Good Evening! I Can Breath!!!!

Hello hello! I got 5 hours of sleep last night, went to my acupuncture appointment, and drank oodles of tea, and I think I might, maybe, be coming out the other side. Except now I’ve written that down and it is jinxed and I will be sicker than ever tomorrow.

Such a nice Saturday! Slept in, because no little doggie to whine at me (thanks for dogsitting Mom and Dad!). And then ordered a big delivery of breakfast food plus a milkshake, because I was finally hungry.

Strawberry milkshake!

Then I put clothes on, like a human, and went to my acupuncture appointment and told her “forget everything else, just make the cold go away!” Either the needles actually did something, or laying perfectly still for 20 minutes did it, but I felt better when I left. Kind of floaty, but better.

Floaty like Akshay Kumar in love with Preity Zinta

Went to the library across the street from the acupuncture office and wandered around a little bit getting my head back on my shoulders, and then drove home. I even managed to get gas on the way home!

Unfortunately, no one sexily and obscenely filled my gas tank for me.

Back home, watched TV with my sister over the phone for a bit and drank lots and lots of ginger tea. Then had a nice dinner of matzo ball soup (it’s like broth and crackers combined! My two favorite sick foods), and set up a trial subscription to BritBox so I can watch as many soothing BBC period pieces as I want.

Unlike the Indian period pieces which tend to be the opposite of soothing

And now I am all settled in for the night in my sick bed. You know the best part about having a one bedroom? Not sleeping in the bedroom sometimes. I have the sofa all made up and I can get fresh tea from the stove and watch my BBC on the TV and then roll over and sleep for a few hours as needed. I did the same thing in my studio, but then it felt like I was being messy and lazy, now it’s an adventure.

If only I had a Juhi Chawla to sing me to sleep!


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