Wednesday Watching: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening To This Week?

Happy Wednesday!  This has been a crazy busy week at work and I am very grateful to be halfway done with it.

I’ll start!

Reading:  I have an unfortunate traffic jam of library books.  Book 3 has been on my kindle for 2 weeks and is expiring in 7 days.  Book 1, I am currently reading and half way through.  And Book 2 I just got on kindle from the library yesterday.  So in 7 days I have to finish the second half of Book 1, all of Book 2, and all of Book 3.  Or I do the Bad Thing and turn off the internet on my Kindle so it won’t update and I won’t lose Book 3 until I finish it.

Watching: Question for you!  I am going over to a friend’s house tomorrow, she has a 7 month old and I promised to bring dinner and happiness.  If you had a 7 month old, what movie would make you happy?  I was thinking JHMS, but that might be too mentally straining.  Dawaat-E-IshqVeere Di Wedding?  It has to be something new because she’s already seen all the old stuff.

Thinking: I am so excited about my Halloween card this year!  Those lucky ones of you who donate money and therefore are on my card list are going to be very happy.  Look for it in the mail sometime in the next few days/weeks depending on where you are int he world.

Listening: The fun one!  I am all about the AndhaDhun soundtrack.  It’s really really good!  The more I listen to it, the more I appreciate it.


Now, question for you!  In addition to what movie I should watch with the mother of a 7 month old (and probably the 7 month old, but as I understand it she mostly sleeps).  It’s turning into fall where I am right now.  Are there particular movies you always watch at a certain time of year or on a certain date?

I don’t know why it is, but I’ve discovered that summer makes me want to rewatch Jab Harry Met Sejal and fall makes me want to rewatch Ohm Shaanti Oshaana.  Maybe it’s just because that’s when I originally saw them.  Don’t ask me why, but Bahubaali feels Christmas-y to me.


46 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening To This Week?

  1. Watching: I saw Karwaan with my new movie friend/neighbor. It was slow in a nice kind of way…just leisurely telling its story and Irrfan was great. Dulquer’s character was a little bland but very realistic. I really liked the performance of the young actress. She had some serious screen presence! Would love to see her in another coming of age film.

    I think you should watch Hahsee Toh Phahsee or Meri Pyaar Bindu with your friend!

    I don’t think I have any particular seasonal film appointments. I do like watching Little Women with Winona Ryder in the holiday season along with some other holiday favorites like Hi Life and Holiday and Hallmark movies.

    I definitely watch more rom-coms in the winter time in general.


    • I think the young actress might be in a new Netflix series, Little Things. I haven’t looked it up to be sure, but it certainly looks like her.

      But Mere Pyaar Bindu is sad! And Hahsee Toh Phahsee is odd! Maybe I stick with Daawat-E-Ishq after all.

      I read/watch more rom-coms in the winter too, I don’t know why, maybe it’s just needing that extra little lift.


      • I suggest Hasee toh phasee very strongly, its one of the nicest romcoms out there. DDLJ, JWM, BBB, Socha na tha, Humpty Sharma and HTP are my usual romcom choices for happy vibes. Not to forget OSO.
        Why wouldnt you give HTP a chance. I have written the most about this movie in the recent years.


        • The plot description makes me nervous, I am worried I won’t sympathize with Sid for falling in love with his fiancee’s sister or with Pari for stealing money. Which is the same reason I resisted D-E-I, and then they managed it beautifully and made me be completely on Pari’s side. Also, Amazon Prime subtitles don’t work, that’s the big reason. Although that could just be on my TV, maybe this is my chance to try someone else’s TV and see if they will work there.


          • The oddest/most problematic part of HTP is the depiction of mental health issues and Parineeti’s less than subtle portrayal of it doesn’t help. It doesn’t really affect the overall charm of the film…it just sticks out like a bit of a sore thumb in the plot However, the romance itself is perfect (there’s a choli tying scene that is so sexy sweet) and her sister isn’t really a sympathetic character. Double check the Amazon Prime subtitles on it…they worked for me.

            I am determined that you will see this someday!


          • Definitely don’t work on any of the movies I have tried on my Roku. I think it’s the ones that specifically say “With English Subtitles”, the ones where the subtitles are built into the film instead of being optional. I can watch them fine on my laptop, but laptop watching really isn’t an option for me because I need my laptop for other stuff, you know?


  2. I tried watching Kick for a light stupid movie but I couldn’t take it. It was nice seeing Jaqueline before she jacked up her face with botox but the “plot” was unbearable as was the stupid sound that cropped up whenever Salman was about to get a kick.

    I need another dumb but well made and entertaining movie to watch but nothing obvious is coming to mind.

    I showed the ToH trailer to hubby and he’s into seeing it! Miracle.


  3. I watched Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety and loved it. It was hilarious. I didn’t think it was misogynist at all. I loved the way Sonu and Sweety try to out do each other. The whole conflict started when Sweety challenged Sonu and I have a theory why Sweety would even challenge Sonu. Its because they are perfect for each other!!

    Sonu wouldn’t fall for Sweety’s manipulation and he wouldn’t ever take her for granted. If I were to rewrite the story, I would remove all scenes of Sweety calling Sonu a brother and write a sequel where they are the love interests.

    I watched Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania too and I was like meh!!! Didn’t like it at all.


    • I absolutely had the same feeling! Maybe partly because the actors had made so many films together they just naturally have chemistry.

      But I would have loved if it ended with the two of them realizing they were perfect together because he actually challenges her and is a man she could respect, and he will never be bored with her. If they’d tightened up this film and made it all first half, and then the second half is Sonu and Sweety meeting while she is in the middle of another scam and eventually realizing they are in love, that would make me happy. He’s even a wedding planner! It’s perfect! A year later, her new fiance hires him to plan her wedding.


  4. Only two movies for me this week:
    Kannathil Muthamittal and Thenmavin Kombath (yay for me it took me only 4 months to finish this one!)
    Reading: Virginia Woolf’s Night and Day
    Thinking: My son is getting bullied at school and I’m thinking what I can do with this and why kids are like this. C’mon you are 7 years old, don’t you have better things to do? I don’t understand why people like hurting others. And i’m so so mad at the teacher. Can’t stand this women from the first day.

    that I will never be able to watch Alok Nath again. I know now how you feel about Shiney.


  5. I’ve just got home from the opening night of the Adelaide Film Festival – Hotel Mumbai being shown on 6 screens. Starring Dev Patel, Anupam Kher and Armie Hammer. Harrowing but excellent and filmed mainly here in Adelaide. Had a chat with Dev Patel at the after party – mission accomplished!


  6. I usually watch Happy New Year on New Year’s Eve. I don’t think there is any other movie that I watch at a particular time of the year – or maybe there is and I haven’t realised…


  7. I vote Veere di Wedding for the mom of the 7-month-old, because you can still watch grown-up movies with a 7-month-old (but not for very much longer), just not movies where anything terrible happens to people, and nothing terrible happens to anyone in that movie. Plus it’s a fun one to watch with a girlfriend.

    I’ve been trying to keep up with part of your watching schedule, if it fits in my week and I can get the movie, so Mom and Chak De this week. Two or three might be my max, I could never keep up with your schedule!

    This week Matargashti from Tamasha has been lightening my mood at work, so bright and happy. Helps that that scene is from the beginning of the movie before I get annoyed by Ranbir.


    • I love Matargashti! I don’t like most of the Tamasha soundtrack, the sound just doesn’t work for me, but that one is great.

      Excellent points about Veere Di Wedding. A strong contender, if I can find it streaming somewhere.

      My schedule is so much easier since I started doing reruns! Plus, I don’t usually rewatch the Friday Classic before writing about it. But that still leaves at least two movies every week, which is pretty crazy.


  8. I just read Sajid Nadiadwala has bought rights to #RX100 and plans remake it with Ahan Shetty as protagonist! On the one hand I’m happy because Kartikeya, who played the main role in telugu looks like Sunil Shetty’s illegitimate son, and it means I wasn’t the only one who saw that. But on the other hand, how unimaginative this hindi version will be? The same story, maybe the music too, actors who look like twin brothers…And this Ahan Shetty, OMG his face looks even more immobile than Aayush Sharma’s.


    • So, we have RX100, Arjun Reddy, and Angamaly Diaries being remade. After Sairat already. Sounds like Hindi is moving from remaking action films to remaking tragic romances.


        • That was my response exactly! It’s all about the place and the original filming style. Remove that, set it in Bombay and use a different director, and you’ve got a same old-same old gangs and crime story.

          On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 10:23 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Oh dear, I don’t know if I can manage that list. Understand, this is not a comment on them personally, or even on their acting abilities necessarily, just people that I personally cannot stand watching on screen. The first two are easy, Randeep Hooda and Shruti Haasan. Nargis Farkhri, there’s another one. Hmmm. There’s probably others, but that’s all I can remember for now. Most people I can find something to enjoy about watching them. Aish, for isntance, isn’t usually one I like but in certain roles she is fine, so I wouldn’t say “can’t stand”.


  9. Looks like my comment got lost, so I’m writing it again. I hope it doesn’t pop up again and make me look like an idiot.

    Last week I watched Mom and posted on the Mom thread. Good movie, but don’t like the genre.

    Then I also saw Finding Fanny. I think they were going for a Wes Anderson type of quirky movie (colorful scenery, slightly macabre black humor, wacky dysfunctional characters), and I don’t think it totally worked although the movie is pleasant enough. Eventually there was too much wackiness for me and I started to feel a bit exhausted. I liked the performances. I was impressed with Naseeruddin Shah doing something different with what must be his one millionth zany uncle role, and Deepika adding some interest to the least wacky character. (It was originally offered to Sonam, which would not have been the same thing).

    I watch DDLJ every year on Valentine’s Day. I know this is cheesy, but Valentine’s Day is a huge big deal here and I wanted something to look forward to that didn’t require planning with other people. And, it is a great way to spend Valentine’s evening with discounted chocolate.


    • DDLJ is a great thing to watch on Valentine’s Day! I think I watched it one year, I always watch some Shahrukh movie but it varies year to year. I think this year I watched Anjaam, which was a delightfully anti-Valentine’s kind of movie.

      On Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 12:10 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I didn’t either! I wonder if they will do a Bombay reception or not? Only 200 guests (if I am understanding my Indian etiquette correctly) is pretty insulting to everyone you didn’t invite, right at that not small enough or big enough level. Preity did an American wedding with no film folks, and then a Bombay reception. Maybe this will be the flip? India wedding with families and a couple friends, New York shower is the big work event blow out?

      On Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 11:53 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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