Sunday Review Announcement! The New Dons, 1 and 2!!!!

I haven’t scheduled anything else for this week, because the Valentine’s theme week exhausted me. But I can at least schedule a Sunday rerun, so you can all rewatch the movies and prepare to discuss, or else watch them for the first time.

Don 1 & 2!!!! Shahrukh’s most successful franchise, and the last time Farhan Akhtar put in an honest day’s work instead of just being an “actor” and a “rockstar”. The first one is a really wonderful movie, one of the best ever remakes for the way it creates tension based on the assumption that the audience has seen the original film. I encourage you to read the wiki entry for the original film and DO NOT spoil yourself for the remake. Really, DO NOT, it is one of the best endings ever and you don’t want to miss out on the joy of seeing it fresh. And it is on googleplay, youtube, and Prime.

Don 2 is not nearly as good, but is still a decent thriller with some fun songs and cast. Kunal Kapoor in winter wear, that’s always good for a thrill. And it is only available on Amazon Prime.

I would recommend watching Don 1 will full attention and enjoyment, and watching Don 2 while folding laundry. It’s your only DCIB homework for the week, so their should be plenty of time to finish them both (assuming you have nothing else happening in your life).

Also, to my commentators, DO NOT SPOIL DON 1!!!!!!! Not everyone has seen it yet, so in your comments here, try to avoid saying anything at all indicative. On the actual review, I will trust people to use common sense and avoid if they don’t want spoilers.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Review Announcement! The New Dons, 1 and 2!!!!

  1. w00t! What fun! No spoilers, just putting in this lyrical video for Hai Ye Maya–totally underrated song from Don 2. The video also highlights nicely why, though I love both of the new Dons, Don 2 is much sexier. 🙂


    • Oh, yaaaay! I am excited for you to see it. It’s just a really well-made film, setting aside everything else. Ideally you would watch the original Don first, but just wiki’ing the plot should do it. Maybe watch a couple of the songs to see the original versions before the remixes.

      On Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 8:48 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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