my tables.

(If only I had an adorable chef to help me!  Although come to think of it, I don’t know what the grocery store baker looks like, maybe he is adorable)

Thank goodness, my wonderful church council chair who organized things put all 3 of my groups on the same table (knitting, quilting, and Sunday Services).  And also thank goodness, a volunteer from each of those groups was willing to staff the table.  So all I had to do was drop off the sign-up sheets and brochures I had printed off at work (I did remember some things, just not cookies) and then make a dash for the basement arriving at the same time as the kids.

(Sure Milkha Singh set speed records, but could he have beaten a group of 9 year olds down the stairs)

Successfully taught class (we made quill pens out of fathers and then posters for a coat drive), then ran back upstairs to the Margaret Redlich Subsection, checked in with each of my staffers and looked at the sign up lists (3 for Sunday Services, 2 for Knitting, 0 for quilting.  Why does no one want to quilt?).  And then hung out upstairs trying to drum up business and generally being pleasant.

(Now, if we had been allowed to do dance numbers like Madhuri here raising money for her hospital, then we could have really drummed up some business!  Definitely found a few more quilters)

Church responsibilities finally over, but I still had stuff to do, so I turned down lunch with my parents and hit the road, along with the thousand pound bag of laundry in the passenger seat.  Drove along towards home and pulled over when I passed a laundromat.  Wonderful place!  Run by a nice desi man who kept rushing around helping me and was playing a Hindi song I couldn’t quite recognize in his office.  That part of the day was really nice, I got to start my machines and then just sit and relax and read my book.

(I forgot he imagines her as laundry here!  I did not imagine Shahrukh as laundry, I just imagined laundry as laundry and read my book)

Finished laundry, loaded it back in the car, drove home.  It’s a gorgeous day today, very good laundry day, super sunny and no breeze, so I took the bag up and immediately starting hanging up wet clothes outside.  Which made Dog Hazel go “wah wah wah” so I let her come out on the back porch and keep my company, and then as soon as I finished hanging things up we went off for our walk.

(This is essentially the dialogue Dog Hazel and I go through every time I leave her)

Back from walk, still no sitting down, immediately got to work on making food for the week, took the chicken from the freezer and put it on the stove to make stock, chopped up onion and garlic and ginger to put in it while Dog Hazel supervised closely, and then kept chopping and putting in herbs and stuff ready for when the stock was done.

(Dog Hazel wasn’t nearly as irritating and underfoot as Bobby in the same situation)

Once the soup stock was boiling away, time to go back to laundry.  Hung up the last few things to dry, then shook out the already dry stuff and started folding and putting away.  Which also meant revealing to Dog Hazel that I had taken her blankets (they were getting quite a bit Eu-de-Doggie) and washed them.  She was disturbed.

(That sad moment when you realize your blanket isn’t really yours any more and your heart is broken)

And then I finally sat down and had a class of apple cider and a bowl of rice, and poor Dog Hazel made her peace with the strange smelling blanket.



And now I am going to post this post super fast, before moving on to the next step in the soup process.  And then finally finishing my Silly Sunday post!

3 thoughts on “My Very Very Productive Day

  1. I have been felled by my usual post Bangladesh cold plus cold medicine that makes me exhausted, and the although I started my day with many productive fantasies, the only thing I have managed to do is soak some beans. So, I enjoyed vicariously getting things done through your post and am looking forward to a time I feel productive again.


    • I hate that! When your body betrays you. Now that I am old, I’ve noticed that’s the worst part about getting colds. I get over the active symptoms in no time, but then I just don’t have energy for days afterwards and it is so FRUSTRATING.

      On Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 4:21 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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