DeepVeer Wedding First Inside Videos!!!!!

This is not nearly as fun as Sonam’s part so far.  But there are a few fun videos leaking out.  Okay, there are 4 videos.  But they are all really fun!

First, I know you love your SRK!  Ranveer doing “Chaiyya Chaiyya” with Shahrukh (in the white shirt and tie) and Malaika cheering him on:

Yeah, much of this party was just Ranveer fulfilling dance fantasies.  Here he is doing “Jumma Chumma” with Amitabh.

But it’s not just about him, based on this little speech Dips put in her opinion on the music and got him to change to what she wanted.

Oh, and there’s also Varun Dhawan and Karisma Kapoor dancing like mad.  Which felt really random to me until I remembered how many David Dhawan films she was in, she must have been in and out of Varun’s life his whole childhood.



I am sure more videos will come out over the next several hours, but I am happy enough with these that I thought I might as well share them.  Discuss!

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