Happy Birthday Angie!!!!! April 8!!!

I remembered!!!!  Well, actually I started and scheduled this post when you mentioned your birthday 5 months ago and finished it recently.  But still, PRETTY IMPRESSIVE.

This post is inspired by your comment:

“Confession time: peak hotness for me is: long hair (not long long, but like Fawad on this black and white pic), beard, black or white shirt and in the rain…It’s for all men, and if man is cuddly it’s even better.”

I wish everyone in my life gave me such clear directions on what they wanted for their birthday present!!!!

I’ll start with the easy perfect choice, Maddy. In the rain. In a grey shirt. With a beard.

Related image

More Maddy in the rain!

Nivin in the Rain. From many angles, because he is perfect.

Image result for nivin pauly rain
Related image
OSO Nivin

Tovino, no rain but a t-shirt and a beard.

Related image

No t-shirt, but that button shirt fits like it is one.

Image result for tovino mayanadhi

Best Tovino beard.

Related image

Suniel Shetty, aging like a fine wine as always.

Image result for suniel shetty white shirt

Suniel young, no beard but lots of rain.

Image result for suniel shetty rain

And then there is the younger brigade, Arjun with loads of hair and beard and t-shirt, just missing the rain.

Image result for arjun kapoor white shirt

Arjun, no shirt, but rain and beard.

Related image

And Unni! No rain, but everything else.

Related image

Oh Unni! He really is good at gazing.

Image result for unni mukundan

Speaking of gazing, check out Harsh.

Image result for harshwardhan kapoor

He is just so beautiful.

Image result for harshwardhan kapoor

Speaking of beautiful, there’s also the other Harsh. No shirt, or rain, but look at all that hair!

Image result for harshvardhan rane

Hair, check. Beard, check. T-shirt, check. Just no rain.

Image result for harshvardhan rane

Notice how I have nicely been restraining myself from including Shahrukh? It’s because I was saving him for the grand finale!

Image result for madhavan birthday card

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Angie!!!!! April 8!!!

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a nice surprise! And so many beards, and rain, and hotness in one post. I love it 😀


    • Happy Birthday!!!! Glad you liked it. And, coincidentally, I also posted a Polish themed fanfic yesterday, so it’s all coming together.

      On Mon, Apr 8, 2019 at 1:40 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Happy belated Angie!

    You have delicious taste in man-pics 🙂

    And I always enjoy your opinion posts.
    You have a distinct POV. 😀

    Have a great year!


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