Game Post! Because the Comments Have Been a Bit Silent: What Title Would You Use For Priyanka’s Reality TV Show?

I think there just hasn’t been much to comment on. Not that many people had time to go to the two new movies, the news reports aren’t super super exciting, and it’s not like anyone will want to comment on my most recent Hindi Film 101s (I don’t even want to comment on them). So, are you ready for something totally silly and fun and requiring no skill at all?

I really hate reality TV. And I include documentaries in that definition. I don’t like watching people be real, I like watching them be fake in a lovely created universe. On the other hand, the titling of a Reality TV Show is a very specific art, similar to writing a Haiku.

It has to be a clear description of what makes the show different, but not overly poetic. Or long. Something that makes you go “oh yeah, I’d watch that!” Like, “Married at First Sight” or “Wife Swap”. And then followed by a simple 1-2 sentence description of the “real” world it will be showing.

I came up with my favorite title for the inevitable Priyanka-Nick Reality TV Show months and months ago, and if it is what they end up using, I want full credit!

“Nick’s Bollywood Bride”

Nick Jonas has to learn to adjust to his new Bollywood star wife, surrounded by his family in New Jersey.

What would your pick be? Can you come up with something better? Perhaps a simple “Prick“?

I am sure the American TV executives are desperately waiting for our ideas! Think fast!


16 thoughts on “Game Post! Because the Comments Have Been a Bit Silent: What Title Would You Use For Priyanka’s Reality TV Show?

  1. I don’t have titles because I hope their show will never be made, but I think they would be perfect for 90 Day Fiancé – the only american reality show I watch. For those who don’t know it’s about Americans who fall in love with foreginers. The foreginers come to USA with fiance visa, which lasts only 90 days. In those 3 month the couple must marry. First the show was quite good, and only real couples participated, but now it’s full of wannabe famous folks who only create drama. Aren’t Prick perfect for this show?

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  2. Well Priyanka’s certainly busy doing talk shows and she’s certainly making the most about being married and in NO way trying to have some station pick up the wedding video for broadcast by having it be the topic (sarcasm!). I just want it picked up so the conversation isn’t the same in every interview and then we can have the talk of the “Reality” Show underway or something else at least:

    Also, why isn’t Rebel Wilson doing all of the promotion, its HER movie more than Priyanka’s? Just curious because the title of the below video seems misleading making it seem like Priyanka’s the lead from what we know of the plot.

    And my title suggestion is “Pop Boy and Desi Girl”


    • Looks like Rebel Wilson may have more stuff going on, when I google her, I find stuff about a deal with Audibel, another movie she has coming out, like that. I think Priyanka is the only one still bothering with this film. In the meanest interpretation (which might also be correct), everyone else in the cast has more stuff happening in their life and just doesn’t care, but PC doesn’t have anything else going so she has to hold on to this one small thing. Kind of reminds me of that one person who is really really into organizing the high school reunion, while everyone else is like “sure, whatever, but I’ve got so much else going on I’ve kind of moved past high school”.

      The other reason is probably what you are saying, she has to have some reason to go on talks hows and until their reality show is officially picked up, she has to use whatever little bit of a role she has as a reason to be relevant.

      Oh dear, I am being very mean. I think Procrastinatric’s grumpiness has rubbed off on me.

      On Wed, Feb 6, 2019 at 9:07 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Thanks for the info, I didn’t bother to google myself. And yea the grumpiness kinda caught to me too, also not had a very good day in a sense and decided to let it out here a little. Priyanka’s such and easy target right now! At least she has a job in letting some of us let out some steam.

        Thank goodness I’m seeing ELKDTAL today with my mom! That’ll make me all better. I’ll put what I think of it along what my mom thought on the spoiler review tonight or tomorrow. 🙂


        • I am so excited to have you watch it! I really liked the film, and I’m sad not that many people have been able to see it. The 93 screens in America kind of explains that, probably means it’s not playing at easy theaters.

          And I love the idea of PC existing in order to allow us all to release steam by complaining about her. Truly, she is doing the world a service.


  3. Another ridiculous story that fascinates me. What on earth is going on here? I change my theory all the time. My current favourite is that she has done an arranged marriage for herself. Have I posted this already? If so ignore. She found a guy who was compatible, had the right resume ( his own money, close knit family etc. ) she marries him in the hopes that in the truest Hindi film tradition, she will fall in love with him and/or have a child. The advantage of an American pop star is that divorce will NOT cause the ruckus it does EVEN now in India. And NO reality shows PLEASE!!


    • I would go even farther, I think this is a relationship they both entered with their eyes open fully aware it is a career move more than anything else. The best possible version I can put on it is that they are both such long time celebrities that they convinced even themselves that it was true love, while somewhere down deep they are both thinking about optics and sponsors. And I don’t think PC is worried about India any more, post-marriage she seems to have been all about the American press, I haven’t seen any planted articles or anything in the Indian press. Thank goodness, because I find covering her exhausting.


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