Saturday Small Talk: Lots of Little Stories, Divorce and Injury and New Business!

This is the News Round-Up post I was going to put up yesterday, but then I did a silly TGIF instead. But now we can talk about it all Saturday! And I can do a bunch of tiny Saturday reports on news stories that aren’t important enough for a real post!

John Abraham Tears a Muscle

Luckily, he has plenty of others left over. Interesting thing is, he has to rest for 20 days and the filming schedule is so tight, it might result in delaying the film he is in.

Related image

Dimple Kapadia in a Cristopher Nolan Movie

Look at that, Cristopher Nolan cast a non-white person! And from the cast list, the hero might be non-white too (Denzel Washington’s son has top billing)? That’s great! Although Robert Pattinson is also in the mix, more of the traditional high cheek bone young white man Nolan hero. Anyway, early rumors point to it being a spy movie, I assume DImple will show up as some kind of cameo as the cool Indian contact.

Image result for john david washington
Now I am excited about John David Washington! He was a professional football player for 3 years before starting acting. Isn’t that interesting?

Katrina Starts Two Businesses

Good for Kat!!!!! Get that sweet sweet retirement money lined up! She’s supposedly looking at starting a production company so she can be co-listed at least on the films she is in (smart, that gets her a bigger continuing cut of the profits instead of just a salary). And she is starting a cosmetics line. Which is odd because Kat seems to hate make-up, is almost never seen wearing it in candids. Although, maybe that means she is the best person to make a cosmetics line, for people who hate wearing make-up.

Image result for katrina jeans
If she is wearing make-up, it is very very light

Imraan Khan Divorce?

I know someone who went to high school with his wife, so I’ve got a bit of a dog in this fight. Although the person I know didn’t particularly like Avantika, so I don’t know if I care after all. Anyway, divorce rumors! They are college sweethearts, dated for years before getting married, had a baby, and now have been together for 8 years. The weirdest part of this story is that Avantika’s mother reached out to the media and said they were having problems, but definitely no divorce. Odd statement, and odd for her to reach out like that.

More importantly, if Imran gets divorced, is he good enough to marry Konkona Sen Sharma?

Image result for imran avantika

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for you to talk about! I have a busy busy day (Podiatrist! Doggie classes! Friend’s birthday party!), so you will have to entertain yourself much of the day.

20 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Lots of Little Stories, Divorce and Injury and New Business!

  1. I’m not surprised Imraan Khan has problems in his marriage. Do you imagine living with a guy who hasn’t worked for years and is always in home with you? Sure there are problems!


    • And add a small child to the mix? That’s a situation full of stress.

      On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 9:09 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I don’t know, that feels more like a “for this particular person, marriage might be what she wants and would make her happy” than a sweeping statement. At least, for me. Katrina’s more recent interviews have said “I wanted to be married, I thought I would be married, it didn’t happen, and now I think it is just too late for me.” If I were a supportive friend, I might try to encourage her to not feel so over the hill and depressed.

      On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 11:49 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Ha! He already had a call in radio show with the same idea.

          And this is the opposite of the direction we wanted his career to go. Karan! Opposite! Less fun, more serious!


        • Ugh, no please. We have to endure him in BW, tv, radio, and now Netflix too? Netflix should have more discretion about what material they choose. Who would want to see this? Are there people who actually want to see this?


          • Maybe they are aiming at the diaspora audience? Koffee and the radio show are harder to find overseas, I could see that audience taking Karan in the only form they can get. But then, how big is the diaspora audience for this kind of content?

            What is weirder is that Dharma still has a deal with Prime, not Netflix. So there is no advantage in terms of the film rights for either Karan or Netflix in the mix. Unless the Dharma Prime deal is about to expire, in which case this almost makes sense as cross-promotion.


          • KwK is watched for the celebrities, not Karan. Is there an audience interested in just him? It seems like Netflix is just throwing anything against the wall to see what will work. I hope they don’t go overboard because so far I’ve only see a little bit of Sacred Games which I didn’t like at all. I also saw one original movie which I also didn’t like.

            That list of original movies they gave recently looked pretty boring. Maybe they just want to build up a big library so they can say there is a lot of Indian content.


          • I’m usually a bit surprised by how low quality Netflix original content ultimately is. Not all of it, but along with the few flagship impressive shows, there are a lot of so-so things. And what really strikes me is when I look at broadcast content, even low quality broadcast content, and discover it is as good or better than what is on Netflix. With India, it would be looking at any theatrical release film and comparing it with the “original” films. The “original” are amusing and fine, but I just find the theatrical releases a little bit better. There’s kind of a Netflix effect, we have the whole thing in our living room and are far less critical simply because of the convenience of it, than if we had to suffer through ads or go to a theater or do anything like that.


          • Speaking of Netflix, SRK’s Red Chillies is on to its 3rd production for Netflix after Bard of Blood and Class of 83. This one is a series called Betaal and stars Vineet Singh (of Mukkabaaz) and directed by Patrick Graham.


    • Salman is so annoying. He makes terrible jokes and then laughs at them himself. He’s been bringing up Priyanka for no reason in so many interviews and saying odd things. Okay, she was unprofessional but let it go. It looks silly when you’re sitting next to the real female lead and she wants to talk about her character.


  2. Getting back to Uday Chopra (??) I’m running thru his movies to see if I can spot his downslide. Not being mean or anything; I actually like his energy on the screen. He was terrific as Ali in the Dhooms. But like you said, maybe he never wanted to be an actor, maybe wheeling and dealing was his thing and when the business went to Adi, and the big Hollywood crossover went bust, it just knocked him on his bum. Oh yeah, and Nargis.
    But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. I happened to notice a ton of product placement in Pyaar Impossible and again in Nell and Nikki and Supari. There’s even unnecessary dialog about some of the items glaringly displayed, Indian and non. Brand names don’t normally catch my eye but they seem to be everywhere in Uday’s movies. Is it a big thing in India?


    • Product placement in India is interesting, the low regard there is for mainstream Hindi films, and the high regard for international brands as status symbols, it is actually a weird kind of sign of status to have “good” brands in your movies. Both that those brands paid for inclusion, and that your characters would use name brands.

      In addition, there is a closer relationship between brands and celebrities in India, they are called brand “Ambassadors” and are announced with great fanfare and have whole ad campaigns around them and long term relationships. Things like Tag Hauer watches showing up in Shahrukh movies, that’s just Shahrukh being faithful to the brand he represents, it’s not a relationship of the movie to the brand.


    • I’ve heard that from other people before. I think it is because it is technically the Eros “channel”, Eros has to fix it. But there is no way to reach Eros.


  3. I used to subscribe to Eros but cancelled. Their offerings never changed. I’m going to spend this very hot Hudson Valley Sunday trying to reach them as I have a few 800 numbers and an email address. (Anything to avoid working at my writing.)


  4. I just watched Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota on Netflix. Did you ever get a chance to see it? I really enjoyed it! It’s very odd, kind of like a Wes Anderson film if he lived in Mumbai and was really into Bruce Lee. It’s got problems with pacing and some of it doesn’t make much sense but still a worthwhile watch.


    • I haven’t seen it, but it’s been advertised heavily at the non-Indian theaters where I have been watching movies lately. Which points towards the Wes Anderson direction, they tend to promote the slightly kooky movies.

      On Sun, May 26, 2019 at 10:29 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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