Month of SRK: 10 SRK Discussion Questions!

Oh boy, TEN separate discussion questions! And you can pick any of them to talk about, or all. And I will have to think up ten questions, so that’s gonna be hard.

Shahrukh’s Letterman special is releasing soon, yaaaay! What 3 movies would you have recommended to Letterman to watch before his interview?

For me, DDLJ, Jab Harry Met Sejal, My Name is Khan

This is an old question but a good one. What one year of Shahrukh’s career (not counting 1998) would you pick as best/most representative?

2007! Chak De! India and Om Shanti Om

What co-star did Shahrukh have the BEST chemistry with?

I’m predictable, Kajol!

What co-star did Shahrukh have the WORST chemistry with?

Boy, this is hard! I want to say Katrina but Zero proved that was good chemistry, just not sexual chemistry. I think I’m gonna say Aish?

What genre of film should Shahrukh make next?

Police movie! He hasn’t done when yet (One 2 Ka 4 was too much of a romance and family film for me to feel purely police), and I’ve never seen him in uniform

In what circumstances, if any, should Shahrukh make a Hollywood film?

Only if the script is written specifically for him as an actor (not as a movie star, but an actor) and if he is promoted as an actor as well, not just a curiosity from overseas he sings and dances but a major talent.

What era of Shahrukh is the best era of Shahrukh NOT COUNTING THE PRESENT?

Early 2000s! He had his hair figured out, his body wasn’t too extreme, and he was beginning to challenge himself in his roles.

What 3 young actors could you combine to equal one Shahrukh?

Hmm. I would take the energy of Ranveer, the talent and willingness to experiment of Rajkummar Rao, and the everyman quality of Ayushmann Khurrana.

If you only had a chance to show one film to someone to introduce them to Shahrukh, what one film would you pick?

Call me crazy, but Swades! It’s a good movie, with a decent performance at the center of it. It introduces Shahrukh as someone with script sense, acting ability, and he’s kind of hot too.

Final question! What fun discussion topic would you suggest about Shahrukh?

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  1. 1. recommend: DDLJ, My Name is Khan, Fan
    2. representive year: 2004 (MHN, VZ, Swades)
    3. co-star +: Kajol
    4. co-star -: Twinkle
    5. film-genre: action!!! (in uniform, why not)
    6.Hollywood: same as you
    7. era: around the turn of the Century
    8. 3 actors: Varun Dhawan, Rajkummar Rao, Abhishek Bachchan (if too old, then Aditya Roy Kapoor)
    9. Dil Se
    10. …depends on the question 😉

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    • Ooooo! Good answers all around!!!!

      1. Like you adding Fan, it’s more of an unquestionable acting showcase than JHMS, which is why I wanted to put in JHMS (one movie to show the stardom, one movie to show the philosophy, one movie to show the acting)

      2. If I didn’t have VZ, I would agree with you. It does have Masala comedy, romance, and acting all in one year. But I just don’t like VZ.

      3. Yaaay! Another Kajol fan!

      4. I like this answer! Twinkle was good in the role and they were fine together, but compared to the chemistry he had with other people, definitely the lowest.

      5. Yes uniform! Anything with uniform

      6. Glad we are agreed, we should notify the studios now

      7. Same! Ha! We are clearly correct

      8. Interesting, why Abhishek or ARK? What element?

      9. But it’s so SAAAD! And he’s kind of aggressive.

      10. Did I miss count? Oh well, too late now! Wild card question!


      • I like Abhishek’s boyish comedy skills and sensibility, but he’s only 10 years younger than ShahRukh and ARK has potential for drama and comedy, I think.


        • Hmm, interesting, I didn’t put a comedy option in my 3, maybe that is an important thing to add. Ayushmann and Rajkummar can do it, but not as good as SRK.

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  2. 1. Swades–swoony, nice songs, good chemistry with ensemble cast, My Name is Khan–acting and SRKajol, Raees–over the top, action, and sexiness

    2. Skipping–requires too much scrolling around online in my open office to single out a year

    3. Best general chemistry: tie between Juhi and Anushka. Best sexual chemistry: Rani

    4. Worst chemistry: breaks my heart to say it, but Madhuri

    5. Police or John Le Carre style thriller, with Shah Rukh as a Smiley type character

    6. Only if it’s a passion project for him and Red Chillies gets a big slice of the action, front and back end

    7. Early 2000’s for sure

    8. Radhika Apte for acting and versatility; Varun Dhawan for charm and energy; Prithviraj for action, sexiness, and intensity (or as Farah says in her credits, for “thrills”)

    9. Chalte Chalte or JHMS because those are among the ones that have the most of what makes Shah Rukh unique to me.

    10. Let’s build a table of contents for his autobiography, and decide what the title should be. Or, write a blurb as a fan for his autobiography to move copies off the shelves. May be too insider-baseball-ish.


    • 1. Raees? Really? It’s such an odd one, I think for action and sexiness I would go for Don instead.

      2. The smart money seems to be on 2004, Veer Zaara and Swades and Main Hoon Na. What do you think?

      3. I wonder if he and Rani would still be so smoking hot together today? It’s been a long time since they interacted onscreen.

      4. Ooo, I may have to agree. But with the Koyla exception, they were cute in that

      5. In the thriller option, could he wear a bunch of really nice British style suits?

      6. Good point on the REd Chillies cut. Even if it’s a flop, got to ensure AbRam’s inheritance.

      7. Ha! I am right and everyone agrees with me!

      8. Ooo, Prithviraj! Okay, if we are going south, can I suggest Prithviraj, Vijay Sethupathi, Prabhas?

      9. Interesting choices. I like the Chalte Chalte idea, it’s a nice bright simple happy movie, you don’t have to concentrate as much as with JHMS, but it’s still really special.

      10. It’s SRK Month! It’s time for Insider Baseball! I like the table of contents idea, I may steal it.


      • 1. Raees doesn’t seem that odd to me–gangster/cop movies are pretty common, right? For Letterman I’d pick Don 2 if not Raees. Don is such great fun, but I don’t think a newbie would really get it, especially having no idea about the original.

        2. I’m not a huge fan of any of those but Swades. I think I’d go with a year in the late 90s or earlier in the 2000s. Or whatever year JHMS came out because I just love it that much. 🙂

        3. I’d love to find out!

        4. They really were. And they’re cute together on TV appearances and stuff too. Maybe the lesson is even less chemistry for Shah Rukh is good chemistry for anyone else?

        5. Yes, please!

        8. I like the idea of mixing men and women, because he has that lovely softness or sensuality that women are often better at portraying than men. And I like the idea of mixing North and South. But if we’re going all South I’d say Prithviraj (thrills), Vijay S (acting, charm, versatility), and Nazriya Nazim (expressiveness, charm–haven’t seen enough movies to know about versatility or acting yet). If we’re going all North I can’t think of a single younger actor who can bring the thrills like him. Maybe Vicky?

        9. Yes! Oh no, now I’m having an internal struggle about whether Chalte Chalte SRK or JHMS SRK is hotter, and which character is more interesting/has a more interesting arc.

        10. Cool!


        • 1. Raees just has that odd time jump stuff, and the really subtle historical touches, plus the Muslim stuff, I just can’t imagine how it would play if you had no context. Versus Don, which is just universal silly action film stuff. But you’re right, also with the 70s touches and things. Don 2 might be safer.

          2. JHMS was the same year as Raees, so you would have two movies you liked!

          3. Yeah! Rani looks and feels so different onscreen than she did back when they were together last. But then, so does Shahrukh. Fascinating to consider.

          4. Agree! Madhuri and Shahrukh only work when one of them dampens their chemistry. Maybe next time Madhuri should be the mute one?

          5. He can run the London office and be in disguise as a British diplomat with amazing suits.

          8. Nazriya isn’t that versatile, but she is very very good at what she does. I mean, you saw in Koode, effortlessly charming and loveable and you just want her to be happy.

          9. Chalte Chalte SRK has actual pre and post coital scenes. But is that hotter than the JHMS “almost” scenes?

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          • 9. Maybe its like Reese’s peanut butter cups. We don’t have to choose between the 2. Double feature! Chalte Chalte first, and if the newbie wanders off then I can watch JHMS on my own.

            2. Cool, I’m picking that year then. 🤓


  3. 3 movies: Chak De, Jab Harry Met Sejal and Om Shanti Om. Chak De because of how much it relates to him as a person too and what Muslims face in India plus it’s a damn good movie. JHMS because you have to have at least one movie showing his romantic prowess since that’s what made him such a big star. And Om Shanti Om for the big BW experience.

    Representative: 2004 definitely. Veer Zaara, Swades, Main Hoon Na

    Chemistry: anyone except Katrina. It just depends on the script because he has chemistry with almost everyone.

    Worst chemistry: Katrina, hands down. They even have bad chemistry in interviews. Just watch how awkward they are. She’s the only one that he doesn’t seem to click with.

    Genre: science fiction. He needs to do something wildly different and stand out from the pack. Fight aliens, save the world, go to another planet.. and if it’s not possible.. find something like Cast Away.

    Best SRK era: 90s. He wasn’t properly groomed but whatever. He used to do various types of movies and you never knew what you’d get.

    Hollywood movie: Any movie where he’s not exploited for his stardom. Something with a real character, no dancing or gimmicks.

    3 actors: none. Nobody can match up to that charisma, not even 3 people combined. Talent and dancing skills and all that? Sure. But that undefinable magnetism? Nope.

    One movie to introduce SRK: Om Shanti Om. It’s crazy. But it’s got a little of everything and it’s so much fun if you let yourself go.

    Fun discussion about SRK: Well since the Letterman interview is coming up, what’s the best interview he’s ever done? Funniest, or angriest, or most awkward or dullest? Has he ever done a boring interview? I mean he’s not superhuman so I guess he must have. Would love to compare some of them and maybe we can find ones that everyone hasn’t seen.

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    • Hmm. Do I want to add OSO back to my answer? No, I think not, not if I only have 3. But if I have 5, it might make the cut.

      We’ll have to see, 2004 may end up being the winner.

      Ah, but what if I expand to friendship chemistry? I feel like Zero showed that he and Kat can have that.

      Interesting answer! Big futuristic visuals, interesting special effects action scenes, it could work. What about something like The Matrix? A thinking man’s sci-fi?

      Blech, no, I want my SRK groomed and styled

      Agreed! A Hollywood movie with dancing becomes entirely about dancing and doesn’t give space for him to be anything else.

      Good question! I’ve definitely been bored in his interviews, but only the short dumb ones. You know, when he is promoting a movie and answering a variation on the same question over and over again? 5 minutes or less and I try to avoid it. But 20 minutes or more and it is ALWAYS interesting. Even if he has to wrest control from the interview in order to make it interviewing (which he does. A lot. And I appreciate it! Let him tell the story he wants to tell instead of answer the stupid obvious question).


  4. 1. Only three movies for an iconic star with so much history is hard, but basically anyone who interviews him should see something from his start, his most famous, and his most recent. I’d go Darr, DDLJ, and Zero.
    2. Based off of Wikipedia’s SRK filmography, 1997 has three films I adore.
    3 & 4. I think different movies with the same actors can have different levels of chemistry. The first SRK & Kajol film I saw was Dilwale, and most of the time she just looked mad at him. I thought his chemistry with Aish in Devdas was through the roof. JHMS was a whole movie built on the chemistry between SRK and Anushka, thus for sheer minutes of chemistry she would be my first choice. If there is one star who I consistently think he does not have great chemistry with it is Madhuri, but they did work well together in Anjaam when she is supposed to hate him.
    5. ACTION, police or military I don’t care. After watching Bang Bang Hrithik is now my middle son’s favorite and I would like to bring SRK back into the fold.
    6. I don’t think he needs to make a Hollywood movie. He is a giant fish in an ocean. Why travel to a different ocean to be small?
    7. Late 90s because I like 1997?
    8. Ranveer for Energy / Priyanshu Painyluli for depth (though in truth I’ve only seen him in one movie, I haven’t seen his Netflix movie yet) / CHARM – I can’t think of anyone who has his charm.
    9. JHMS – because it is my favorite.
    10. Now that he has had numerous flops romancing the younger ladies (even if I loved some of those flops), do you think he might find some more age appropriate love interests in the future? Will his ego let him age on screen?

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    • 1. Ooo! First person to mention Darr! I like that idea, showing where he came from.

      2. See, I don’t like Dil To Pagal Hai, so no 1997 for me.

      3/4. Second vote for Mads! Yeah, there is just something off between them.

      5. Good point! All those faithful female SRK fans need help converting their sons.

      6. True

      7. But his hair was so hit and miss? And his fashion?

      8. You are right, charm may be the impossible element

      9. good reason 🙂

      10. I have hope that this long sabbatical is to clear the way for a return playing his own age. But then, I’ve had the same hope for years and been disappointed.

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      • He mostly play a middle-aged man, doesn’t he? He’s played a father to teens fairly often. How much older is he supposed to play? If you mean acting opposite actresses like Madhuri, it’s never going to happen. That has nothing to do with him personally but the fact that the industry believes that older actresses do not have a fan base. The audience that goes to theaters, especially on the first weekend, are mostly young men. Movies are tailored towards them.


        • I can’t think of a movie where he played a father to teens. In Zero he played a 39 year old teenager. In JHMS you could THINK of him as being in his 40s, but the passport in the opening shots gave him a birthday in the 80s. In Raees his age was indistinct, romance wise it would be hard for him to have been out of his 30s. Maybe you could say he was in his 40s – but the character went from a kid to 40s in a blink of an eye. But Dear Zindagi he played his age! Although the photos of his son were of a child, not a teenager.

          I’ve heard the argument about him working with the younger women because those are the ages of the actresses. I’ve heard him say that in interviews. But that isn’t true. Kajol is still acting, as is Juhi, as is Madhuri. 4 years ago he did work with Kajol, the film did well, I wish he would work with her again. He has too much power to be a pawn of the industry. I’m not saying he is immune to industry preconceptions, but I am saying that as he is so powerful, and as those preconceptions aren’t giving him the financial results he wants, maybe it is time to change those preconceptions.

          But I’m writing from the U.S. Stories about old people do well here. Netflix is making a mint off of them. I’m in my 40s but I love seeing romances about people in their 60s and older. It is nice to know that life doesn’t end after marriage, or divorce. I don’t know if the people in India want what I want, but I do know he is an international star.


          • In terms of the older actresses, I think we had a discussion here before (which I found fascinating) about how middle-age is actually the very very worst time for a woman to try to have a career in India. She is expected to be both raising her children and taking care of her parents. Which is true everywhere of course, but is really REALLY true in Indian culture. Anyway, the point is that Kajol has made 5 movies in the past 10 years and in that same time Deepika has made 22 films. It’s still not a total excuse, Dilwale did happen, if Shahrukh is willing to bend over backward to accommodate the schedule of his co-star he can work with one of these busy busy women, but it does explain a little bit to me why it is hard for him to schedule with them. Especially someone like Tabu or Vidya who has no children and/or husband.

            And now you have me thinking about a post idea! “films where Shahrukh played his age”. Not necessarily old age, just his actually age. Because it feels like his whole career has been fits and starts, leaping up to his actual age and then sitting there until he is past it again, if you see what I mean.

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  5. What 3 movies would you have recommended to Letterman to watch before his interview?

    – My Name is Khan
    – Fan
    – Devdas

    What one year of Shahrukh’s career (not counting 1998) would you pick as best/most representative?

    I can’t decide, so I will pick two:

    2016 (Fan, Dear Zindagi) or:

    2006 (Don, KANK) He can do the villain (Don), the idiot (Vijay), and also the romantic (KANK)

    What co-star did Shahrukh have the BEST chemistry with?

    – Kajol

    What co-star did Shahrukh have the WORST chemistry with?

    – Aishwarya Rai

    What genre of film should Shahrukh make next?

    – Villain role

    In what circumstances, if any, should Shahrukh make a Hollywood film?

    – any circumstance he deems appropriate

    What era of Shahrukh is the best era of Shahrukh NOT COUNTING THE PRESENT?

    The present is the best era, beginning in 2010… but you won’t allow it, so:

    – 1990s

    If you only had a chance to show one film to someone to introduce them to Shahrukh, what one film would you pick?

    – Fan

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    • Blech, Devdas! My nemesis. But I will acknowledge that it is big and beautiful and gives a sense of the scale of Indian movies.

      2016 is an interesting choice, both films flops that highlight his acting ability and range. I think I might recommend that to anyone doing a shorter interview with him, come in with an awareness that this is where he is in his career right now, this is the kind of intelligence and talent he has that you should respect. For Dave, I think I like yoru 2006 answer better, assuming he is going to be covering more than just a 20 minute discussion of Indian film and his place as an actor.

      Hey! Twins on the chemistry questions!

      Ooo! Villain role is a really good idea! It’s been too long since he played a real anti-hero and it would definitely shake things up.

      You have a lot more faith in Shahrukh’s Hollywood decision skills than I do! Which probably just means you are less cynical.

      Really? Fan? It’s such an amazing acting show piece, but it’s also so dark. What if it scares them off and they don’t want to watch anything else?

      On Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 4:53 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • I honestly just want to see him act his heart out. Where he does that, whatever the culture, I do not care. So many of his newer films have been declared bad films , flops, et cetera. I have come to realize that his way of picking good scripts isn‘t even remotely as bad as some media outlets make it out to be. If his unlucky hand at picking awesome scripts brings about such fantastic films as JHMS, Dear Zindagi, Fan, Devdas, Dil Se, Don, OSO, Darr, Anjaam, Baadshah, KKHH, Raees, My Name is Khan, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Swades, Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, and plenty more I probably don’t know about yet, then bring it on, I say.

        I picked Fan because I want people to see how versatile an actor he is. I want to introduce them to Shah Rukh Khan first and to Indian cinema second. As for something less dark… well, somehow I feel he excels when his character role is demanding / challenging. So, if I had to show a different film as a primer that isn’t as dark, then I would pick My Name is Khan. Not that this is a happy film either but at least it has a happy ending, kind of…

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        • Interesting reasoning with Fan! I like it. If you like Fan, you will come out of it obsessed with Shahrukh. Indian film will come second to that.

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        • Totally agree about how the media acts regarding his flops – I totally love all his flop films, much more than the hits. Film criticism in BW is complete garbage. The kind of things even important critics come up with is laughable most of the time. Fan and JHMS were brilliant. Even Swades was trashed when it came out and now they act like it’s a classic. They were the ones that bashed it! Baadshah is such a great comedy too but no, they will enjoy stuff like Houseful instead.

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          • Anonymous, I wouldn’t say that “film criticism in BW is complete garbage”, because there are still critics who try to understand a movie and look beyond their own preferences. But I agree that far too many of the criticism is immature and/or biaised.
            Unfortunately, in this times, so many thinks of themselves as valuable critics without having the basic knowledge of filmmaking or let alone about other (non-Indian) filmindustries i.e. Western ones (and I doesn’t mean only watching overseas movies).

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      • I prefer Don 2 over Don though I enjoyed both. 10 years later and they are still watchable while I don’t feel that with 99% of action movies in BW or otherwise. They usually feel so dated if you watch them out of their time period but the Don films still work.

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        • Don 2 is fantastic too. I really can’t pick a favorite between the two as they are so inherently different. I like the more classic Indian approach in Don with the double role and the dancing, especially Khaike Paan! I also like the more European flair of the second one and a lot of it was shot in my country, so hurray for that! And yes, they do feel timeless indeed. Don is a beautifully stylized villain / psychopath character and—to my mind—destined to be explored further, be it in form of movies or even comics / graphic novels. I would love at least two more Don movies starring SRK. And now is as good a time as ever to do it.


          • I agree! FARHAN!!! STOP BEING A ROCKSTAR AND WRITE DON 3!!!!!!

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          • I used to live in Berlin, so I got really, stupidly, excited when I realized there was an SRK movie filmed in that city. I had visions of SRK repelling down the Fernsehturm. I wanted a shoot-out in the dome of the Reichstag. My hopes were too high, I ended up disappointed. My kids love Don 2, but I can’t get over my crushed dreams. I’d love another Don movie though. Some place totally different (that I haven’t been to), maybe Samoa.

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          • And this is why I will always love Dhoom 3. It gave me all the Chicago shots I dreamed of.

            On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 3:24 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. 1. This is the question I’ve put the most thought into, not Dave but any curious but new to Indian film person. I’d choose Chak De India because I think it’s the best overall film he’s been in and it shows aspects that he’s made important to his public persona – feminism, sports, an idea of patriotism that doesn’t exclude people based on religion or region or caste. Fan because I think it’s a good action movie and it’s a primer in both the power and the crazy parts to his fame, plus the double role. JHMS for romance – though I could be talked into substituting one of his peak era films here, DDLJ or Kal Ho Naa Ho.

    5. I want him in a character with strong family relationships that interfere with the plot, whatever the genre. Preferably siblings, children, and/or in-laws. Nothing too high concept. No forts or armies. Historical OK but not epic. Crime OK but not too dark. Adventure would be fun. Something that shows his funny side but in a mature character, tired of the hapless manchild.

    6. A character that’s either morally complicated or a villain, in a quality commercial film – big audience play but with good writing. International intrigue in the Bond or Bourne or Le Carre mold, or futuristic, or historical. Picturing the kinds of scenes where he gets to face off against the other lead actor (male or female), as the foil or entanglement.

    7. There’s something special about the KKHH to Kal Ho Naa Ho era.

    9. Depends on the person. Could go Don, Fan, JHMS, Chak De, Om Shanti Om, even Devdas for my purely visual friends.

    10. Which characters have most drawn on the public version of his biography he’s been building since early in his career (i.e. love story with Gauri, outsider fighting to make his way, losing his parents)? Does that make sense? As in, which characters have added resonance when you know the SRK story?

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    • 1. I would be the one talking you into substituting a different movie for JHMS! JHMS is so internal and unusual, I vote for something more representative like DDLJ or KHNH.

      5. Well, you are the odd one out! Everyone else is going dark.

      6. I like the idea of a villain! One of those super cool villains that steals the movie from the hero.

      7. I would go slightly later, more like KHNH to OSO. But at least we overlap!

      10. This is an interesting idea, maybe I do a countdown of films to watch for an SRK biography?

      On Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 10:36 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I forgot we’re in countdown mode. That could work, though sequential through the biography seems hard? How many heartbreaking miss your parents moments have his characters had? Girls on the beach? Earnest pleading his case to future in-laws? Striver in the big city song sequences?


  7. Personally, I think choosing ChakDe (as the first movie to show) for someone who isn’t familiar with other movies of ShahRukh it could be “just another sports movie”. It is so, so special because we/people k n o w other performances of ShahRukh and can value it more as an outstanding one and close to ShahRukh as a person.

    I won’t choose OSO neither because it’s – in a certain way – a movie that lives through the references to Hindi movies. A newbie would not get this and may only see the surface.

    I would agree to Fan…everybody can relate to what a fan and a star is, the kind of one depending on the other, but it would not show very important ingredients of neither ShahRukh nor Hindi movies.

    That’s why I would choose Dil Se (even though there is no happy ending)…it impresses not only with the end but with everything else: the love story, the political story, the personal story (of Meghan becoming a terrorist, of ShahRukh trying to change that), the songs and dancing, fights, using his charme, very good acting, gorgeous cinematography. His profession as a reporter is familiar ground, but the subject of arranged marriage would be a specific indian topic again.

    I agree that Don should be included in the three movies to Letterman, but the first one. Don is such a comic-like character with a feminine/feline touch…nothing he would have seen before. But he should also watch the movie that became iconic and is still running in Mumbai. The third one is the toughest to choose…in any way a movie after 2010…Again, I would choose Fan (changing MNIK for Don). Letterman gets the charming, romancing, lipsinging,dancing, boyish, caring, determined, over-the-top ShahRukh…the stylish, evil, action villain/sweet guy double-role ShahRukh…the versatile, youthful, energetic, ‘schizophrenic’ (another kind of double role), oustandingly acting ShahRukh (with the VFX skils of RedChillies showcased).

    I pondered about the era, because I also like the time from KANK to Ra.One very much.

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    • Dil Se is the first Hindi film to really breakthrough overseas, so it has a proven record of cross-cultural appeal.

      On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 4:09 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • My experience with showing Chak De to people is that the sports narrative makes it familiar, but the issues stand out as unique, and counter to their expectations of a Bollywood film – the feminism, the political message, and the ensemble of great female actors is fun to watch. Agree that it’s not SRK’s most dazzling performance at first glance, but he’s really good in it. It’s satisfying.

      I love Don, but it has so many layers! I feel like after the first watch it leaves you with…wait, what just happened? You have to go back a few times to puzzle through everything that’s happening and appreciate how sophisticated the construction of it is, and his performance.

      Agree about Om Shanti Om too, it’s a lot, and like Don the fun part is under the surface. I was thinking more of there was someone who knew a lot about film but had never seen an SRK movie, that could be a fun introduction to him and the industry because of the setting, and the behind the scenes glimpses you get of how things work, not to mention the sheer spectacle of it.


  8. 1. I haven’t seen all of his films, esp some of the ones that people talk about a lot like Chak De, Fan, JHMS. I’d go with Swades, DDLJ, KHNH. I really want to pick KANK cause I still love it but I won’t since it’s not the best film ever.

    2. Maybe 2004, kind of hard to pick but if I had to pick one year then 2004. Good films that year

    3. Best- Kajol of course for all over, unbeatable chemistry. For sexual chemistry I’ve always felt him and Rani have sizzling chemistry. He had really really good chemistry with Preity and Juhi too.

    4. Worst- honestly I don’t think his chemistry with any of the newer actresses is anything special. Haven’t seen JHMS, but his chemistry with Katrina seems eh, chemistry with Deepika is ok but nothing great, chemistry with Anushka in JTHJ is also nothing special. I don’t think his chemistry with Aish (in Devdas) was bad at all or even in ADHM, I’d take any film these days with even Aish over the newer actresses. Maybe it’s cause i grew up over the older pairings and can’t adjust to these newer ones haha.

    5. Mature romance cause he does romance best. A mature love story with a realness to it (and also a little bit of filminess), preferably Rani as his co star. Or even Preity since they haven’t had a film in forever either but Preity has changed her face a bit and her old trademark look is kind of gone now. Still love her though. And still want her to act!

    7. Early 2000s for sure, unbeatable

    Liked by 1 person

    • 1. I would happily pick KANK if I could just get rid of like 30% of the film. The Amitabh “humor” bits, the weird night club song intercut with sex, Preity’s costumes, all of that should go. Oh, and his anger with his son. But the remaining 70% is so good!

      5. Of course mature romance! Id on’t know what I was thinking. If I have complete power to make him make anything, then that is what I want most.

      On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 8:35 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I’ve always been puzzled by Rani’s outfits. She’s wearing inappropriate skimpy in the obvious cold. It looks so weird.
        Agree about ditching whole chunks of the film, Amiitabh’s sleaziness, the Black Beast and the stupid hospital scene with nonsensical slapstick, and ShahRukh’s relationship with his son. It could have been an uneasy, misunderstood relationship but underlined with love. It needed some subtlety.
        Karan is like the Little Girl with a Curl – when she was good she was very, very good. And when she was bad she was horrid.


        • Looking back now, I think MNIK and KANK were growing pain movies. The leap from KKHH to ADHM is jsut enormous in terms of tone and camera style and stuff, and MNIK and KANK were the bridges.


  9. I’m away, only have time to think of some of these.

    Movies for Letterman to watch to learn ShahRukh’s essence:
    DDLJ -for the youthful exuberance and romance, to see what made him a mega star.
    Main Hoon Naa for action, comedy, the whole masala experience, alternately Don ( action, the amazing subtleties in the double/ tripe roles he plays)
    Fan for the acting, the vfx and the dark side of being a star. From the promos Letterman seems blown away by what being a star means in India. Fan uses that theme in an interesting way

    Others on the shortlist Kal Ho Naa Ho, Rab Ne ( such a feel-good movie), CDI because of the female friendly message and the way ShahRukh totally disappears into the role.

    There, now I’ve listed 7 instead of 3. – told you I can’t count.

    Best year: 2004

    Best period: late 2000s. I just realised that I love most films in the 2006-2010 period, And even the flawed ones have some great stuff: KANK flawed but awesome bits, Don – the best!, CDI a favourite, OSO another favourite, Billu is okay, RNBDJ yet another favourite. MNIK swings between ‘beautiful’ and ‘omg why?’. But that’s the film-making not ShahRukh’s performance, which is brilliant.

    Worst chemistry: he should never ever do a film with Kat again.

    Next film: I’d like to see action. He needs the mass public back and that could do it.


    • I am going to combine your last two answers, he SHOULD do a film with Kat again and it should be a mass action film. They just shouldn’t be a romantic pair. But Shahrukh as M and Kat as James Bond? That’s a movie I would watch!


      • No way!!! A film focussing on Kat with her wooden acting and boring acrobatic dance moves while he sits in the office? What’s the point? If you really need that pairing make her M. She can drift in for the occasion line and disappear again ASAP.


        • But I’ve decided I really like Kat as an action heroine! Let her be the agent on the ground doin’ stuff while Shahrukh thinks and has dialogue and things in his desk chair (and also rests his poor knee/back/shoulder)

          On Fri, Oct 25, 2019 at 9:23 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Yes! I was thinking about you.

      Having watched the show, I now realize we should have planned on “what movies AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX should he watch?” Lots of cross-promotion.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yet it seems to me that he had watched DDLJ which isn’t on Netflix…there are still DVDs available and I even think, that he watched more than Fan and DDLJ.


        • From his comment about the wet scenes, I was wondering if Dave (or someone on his team) went through a mini Indian film period in their life. You and I are both active in fan communities, I am sure we have both experienced the phenomenon of someone who gets really into the movies for about 3 months (long enough to get a sense of rain songs and stuff) and then moves on with their life. Which is great, to have this basic range of knowledge to draw on in the future even if it isn’t your favorite movie industry forever and ever.

          For DDLJ, it is readily available so I am sure he could have watched it. I was just interested that Netflix paid for the clips and promoted it SO much, including using it as an example of his dancing (when they could have used any film). Feels like there might be something simmering in the background there, right?


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