Shahrukh Summer Discussion Post: What is Your Happiness Shahrukh Khan Song?

It is extremely hot here, which also means I have gotten very little sleep for the past couple nights. So no deep thought post today, silly post! And anyway, I spent forever on the Deep Thought post yesterday, and it’s still got almost no views, so what’s the point?

I had another (expected but still depressing) promotion fail this morning. I got mentioned in Film Companion, woo? And it lead too…..ZERO click throughs from the website. And….ZERO click throughs from twitter. Which I knew would happen, those things never result in a bump for the blog, but it is still depressing every time it happens because I can’t help getting my hopes up. Anyway, I’m depressed, and it made me think about what Shahrukh song I watch when I am depressed.

“Chaiyya Chaiyya” and “Preity Woman” are fun songs. The DDLJ soundtrack is sentimental because it is the first movie I watched. The JHMS soundtrack is brilliant and probably the best overall soundtrack for an SRK film (maybe tied with Dil Se…). But when I want something that is just happy, I go for “Mitwa” every time. I don’t even like the movie it is from that much, I just really really love this one song.

How about you? What’s your Happiness SRK song?

22 thoughts on “Shahrukh Summer Discussion Post: What is Your Happiness Shahrukh Khan Song?

  1. I feel like my answer to all of these questions is always Chaiyya Chaiyya. It’s peak Shahrukh-ness in every way, and it’s so iconic and lovingly shot! It gets me dancing and gets me thinking as well (the lyrics are absolutely gorgeous), and is potentially one of the most creative songs in terms of instrumentation in Bollywood in 1990s.
    Also it introduced Sukhwinder Singh in a big way!


    • Chaiyya Chaiyya is a great choice! It definitely makes me happy, just not Peak Happy necessarily.

      On Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 10:42 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Hang in there, lady! Your special expertise in this area means so much to many of us…stay the course! But I totally get being depressed about things that don’t work out immediately the way you wish. Hugs…

    I agree that JHMS has the overall best soundtrack of any film in recent years. I have a few happy faves from it – Butterfly makes me smile wide…so full of color and love and full on joyful dancing and he’s so giddy with happiness after taking this amazing emotional journey. Add to that his hand on her head at the end and my heart bursts a little bit! I’ve had that on repeat for a while. Also from JHMS, Raula and Radha are great for my mood.

    I think Happy New Year in all its oceans 11/airplane humor silliness is a mood lifter too. The whole end sequence of the WDC song gets me pumping!

    Going back in time, I love Maahi Ve from KHNH, but sometimes hard to distance myself from the underlying sadness of his sacrifice for her.

    Lots more to say but that’s a start.


    • I really have to write that HNY review! There is so much wrong with it, but then the ending song has such joy!

      I love Butterfly too, but weirdly I only find it a happy song when I have the visuals to go with it. Just the sound alone is kind of frenetic and energetic and complex for me, not purely happy. Same with Raula. Radha and Hawayein though just make me super happy.

      I think like most people, I like Maahi Ve until the ending when I suddenly start dreading that poor SRK is going to fall down with a heart attack. I need to find a recording that cuts off just the last 30 seconds to stop that response.

      And thanks for your kind words! I think you are one of my newer people (welcome!), so you may not know, I gave myself 5 years to do this and see if I could either get something published in a for real PAYING place, or else make enough off the blog to justify the time spent on it (like, $100 a month). I’m coming up on year 4 now, no closer to being published on a non-paying site let alone a paying one, and still operating at a loss. Every month I try to put out posts reminding people of this and that if they want high quality content, they need to either start paying me for it or work harder at getting me noticed in the Real World, but right now I am still looking at closing down the site in about a year and a half.

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  3. KHNH has great songs but makes me too unhappy. I love Chaiyaa of course but that makes me sad too; maybe anything from RNBJ
    WHERE WERE YOU MENTIONED IN FILM COMPANION???? I will go and like and retweet etc. Don’t be discouraged…its summer, everyone’s lazy or on the wrong device.


    • Don’t bother retweeting, you’ll just be giving more views to FC. Unless you say something very specific pointing to me, not the article or the other people, and even then it seems unlikely to make a difference. Here’s the post if you are curious, it’s fine, I kind of think we had a more interesting discussion here when I brought up the same question. But then, that was more of a back and forth and conversation, which I always find more interesting than shouting into the void:

      Ooo, RNBDJ is a good choice! I love “Haule Haule”, because he is so happy, which makes me happy. And the end dance is like an emotional catharsis. And unlike “Mitwe” and KANK, the happy song isn’t stuck in a sad movie.

      On Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 11:24 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Haule Haule is a great choice, that’s probably the song that most unfailingly cheers me up. Raule was my crush song from JHMS but I listened to it so much I got sick of it, now it still cheers me up but only if it comes on in the background while I’m doing something else. Same with Radha.

    Jiya Re makes me happy, so sunny yellow and green. Udi Udi Jaye when I’m in a quieter mood. Love the way both of those are filmed, and they’re from happy moments in the films.

    I’m on my way to Chicago, by the way! I’ll wave in your direction from…wherever this thing turns out to be. Someplace with fluorescent lighting and gray furniture and A/C.


    • Oh cool! No kidding, if you end up with free time in Chicago and want to get together, I would love that. Just send me a message through “Contact Me”.

      I haven’t watched Udi Udi Jaye that much, which is a good thing, because there aren’t many SRK songs that I can come to still somewhat fresh. I’ll try to remember it and save it for a day when I really need it 🙂

      On Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 3:30 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. That summer camp song in Kuch kuch hota hai – “Ladki Badi Anjani Hai” – dancing with the kids, esp. that cutie Sikh boy, balloons – “Ohhh ohhhh oh!” peps up!


  6. He has a lot of fun songs, doesn’t he? Can’t go wrong with many of his most popular ones. For me though, when I think of happiness, two of his earlier ones always come to mind
    Ek haseen nigah from Maya Memsaab – One of my favorite songs in general, both versions are great, I hum this tune randomly! The video is a delight to watch – he’s so infatuated, like a puppy, jumping around and doing cartwheels, young Shahrukh is just adorable 🙂

    Deewana dil deewana from KHKN – Again young Shahrukh with his infectious energy! I guess when he’s joyful and happy, it really connects

    And a fun one – I’m the best from PBDHH – this is on my mind coz I was listening to a podcast on PBDHH (you might want to check out Khandaan podcast, really fun). Watched both versions and though I like Juhi’s better, the song really lifts the mood


  7. Oh Margaret, I bet here are some who won’t stop to encourage and support you! So it would be $100 to keep you going (as for the financial side)? Is that what you have to pay for the website?

    Fortunately, I’m seldom depressed because I’ll almost always find something to smile about or someone to smile at. Interestingly, Chaiyya is the one song I would play when extremly happy and enthusiastic…in full power and moving around (and now, with the kids, it’s similar…it’s their favourite when happy).

    As so often with these kind of questions, I have no specific answer because I would just put my audio-cassettes, cds or USB-stick to listen to my recorded songs of ShahRukh’s movies (all of them, in a random order) and – especially with the visuals in my mind – they never fail to boost my energy and happiness.

    But the kids have their favourites which inevitably will uplift their mood like “Shut uuuup” (Yeh Ladka Hai Deewana – KKHH), “Rain Song” (Koi Ladki Hai – DTPH), “Birthday Song” (Allay, Allay – One2Ka4), “I’m sorry” (same movie), “Summercamp Song” (Ladki Badi Anjani Hai – KKHH), “Engagement Song” (Mehendi Lagake Rakhna – DDLJ) or “Taxi Song” (Pretty Woman – KHNH)

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    • The $100 is just an estimate and average of costs. The website is a once yearly fee, but then there are movie tickets and gas money and all the other little expenses that go into it.

      I love your kids’ names for the songs! And most of them are the ones with the child dancers. Which explains why films keep using child dancers, because little kids like it.


      • Yep, like it, too (the names). They have others without kids, but that are more kind of regular…no special mood (like the “Guitar Song” = Koi Mil Gaya or “Where he slides” = Gori Gori). And above, I forgot the “Star Song” from Swades (with kids, obviously)


  8. Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon from Yes Boss

    It is the song I randomly break into when I am feeling happy. I have also taken to singing it to my pre-school age daughter and she loves it. The lyrics are general enough (except the “aarzoo jagaoon” phrase) that they can easily be used to express a parent’s feelings towards their child.

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    • Aw, that’s so sweet! From now on when I hear the song, I will picture you singing it to your daughter.

      On Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 3:39 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • That is so sweet of you 🙂

        The video of the song is also very innocent and chid like. I have been using it to introduce my daughter to Shahrukh. She loves it and finds specific sequences highly amusing – Shahrukh’s various attempts at dancing, the trumpet playing, the way he keeps finding random things in his pockets. It somehow manages to be perfect for a 4 year old’s sense of humor while still being cute and not at all cloying/annoying for an adult.


        • Yes! That is the ideal Indian film, to my mind, something that a little kid and an adult can enjoy together.

          On Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 6:44 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  9. Ooohhh Okay so definitely “Maahi Ve”! “Radha” for SURE (and I feel you on liking Butterfly and Raula much more with the accompanying video). I also second “Udi Udi Jaye” and humbly submit “Dulha Mil Gaya” from the movie of the same name as well. He’s just so darn happy in it, especially knowing that he has either finally gotten the commitment from the woman he loves or is about to (I don’t remember the order).


    • Oo, “Dulha Mil Gaya”!!! Deep cut! Agree though, that is just a generally happy movie and Shahrukh is a happy character in it.

      On Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 7:36 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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