Dog Hazel Update, Tired Little Doggie

Thought you might be interested, and I had cute photos to share.

Dog Hazel had a little bit of a cough, or at least wheezing, when I brought her in to the Vet. She was low energy the next few days, I thought it might be a combination of the cough and reaction to the anesthetic they gave her so they could do a CT scan.

But no, I think she is fading slowly. But still very very happy! She sleeps about 20 hours a day, all stretched out in her blankets. And then she is awake when I take her on two short walks and on the drive to and from work.

She is so happy on walks, trotting right along, and then slowing down and ready to go home after about half a block. And she is all happy in her bed too, either her bed at my office where she sleeps all day and my co-workers come by to make a big fuss over her every few minutes.

Or in her bed at home, which is the entire sofa plus a pillow and comforter. I brought the comforter out from my bedroom when I was sick for me, but then she appropriated it and loves it, so I am letting her keep it. Small problem, I now shiver a bit at night, but it’s okay.


14 thoughts on “Dog Hazel Update, Tired Little Doggie

  1. Aww.. i feel like I know dog hazel and wants to come a give a hug to her. And you. All dogs go to heaven. Thats how I console myself whenever I lose a dog i foster or come into the shelter I volunteer. And all that matters is she is not in pain and she is happy. Hugs

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    • She’s definitely an “enjoy every moment and don’t think about tomorrow” kind of dog.

      On Sat, Jan 12, 2019 at 11:53 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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  3. Ouffff! Coming back from my ski-holiday with family (without connecting myself to the net once) I’m slightly overwhelmed by your sad news about Hazel. Living the dying of a beloved one demands a lot of strength and love and positive thoughts about death being a part of life (you have all this, I think…and read). It seems to me that your ability to give (with your ‘trade-mark’ humour even in the face of death) is indeed in high demand.
    I’m sad for you that your love for Hazel will now be influenced more distinctively by the anxiety you feel (you already felt intuitively for months)…and I would like to hug you, to send you my smiles because – in the end – you made a lovely creature enjoy your company.


  4. Thank you for giving her such a nice life! You are always together at heart. She loves you! And you love her. ❤️ Take it day by day as Hazel does and enjoy every moment ❤️ you’re very strong and brave.


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