Monthly Reminder to Promote Me if You Want DCIB to Keep Going After November 2020

Shoot, I forgot the donation post for yesterday. Oh well, I think I forgot the promotion post last month, so this is a nice balance.

Yesterday I posted a really interesting (I thought) discussion of Shahrukh’s film roles. As of right now, it has 116 views. That’s not “visitors”, that’s views. So if you read it once, got interrupted, went back, wanted to reread a bit later, saw there was a comment and went in, saw another comment, another, and so on, that means you accounted for multiple views all on your own. Which means that 116 “views” is 12 people in the whole world read that post.

Now, picture a world without DCIB. You have nowhere to turn when you have a question about Indian film, when you are looking for a totally original interpretation, when you want an in depth serious review of every new Hindi movie. If your reaction to that is “eh, doesn’t make much difference to me, there are plenty of other sites that do the same thing, and I’m as smart as Margaret and know as much as her, I don’t need DCIB”, then that’s fine. But if you actually want me to keep writing, you have to show me that, you have to help me reach more people.

Oh right, and also I should tell you if you want to promote me the best ways to do it. And the ways that don’t work at all.

DON’T RETWEET THIS POST. That happens every month, and it is pointless. Who wants to read this post?

DO NOT comment on other sites, podcasts, youtube if all you say is “you should check out DCIB”. The comment will get spam blocked and, possibly, make the site owner think “I hate DCIB and the spammers and will never recommend that site.”

DO comment if you are already reading, watching, listening, and commenting in other communities, and throw in a link back to my blog (it does no good without the link). Especially if you are using my thoughts in your comment.

DO send a message to podcasters, bloggers, whoever else that you read or listen to, saying “I listen/read every week and you really need to get Margaret from DCIB on your show/writing with you”.

DO NOT simply retweet my tweets.

DO tag specific twitter folks you follow in the retweet and direct it to them

DO NOT assume that I am lying and am really doing fine because I write so well and I get mentioned places and so on. I don’t tell lies. When I say only 12 people read a post, only 12 people read that post.

Oh, and most important, DO NOT GIVE ME ADVICE. Every time I put these posts up, I get advice. It’s very nice of you all, but that’s not really the purpose of these posts. I am giving you advice, in my expert opinion as the person who can actually see the stats for the blog, THIS IS WHAT WORKS. All the other stuff that might work great for you, or for other blogs, or for other people, does not work for me.

10 thoughts on “Monthly Reminder to Promote Me if You Want DCIB to Keep Going After November 2020

  1. Hey friends…there have to be 10 of us who think it’s worth $10 a month (2 Starbucks drinks) to support Margaret through Patreon. I did it on day one of finding this blog! Please join me in making a monthly gift to show her we appreciate her efforts in creating a smart, fun community for Hindi film aficionados. Margaret, I linked your patreon page to FB but I think I’m going to post links to individual posts in all the many SRK groups I am in. That plus scrapbooking is basically the only reason I stay on FB so I might as well use it to our mutual advantage. Hopefully it may bring you some readers. But, seriously, everyone in the pool!


    • Thank you! That’s so nice of you. I was feeling bad for complaining, because most of my regular commentators are donors. But on the flipside, I have only 14 Patrons on Patreon (totaling less than $100 a month) and I have 1,307 followers on WordPress, and that seems a little bit upside down, doesn’t it? That 1% of my readers carrying the cost for the remaining 99%?

      And yes, links to specific posts in SRK groups would be FABULOUS. That is the exact kind of thing that brings me traffic. And you know how much I love my SRK content, it would make me so happy if it got more readers.

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      • As a professional fundraiser, I can tell you it’s typical for most of your support to come from very few of your ‘followers.’ The trick is to reach more people who care about your product so that 1% (or 5 if you’re lucky) can pay the bills.


        • Oh, that makes me feel so much better! I felt like a failure for only convincing 1% to step up. Glad to know it is average.

          On Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 9:36 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. I posted in a few groups and have 30 likes or so on about half an hour…hope you get some more unique visitors! I’ll keep doing with SRK posts since, we’ll, you know. ☺️


    • Thank you! 25 Facebook click throughs within about an hour, so yes! It worked really well! Meanwhile, still no click throughs from Film Companion. So interesting, that folks are willing to click through thanks to a recommendation from a regular person, but never from a professional site.


  3. Margaret, no advice, just encouraging you: don’t stop doing something that makes you happy…you like writing, especially about movies and the Hindi filmindustry…about ShahRukh…about other Indian filmindustries. Even if you’d write less, it would be a pleasure to read your writings and the comments (and comment, too)… and to learn 🙂

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    • I second that. Don’t stop living your passion…do it at whatever level makes you happy and fulfilled. Have you listened to Shah Rukh’s speech after getting the doctorate at U of Edinburgh? I’m sure you have. There used to be a fantastic edit of it that just had the life lessons part over music but it got pulled down from YouTube. I may make my own because that’s how much I love what he has to say. But one of his key thoughts was you have to have a fire in your belly or ‘Josh’ to do something if you don’t have that fire don’t do it but if you do keep going. Make your soul happy!


  4. Whine, whine, whine. You’re like Kangana….poor me, support me, share me. Seriously, this not the way to fundraiser with the masses. Moving on before Nov 2020. Feel free to do so too.


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