Month of SRK: 24 Pieces of SRK Fan Art

You know what always makes me feel like a member of a community who has a sane and reasonable level of emotion related to fandom? Fan art! There is so much of it.

  1. Gonna start with this lovely German young man and his high quality video of Kal Ho Na Ho.

2. The very dedicated miniature artist fan who always makes me think “that’s impressive, but possibly also slightly creepy”.

Image result for shahrukh khan miniatures

3. This is kind a cool artwork

Image result for deviantart shahrukh khan

4. Our very own sartrekid has already made two fan videos, so proud!

5. And the second one

6. So long as we are talking about high quality fan content, you all know about the “Shahrukh Khan Song”, right?

7. Also, Russian flashmob!

8. Another nice picture

Image result for deviantart shahrukh khan

9. Swinging back to the miniature lady for her most popular image

Image result for shahrukh khan miniatures

10. And what might be the most impressive/questionable of her videos. Really, where do you think this woman is on the “Shahrukh should go meet her and thank her!” versus “Shahrukh should absolutely not go meet this woman” scale?

11. This is a kind of fun drawing!

Image result for deviantart shahrukh khan

12. We all have our thing we like. Enjoy a video about Shahrukh’s tongue.

13. An “official” fan video, “BIBA”

14. Another “official” fan video, “Ae Aayo” from Billu

15. Speaking of odd unique tastes, SRK and Shraddha? This is a combo somebody wants enough to make a fan video?

16. Fandom test! If this video makes you tear up a little bit, than you might be an SRK fan.

17. Would you like a t-shirt?

Image result for shahrukh khan t-shirt

18. Or another t-shirt?

Image result for shahrukh khan t-shirt

19. I think this is a universal fan taste, Shahrukh making cute expressions.

20. This is a bit more specific, just smiles.

21. Look! Sand art telling the life of SRK with voice over in 3 minutes!

22. And a Rangoli (colored sand art) made by a fan outside his house for his birthday.

Image result for shahrukh fan art

23. Oooo! He has WINGS!

Image result for shahrukh fan art

24. And finally, a completely silly one that just makes me happy, Twilight with SRKajol. And Rishi, Suniel, and Amitabh.

Which art work most speaks to you? No judgements here, I will even accept the Shraddha video.

13 thoughts on “Month of SRK: 24 Pieces of SRK Fan Art

  1. Haven’t watched all the tribute videos yet but a comment anyway – the sand art is so cool and it’s interesting to see what is considered significant in his life. It’s a great little watch.

    Re Breaking Free of the Box – doesn’t matter how bizarre it is I love them! Such care and detail, and such fun. My poor ShahRukh doll just sits with Kajol doll and Indian Barbie in the same outfit day after day. Too sad!


    • That is sad! But, on the other hand, at least you don’t also have an AbRam doll.

      On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 12:19 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. My favourites are the 60 seconds of his 25 years, the 200 sec sandart and the Twighlight trailer (what a starcast!!!! This movie should be made!)

    I like Paige Wilson’s doll tributes (those I’ve seen) and she is amazingly quick to do them with the ‘right’ props…it’s really something unique.

    I was enthusiastic about the FAN promotion because a great number of fan tributes got acknowledgement,,,and there are so many worth a watch. Thanks for doing this here, too.

    I think, by now I have collected more than 100…so diverse in their expression of affection and admiration. It’s heartwarming, funny, artistic, imaginative…

    Just one addition to your 24: When the Moscow flashmob has finished the 1st flashmob in Greece is announced. It’s really worth a watch, too, especially because it also shows that you don’t have to be able to move your feet to dance with joy and abundance…(it’s with soundtrack from Ra.One).
    If only poeple would dance in the streets and on places instead of…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for watching! I also quite like the Twlight trailer.

      It was fun looking for things a little different for this post. Usually I just stick to the fanvids I like instead of exploring all the fan art that is out there.

      On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 7:53 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Awww, these are all sweet. Paige’s doll tributes are so fun. She tweets to Shah Rukh occasionally and seems like quite a sane person, just with a fun and very detail-oriented hobby. 🙂

    The sand art take on his life is impressive, but for this bunch, I have to pick the one with angel wings and fantasy monsters. It’s so delightfully sci-fi-paperback-cover-art-ish.


    • Isn’t the Angel wings one great? And the temptation to write a really really REALLY bad fantasy/romance novel just so I can use it for the cover is enormous.

      On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 1:20 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  4. Thanks for including my SRK-doll fan project tributes in your blog, now and in the past. I understand your response to my Shahrukh Khan dollography pics and videos. The feeling that you’re not sure if you like them or think they’re “creepy” is a response called the “uncanny valley,” but it doesn’t happen to everyone. Luckily, Shahrukh likes them, has tweeted them, commented on them, retweeted them, and once asked, “How do you make them so fast and so good?” That’s all I need to keep making them, since he’s their primary audience (to reimburse him in a fan’s way for the thoughtful positivity he puts into all he does), but I’m glad others like my doll tributes–or at least are intrigued by them, too. 🙂 All best wishes from L.A., Paige Wilson (@breakfreeofbox on Twitter)


    • Oh wow, a celebrity! I’ve been aware of your work for years, and I saw you were retweeted by SRK a few times. I am sincerely excited to have a comment from you!

      I hope I didn’t come off as too mean with my gentle ribbing? You seem like you have a pretty firm sense of yourself, so I am going to assume anything I said didn’t really affect you. If so, I am sorry.

      Actually, you seem much more secure than I am 🙂 I want Shahrukh to find my deep analytical smart posts, I am terrified he will find my “21 cute photos of SRK’s arms” kind of posts because I would be soooooooooo embarrassed.


  5. Whoops! I accidentally hit send too soon. I wanted to say that I have a weakness for great drawings so they are my favorite. I still have to watch all the videos from this post, minus the BIBA tribute song which I adore!


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