Upcoming Reviews! Now That I Have Convinced You All to Get Hotstar, Catch Up on Ranam 6/19 and Stree (also on Netflix) 6/23!

On Friday I posted a deeply felt and carefully considered analysis of all the streaming options, which broke down to “you should all get Hotstar, it is the only way to live”. So now that (presumably) you all have Hotstar, I am going to recommend two Hotstar movies! One of which is exclusive, the other is also on Netflix

Ranam is the last Prithviraj movie I saw in theaters, it’s a really interesting well-done hyperlink movie about crime within the desi population in Detroit. The specifics of it are clearly made up, but it is a nice reminder that the “model minority” concept is a myth, and there are plenty of South Asians living in poverty, crime, and on the edge of survival. Plus a great title track, and a really wonderful love story for Prithviraj. Watch it on Hotstar! And then join the discussion with me on Wednesday 6/19 when I repost my review, or whenever you get around to watching it.

And then there’s Stree! Which is now on both Netflix and Hotstar. It’s a “horror-comedy” but really it is a social satire about gender issues. It’s funny, it’s fun, and it’s intelligent. Great film all around. Come by on Sunday 6/23 to discuss it and fight about whether the item song is insulting or self-aware!

8 thoughts on “Upcoming Reviews! Now That I Have Convinced You All to Get Hotstar, Catch Up on Ranam 6/19 and Stree (also on Netflix) 6/23!

    • Yay! Now watch Ranam. There’s social issues, it’s fun! Also, Prithviraj spends a lot of time silently gazing at women and feeling the pain of their lives, while also being silently supportive of their journey and not trying to make their decisions for them. And being tall.

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  1. I watched Stree this weekend! Given how much of a scardy cat I am, I had to watch it on my phone (much less scary that on a hige TV) and on Netflix so I could do the 10 second forwards during the scary parts. But I am so glad I watched it.


  2. Stree. Hmmm… I’m so not a Rajkumar fan and so-so about Shraddha. Have a backlog of must-watch films already. Maybe will add Stree; maybe not.

    As to Ranam: loved it! Prithviraj is absolutely riveting, totally believable as a damaged man caught in circumstances not of his own making, forced into hard decisions, struggling to find his humanity in a cesspit of sin and drugs and crime. And still sexy (and tall) throughout.

    I’m not sure how Detroiters liked it, or the immigrant Desi population.


    • Oh good! I was worried I wouldn’t have any takers for the Ranam review, glad to know at least one other person has seen it. We can discuss more tomorrow.

      Stree may not be for you, it’s very cynical and funny, not really romantic or fantasy.

      On Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 10:30 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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