Saturday Small Talk: I’m Preparing to Host a Big Party, How About You?

Happy Saturday! I am busy busy busy today, so you all will have to entertain yourselves here.

This is my second to last day of vacation, boooo. It has been really wonderful and I feel all refreshed and renewed and ready to return to real life. But before I get there, we have to host a ton of people tomorrow and I have to clean the whole house today in order to get ready.

Here’s a challenge! Tomorrow we are hosting a 4 year old, a 6 year old, a 40 year old (their mother), a 70 year old woman, an 80 year old woman, two 80+ women, a 75 year old man, and two 80+ men. What activity do all these people have in common? Or should we just give up and set up separate play stations for them?

Oh, and also my very very wriggly and not good with children (because he’s just a little kid himself) dog. And a guest dog who is extremely calm and mature, but also big. Maybe I just take the dogs and the kids to the dog park and leave them there for 5 hours? Or more likely, poor Albie Dog will be locked up for the day.

Anyway, no matter what I have to dust the bookshelves. Because if guests come in and find filthy bookshelves, the World Ends.

Okay, now talk amongst yourselves about anything you want. Has PC done something ridiculous? Is there any hot gossip floating around about new actors? What is Shahrukh’s latest award and latest movie rumors? What is happening with Cricket? Here is the place to discuss it all!


6 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: I’m Preparing to Host a Big Party, How About You?

  1. I am having a party too! Just me and six friends; my husband will be on a train heading (eventually) to Spokane. But I am busy busy busy cleaning and cooking. (strawberry rhubarb pie, linguini with clam sauce, a shrimp salad with jicama). I have no suggestions for entertaining such a varied group. I keep a stash of Duplos and puzzles and crayons for visiting kids, or they can play dress up in your closet…


  2. What they have in common? Maybe the eagerness to play…

    If you have to bi enside: cards, dices, roulette, carcassonne, the ‘tea-kettle play’… misuse dominos to build towers, houses with fences, falling dominos… misuse other things in the house to build something…balancing spoons (on a finger, a bottle, a chairback…)…making rythm to singing songs (clapping, knocking, tapping, using various dishes and cutlery)…watching family videos, looking at photoalbums…making a lot of whatever photos with various cameras/handys (also for outside!) and then looking at them via TV or laptop.

    If the weather is for outside, just let time streaming 🙂 (the kids will always find something to do)

    Yet the main thing: enjoy to be together…and don’t worry about Albie 🙂


    • We did think of dominos! We have a lot of them, and they seem like something kids would enjoy just building things with. And if the weather is good, chalk for the driveway. For the oldies, maybe just have a lot of packs of cards out? We also have to sandwich a quilt (this is my church quilting group that I am inviting up), so there’s that to do.

      On Sat, Jun 15, 2019 at 1:57 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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