Monday Morning Questions Post: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Week After Super 30 Came Out?

Happy Monday! I had an active exhausting weekend and then stayed up too late last night, which means I am kaput today. So, ask me questions! Help me stay awake!

As always, this is where you ask me questions! Any question, any time. You can keep it up all week, just keep swinging back here and asking me stuff whenever it occurs to you. Backstory on a scandal or a movie star, recommendations for films by a certain director or with a certain star, history behind a particular movie plot, anything!

And I have a question for you! Super 30 is apparently doing well in theaters, which shocks me. What movie was a hit that you just can’t see the appeal?

Really? People like this?

17 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions Post: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Week After Super 30 Came Out?

  1. There is a movie whose success didn’t surprise me but came as a bit of concern

    (I haven’t seen the movie but commenting based on the plotline)

    It is “Tamil M.A.”

    The hero has done masters in native language and finds that he is jobless but others who did other courses have a job.
    So he ends up killing his “friends” who studied with him (I think that is the plotline)

    It was a big success in Tamil Nadu


    • That is upsetting! I just looked it up to see what I can find out, and I’m not sure from what I saw if he really is a killer or not. It looks like the typical sort of suffering artist story, with maybe an accidental killing that leads to him being hunted by the police, but I can’t tell if he kills more people after that or not.


      • Its been a while since I saw the movie so the specific details escape be but as far as I remember, he doesn’t really go around killing old friends. Its more of, society is so awful (materialistic and mercenary) that it pushes an lonely, idealistic, kind man into becoming a murderer. This movie wasn’t so much of a financial hit but was/is routinely sited as one of the best – mainly because of the performances of the lead actors – Jeeva and Anjali. Its dark but well-made and had a great sound-track. I liked the movie but I wouldn’t recommend it unless I knew the person’s tastes. Its definitely not for everyone.

        Tamil movies never really shied away from tragedy but the 2000s had a lot of what you might call “realistic” tragedy. Older films might have tragedy but it was either melodramatic or self-righteous (hero dies saving society from some bad) or both. These movies were more personal, had more moral ambiguity, were darker and didn’t have the hero be unquestionably good or right. e.g. Kadhal Konden, Paruthiveeran, Pudhupettai, Pattiyal


    • Tamil audience is really one of a kind in my opinion. There are so many tamil movies, that would never be successful in other parts of India and world and yet in Tamil Nadu they are hits, e.g Paruthiveeran .

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  2. I liked Super 30 and Hrithik really needed a hit so happy all around.

    Speaking of Hrithik leads to thinking about Kangana . Why do you think an actress (even a good one) who is such a loose cannon and has burned so many bridges and has such little commercial success…is still getting mainstream lead acting jobs? Does she have a secret backer? Is she blackmailing someone? Seriously how is she doing it?


    • I really do not understand Kangana. She has deep political backing, both in terms of racking up National Awards and the cyber cells that support her unquestioningly. But at this point I would think all of that was not enough of a benefit to make people keep hiring her.

      Ekta seems to be playing this in a bit of a light-hearted way and gaining benefit for her film, in this case at least it looks like she cast Kangana hoping for a blow-up since it would help promote the picture. Really kind of a gross thing to do. And this film was signed before her mental issues became quite so obvious. But why she has more films signed after this, I do not know.


  3. I had called it after your review that Super 30 would do well in India even though it looks terrible. Exams, education, and university admissions are a household obsession and people are happy to watch a fairytale about it. The bootstraps mentality also helps them feel less guilty about the unfairness of the world. Hey, if they were smart enough, they would have found a way. It’s the perfect concoction for the middle class.

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  4. Question, have you seen Bachaana? It’s a Pakistani film that came up on my Prime suggestions. It is much fun, and gave me a lot of Jab Harry Met Sejal vibes. I think you will really like it. Don’t expect Bollywood-level production or crisp editing, but it does beautiful locales, a fun fiesty heroine, and charming sweet hero.


    • No, but it looks really fun! And Sanam Saeed! I need to watch that, and Cake. So many interesting things coming out of that industry!

      On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 10:08 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Ha! I like picturing him as a tourist, only picking up honorary diplomas and awards instead of picture postcards.

      Seems like he is enjoying his semi-retirement. Doing fun little jobs, traveling, volunteering. It’s like when my Dad retired and started teaching part time and volunteering at the local library and going on car trips. Only on a much larger scale.


    • I will be! I have to admit, the trailer got me curious. The bigger problem is that it is releasing the same day as Arjun Patiala, and I am far more excited about that film. So I may do Arjun Patiala first and get around to Mental Hai Kya in the next few days.


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