New Bharat Song! The Fun Sexy Wedding Song We Have Been Missing

This post comes to you from the gate at the airport as I wait for my boarding group to be called, so it will be very short. But still a nice thing for you all to talk about while I am in the air!

New Bharat song! And we get a year for the Katrina section, 1983. This is introduced as a celebration for the World Cup win, but it kind of also feels like a wedding song? And it is fun and sexy and catchy and everything I personally want from a wedding song.

I continue to love both Salman and Kat together, and the soundtrack for this film. Every song makes me go “hey! I like that!” And every time I see Salman and Kat together, I go “hey! I like THEM!” This time, Kat is being sexy and fun, and Salman is being sexy and fun back to her. It’s not an item song, it is a “we are young and healthy and in love together and isn’t that great” song, which is so much sexier, and just funner.

And that is all the analysis I have, after 6 hours of sleep and trying to type something real fast in the 10 minutes before I board!

10 thoughts on “New Bharat Song! The Fun Sexy Wedding Song We Have Been Missing

  1. Have a lovely time with sis and sis’s hubby. I’m not a Salman fan and am at a loss to understand why anyone finds him sexy or cute now or even when he was young. I love Kat for who she is but she’s also a bit stiff for such a great dancer. All that being said, I know other people adore both of them so I am glad this is such a sweet fun song. I feel bad for the bride and groom though…do you want Kat dancing at YOUR wedding? Or Salman for that matter. Who’d look at you EVER???


  2. My first thought was “No, NO, NOPE, I cannot watch this song because the creepy mustache is way to distracting” but the song was so fun and I am loving Kat’s and Salman’s chemistry so much that I may be willing to overlook the terrible mustache!


      • I am fine with him having a mustache. The guy Salman is dancing with in the beginning of the song has a fine mustache. But the one Salman is sporting in the song is weird. I dont think the style in 1983 (or ever) was to shave everything from under your nose to just above your upper lip so it leaves a thin creepy line. I have now officially thought way to much about Salman’s mustache.

        Anyways, I have now watched the song multiple times and currently trying to figure out how I can incorporate it into my sister’s wedding celebrations because it is just so fun!


        • Maybe Salman is just allergic to mustache glue so it is as small as possible?

          On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 9:43 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I’m now convinced that Katrina’s likability (at least for me) is connected to how curly her hair is (curly = good)


    • I think you may be on to something there!!!!

      And to put it in more formal terms, the roles in which Katrina is presented as more human, and less of an idealized mixture of Western-Indian (including straight hair), are her better roles.


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