Discussion Post: What is Your Favorite Song of 2019 (So far)?

New discussion topic! Just like yesterdays, very loosey-goosey and it can mean whatever you want it to mean. I’m on vacation! There are no rules!

In the first 6 months of 2019, what is your favorite song? Can be Indian, can be non-Indian, can be something released in 2019, can be something you heard for the first time this year but was release long ago, whatever you want!

For me:

Favorite “I Have to Buckle Down and Do Something” song of 2019, “Zinda” from Bharat.

Favorite American song I forgot about and then remembered of 2019, “Sentimental Journey” from Doris Day. Everyone talks about “Kay Sera Sera”, but I like this one better.

Favorite Rahman song of 2019 (so far), the title song from “Sarvam Thaala Mayam”

Most exciting promising new song/soundtrack, obviously Gully Boy and “Apna Time Aayega”

Now, how about you?

13 thoughts on “Discussion Post: What is Your Favorite Song of 2019 (So far)?

    • I think Sucker might be the only non-Indian song of 2019 that I have heard. And therefore, also my favorite non-Indian song of 2019!

      On Tue, Jun 11, 2019 at 8:58 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. Some of my favorite soundtracks of the year are Kalank, Majili, Jersey, and Gully Boy. Kalank especially was one of those soundtracks that I loved a lot after seeing the movie instead of beforehand. The songs from Maharshi were another that kinda grew on me over time after seeing them in context.

    I am looking forward to the rest of the songs from Kabir Singh because the two songs that they’ve released so far are good.


      • I do have to point out that Jersey has a lot of cricket though I feel like you would like it regardless.

        I totally forgot about SOTY2! This was one of my favorite songs this year 🙂


  2. Rowdy Baby is the definitive jam of 2019 so far.
    So cute and catchy, and the dancing is amazing.
    Apparently the first south Indian movie song ever to hit half a BILLION views on you tube.

    Sai Pallavi really shows off her dancing chops here, plus she imbues the dance with spirit, humour, warmth, athleticism, limberness, and most of all, a refreshing spunky tomboyishness that we never see in Hindi film heroines. Plus her “you but better” looks and figure inspire you to try dancing yourself. She is so fresh faced and long natural wavy hair, I think Dhanush has done more hair and makeup than Sai has, and yet, despite his stardom and polish, you barely notice him, because Sai is such a Lucille-Ball style of star in this song.

    In my Bombay Jam fitness class, they’ve just added a cardio routine to a mashup of Rowdy Baby and Slow Motion (from Bharat). Listen to both songs and you realize how genius a mashup is. Both are the same tempo, both have a 3/4 beat, they are almost in the same key… very similar songs musically.
    The popularity of Rowdy Baby became apparent to me two months ago… when Bombay jam announced that they were adding a cardio routine to Rowdy Baby / Slow Motion to the repertoire, it was all the south Indians in my class that spontaneously broke out into cheers and applause, over rowdy baby! Slow Motion who? 😉

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    • And of course the funny thing is, Maari 2 only did average business! It’s one of those songs that became a major hit so much on its own that it didn’t even help the film.

      On Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 10:05 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Plus I think rowdy baby became a word of mouth hit after the film already ran in theaters, taking 5-6 months to reach half a billion view count. When does that happen in Hindi cinema anymore?


  3. No 2019 songs for me, but I have older stuff I discovered only this year.
    First Poomuthole from Joseph. I saw the movie 2 months ago and since then I have been listening to this song (really entire album) every day. It’s also my ringtone, I’m so obsessed.

    My second obsession: Aruni Kirani, or as I call it “the orgy of sitars” 😉

    Ad since yesterday Laila-Majnu soundtrack. Especially this song:


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