Discussion Post: How Ready Are We to Cheat? Which of These Movies Had Us Rooting For the Characters to Do the Wrong Thing?

I was just thinking about English-Vinglish again and how ready I am for Sridevi to walk out on her husband for Hot French Dude. And then I started to wonder if I am alone in this?


As a movie viewer, were you rooting for Sridevi to find a way to make it work with Boring Husband?

Or were you kind of excited for her to start a new life (or at least have a night) with Hot French Dude?

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As a viewer, did you want Taapsee to leave her new husband Abhishek for hot young Vicky Kaushal with the good sex?

Or did you want her to stay with boring sex Abhishek?

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Dear Zindagi (different kind of cheating)

Do you want Shahrukh to remain faithful to his professional vows?

Or do you want him to cheat a little and start up a thingy-thing with Alia?

Image result for shahrukh alia


Do you want Amitabh and Rekha to play out their interrupted love affair?

Or do you want Rekha stuck with boring Sanjeev and Amitabh with pallid Jaya?

Image result for amitabh rekha

Don 2 (different kind of cheating)

Do you want Priyanka to remain faithful to her duty as a police officer?

Or do you want her to throw caution to the wind and have an affair with Shahrukh?

Image result for don 2 priyanka


Do you want Hrithik to remain faithful to Tiger?

Or do you want him to have a fling with Vaani Kapoor/Ashutosh Rana/Evil Tiger?

Image result for hrithik tiger war

My votes:

English-Vinglish: Totally rooting for her to leave the husband and stay with Hot French Dude

Manmarziyaan: Vicky is good at sex, but bad at literally everything else. I am rooting for Taapsee to remain faithful and happy with Abhishek, despite the dull sex.

Dear Zindagi: I go back and forth, but most of the time I kind of wish Shahrukh had broken his vows and gone for it with Alia. I just want them to be happy!

Silsila: Cheating is bad and wrong when it makes Jaya cry! Stay in your boring marriage, make it work, just keep the poor woman happy. Also, Sanjeev is a sweet old teddy bear, be nicer to him Rekha!

Don 2: I think until Don and Roma have at least one night together, they will never get out of each other’s systems.

War: Hrithik must remain faithful to Good Tiger or love is DEAD!

37 thoughts on “Discussion Post: How Ready Are We to Cheat? Which of These Movies Had Us Rooting For the Characters to Do the Wrong Thing?

  1. English-vinglish
    I doubt there is a woman who watched this movie and said: Oh no Sridevi, don’t indulge in this romance, you should be faithful to your husband.

    Vicky is not worth it

    Dear zindagi:
    Dear Jug, please don’t brake your rules for this girl. Maybe if she was was a little older and mature it would be worth it (maybe) but for how she is now, no.

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    • My mother watched this movie with me and was rooting for Sridevi to leave her ungrateful daughter and go off with the French Dude and the adorable little boy. Which was a bit disturbing seeing as several years back I was her ungrateful teenage daughter!

      Vicky is so not worth it!

      And I am back to “If they cast someone age appropriate for the character”! Alia’s career worries, long romantic history, and so on, really fits better with a woman around 30 not around 22. Cast Swara Bhaskar, even Sonam Kapoor, and I would be down for SRK getting with her.

      On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 7:26 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Shridevi liked having a new friend and a secret from her family, but there was no real heat there so no Frenchman. NOOOOO to Dr. Jug and Alia. That would be cringe worthy and I don’t want him to be so unethical. Yes, to a movie just about Jug and his romantic life with a cameo from Alia. Yes to Don and Priyanka. It would be hot and she deserves such a bad guy. Vicky for sure not worth it. When she sees how good Abishek is, the sex will get hotter. War: Tiger, please just be who you are and do a real gay romance. As to Jaya and Rekha, that one remains a mystery.

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    • I am glad to have hope for Taapsee and Abhishek! Maybe also now that he is being more honest about his desires and his own issues instead of just trying to make her happy, the sex will get better.

      What if Dr. Jug got amnesia? So he could meet Alia fresh, with no knowledge of all the intimate stuff she shared in therapy.

      On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 7:32 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Okay so for War my theory is that HR never got with Vani because he was gay and in love with tiger obvi, but at the end HR and tiger could have both adopted and raised the lil girl together as parents and maybe get married. And Oufff I want someone to look at me the the way tiger looks at HR, it just melts my heart 😍. I secretly wanted in DON for SRK to be with PC to show theres a good side to him and not just a love hate story. Sridevi should have just went off with the french dude idc. DUH to Amitabh and Rekha. For Manmarziyaan all the characters were annoying IMO so idc who went with who.


    • Except that Good Tiger is dead 😦 Only in my fanfic, he is just in a coma and Hrithik finds him and rescues him and then they make out and are together forever and ever.

      Glad you are with me on Sridevi and the French dude! They both like to cook! They could open a restaurant!


  4. English Vinglish–deffo hot French dude. But they should take things slow so she can figure out who she is and what she wants.

    Zindagi–NONONONONO! I can only enjoy the frisson of their mutual attraction because Jug is clearly such an ethical person that he would never. He’d be much less hot if he cheated on his ethics. That would be like Richard Chamberlain in the Thorn Birds. All kinds of wrong.

    Manmarziyaan–Abhishek. The sex will just get better and better for them. Whereas Vicky will peak early and then get sulky and/or start chasing younger women.

    Don 2–I want deasrk.tumblr.com’s fan fiction about Don and Roma to come true. I may not have the sequence right, but basically they get together, they get divorced, they have hot missing-each-other sex, she gets pregnant, they get back together. Annoying young cop from Don 2 comes into the story in a different guise and is much more of a confusing element for Roma and a thorn in Don’s side, with amusing consequences.

    Silsila–please don’t judge me but I haven’t seen it yet.

    War–probably won’t see, so I’ll go with your opinion, Margaret. I don’t want love to be dead.


    • English-Vinglish- she tells her husband she has realized he is a jerk, stays in America with her sister’s family who appreciates her, continues to take classes in things, and goes on dates with French Dude. Eventually she and French Dude open a restaurant together and, after several years, move in together. Her daughter comes to America for college and their relationship gets better. Her young son goes between America and India. She and her husband never get around to finalizing the divorce and she and French Dude never both to get officially married.

      On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 9:19 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • Oops, missed the others because I got so excited about E-V!

      Dear Zindagi: But I want them to be happy! What do you think about the loophole I just thought of where Dr. Jug gets amnesia and forgets everything he learned about Alia in their sessions and meets her as a total stranger?

      Manmarziyaan: true, Abhishek and Taapsee do have the rest of their lives to figure out sex, practice has got to make things better.

      Watch War! At least once it hits streaming. You can even fastforward all the action scenes and just focus on the romance of it all.

      On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 9:19 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Haha, maybe, but there are so many good movies to watch with people I actually find attractive in them!

        The amnesia loophole doesn’t work for me, because then Alia is creepy. I want Jug to find happiness with someone more age appropriate (Irrfan?) and Alia to find happiness with the furniture maker.


        • Maybe Irrfan shows up as his next potential patient, and Shahrukh says he can’t treat him and can’t tell him why (because he is already in looooooooooooooove) and then they bump into each other at a coffee shop and, after much internal ethical struggle, Shahrukh decides that he can pursue the relationship because he turned Irrfan away after ten minutes and never officially treated him. Lots of sexy ethical internal debate.

          On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 9:42 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • I’m so down. What’s going on with Irrfan that he has sought therapy? Who should the smart charismatic 40+ actress be who plays Irrfan’s therapist that he ends up going to? Who knows Jug because the mental health professional circle in Goa can’t be that big, and has always liked/respected him professionally but thinks he’s a goof about his own feelings and needs?


          • Obviously Neha Dhupia is Irrfan’s therapist. Oh oh!!!! And also Shahrukh’s!!!!! So she is in an ethical quandary, because on the one hand she has her patient/colleague agonizing over this guy he can’t stop thinking about but is it ethical or not? And on the other hand, she has her patient Irrfan talking about this new guy he has met who he really likes but he can’t read the signals and maybe it’s because he’s been off the market for so long or maybe he is imagining things or what. And Neha, being more calm and less ethically complex than Shahrukh, decides it is okay for her to gently manipulate them without breaking confidentiality, like by giving Shahrukh a flyer for a poetry performance Irrfan will be in that Irrfan mentioned to her outside of the session.

            I vote Irrfan is grieving his partner. And Shahrukh got far enough into their session to know he is gay, and single, but no more.

            On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 9:57 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  5. I can never root for affairs. I just don’t find it sexy no matter how a movie builds it up.

    So for English-Vinglish, no to the French dude. She should stick with her boring husband.

    Manmarziyaan – stick with Abhishek. Come on, that other guy was so annoying and not worth wasting a second on.

    Dear Zindagi – this one is different. I’m not a stickler for administration rules. But I still would not want it to happen mainly because Alia seems so young and so fragile. If they dated and it didn’t work out, she would be completely broken. And I doubt Jug is thaaaat great a guy in relationships – he didn’t end up divorced for no reason. His mysteriousness is what makes him sexy and Alia has no clue about him other than how hot he is.

    Silsila – nope, gross. I just find Amitabh and Rekha so gross. I think they are gross in real life too. I hate seeing them near each other even at awards shows. Gross.

    Don 2 – the only one where I think they should go for it. They’re both terrible people so why not? She seems like she went into police work because she’s attracted to darkness. And he’d probably kill her one day which I’m always on board with. He should have just dated her and killed her in Don 2. Then we’d have no issue getting a Priyanka-free Don 3 instead of not getting anything!

    War – faithful forever and ever


    • Good point about Jug in relationships! Yeah, seems like a guy who is awesome as your therapist for an hour a week, but maybe can’t keep up that level of engagement and emotional support when he is your boyfriend who has to be there 24 hours a day.

      Yes! I love your idea for Don 3! I was thinking someone else kills PC and Don comes back for vengeance, but this is better. Oh oh!!!! What if it is like Don 1? We think Don is back for vengeance, but then there is a last minute reveal that he learned PC was sleeping with him to get information and still planning to arrest him (not because of a higher dedication to duty but because she wanted to get him like he got her in that twisted attracted to darkness way), so he killed her himself. And has been pretending to want to find out who did it but actually covering his own tracks and convincing her superiors he is innocent.


  6. I was so conflicted in English Vinglish. Part of me wanted Sridevi to just go have a hot romance with French dude but then I worried that she would feel guilty about that for the rest of her life and I didn’t want that. So, I think she should continue being friends and lightly/innocently continue flirting with French dude but stay with her stupid husband.

    Taapsee should 100% stay with Abhishek. Vicky is a man-child and Taapsee does not want to be supporting Vicky for the rest of his life while he pursues being a DJ or whatever new venture calls his name.

    NO NO NO NO NO to SRK and Alia!!! GROSSSS! I would have HATED that movie had that happened.

    I am cool with Amitabh and Rekha is Sanjeev and Jaya fall in love too.

    SRK and PCJ need to have an ongoing torrid affair. They both know they are so wrong for each other yet find each other irresistible. Eventually when they are both super old MAYBE they can finally be together for real.

    Hrithik + Tiger 4EVA!


    • What if, if we controlled the universe, we kill off the stupid husband? Sridevi is free without guilt, moves in with her sister and brings her mother-in-law and the kids over to America with her, and then a few months later looks up Hot French Dude.

      I am also cool with Amitabh and Rekha if Jaya and Sanjeev also fall in love! They deserve each other (both couples).

      What about the ongoing affair and then MURDER (Don kills Roma) suggestion from above?

      On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 10:49 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • YES!!! to the husband dying, and everything else that you said that follows. I want to see that movie!

        I don’t want Don to kill Roma because inevitably, that leads to a weird, sad getting over period and it just gets boring. Since PC won’t be in Don 3, I am fine with a script whereby PC dies a while back, Don want revenge and more power. One of his opponents is a hot, ruthless mob boss woman who is just as sexy, conniving, and ruthless as him but to the outside world she is a demure, respectable, influencial person. They hook up and eventually merge, whereby they both look “respectable” on the outside but really have a thriving nefarious empire that they rule together.


        • Oh oh! Your version of Don 3 could have Juhi as the star! It would be like One 2 Ka 4, but sexier!

          On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 11:56 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • You know I am all about Juhi! That would be AWESOME! Now if it would have a cameo with Madhuri, I would be in heaven! I really really want a fun movie with SRK-Juhi and SRK-Madhuri. Maybe a SRK double role.


    • Now, THAT is an interesting theory!!! I do think Taapsee is better than Vicky-I-was-too-busy-to-go-with-you-for-the-abortion. And I think she convincingly grows over the course of the film. But Abhishek is still better than her.

      On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 11:01 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Oh oh! IDEA! Manmarziyaan crossed with Aaina! Abhishek marries the younger cousin who had to put up with Vicky and Taapsee throwing her out of the room all the time. Taapsee grows as a person, Vicky goes to Australia and is never seen again.


        • And by the end, post separation, Taapsee reminded me of the heroine in that. Sure of what she wants and ready to humiliate herself to go after it and get the hero to forget his tragic love affair (only this time the love affair is with her).

          On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 11:29 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  7. I think I’m the only person who feels that in Dear Zindagi SRK absolutely did not have a serious attraction towards Alia (or even a minor attraction). Maybe I should watch it again (but there is no dancing, it is hard to get me to watch something without dancing twice), I don’t remember him ever turning those brown eyes on Alia with that look of unbridled love he is so famous for. He seemed much more of a father figure, their awkward hug is one of my favorite parts of the movie, he is so uncomfortable with her attention.

    In Don 2 I never bought the idea that PC was a police officer (she shot police officers in Don 1) so yeah, they should definitely get together!

    And in Manmarziyaan I was always on Abishek’s team. Except I thought he could use some sexual lessons. I have a friend that basically ended her marriage because the sex was bad, so yeah, she and he need to work on that.


    • Dear Zindagi does have that thing at the end that calls back, he says the chair in his office only squeaks if you are in love and then it squeaks after he tells her good-bye. But I agree, he never gives her a look of total passion. Although there could still be something there!

      I don’t think PC does kill cops in Don 1? She sets up a fake thing, we see her later paying off actors who pretended to be cops and pretended to be shot so she could get into the gang. But I agree, she still feels too wild and grey area to be a cop, she and Don should get together.

      Manmarziyaan does have that moment when they do the cute little mirroring each other dance, right? That felt like they were figuring out each other’s rhythms. Do that some more, maybe there’s hope. And they are moving to London, there’s sex therapists they can see there, get the whole thing figured out.

      On Sat, Nov 9, 2019 at 10:39 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I agree that there was nothing there from Dr ShahRukh to Alia. It made the chair creaking at the end surprising and even a little disappointing. It felt like a bit of an afterthought.
      I think he appreciated her youth and freshness and appealing character, but there was no hint that he was interested in her in any deeper way.


  8. If anybody voted for anything other than Hrithik staying faithful to Good Tiger they’re just wrong, sorry, that’s the way the world works, Hrithik and Tiger, the end.


  9. How did I miss this thread?

    I’m a total hypocrite when it comes to affairs in movies. If I feel the chemistry between couples, I’ll root for them, marital loyalty be damned. I’ll come up with the most weird reasons to support the adulterous couple. I’ve no standards except for explosive chemistry. 😉

    My votes:

    English-Vinglish: Laurent and Sridevi 4eva! Her disrespectful, neglectful husband can eff off. She needed to have at least one night of fun with him, if not a full blown affair.

    Manmarziyaan: Vicky and Taapsee were toxic. So, no to them. But I don’t think she should stay with Abhisekh if their sex life isn’t satisfying to her. Maybe after the end of the movie if Vicky is truly no longer in the picture, they could finally come to an understanding. This could lead them to stop being defensive around each other and express their true desires, in and out of bed.

    Dear Zindagi: Maybe not then, at the end of the movie. He knew way too much about what made her tick. He had way too much power over her. But maybe, 5 or 10 years down the lane, she could meet him as an independent adult who had lived and loved without him knowing anything about any of that. Then they could act on their fantastic chemistry as equals.

    Silsila: I hated this movie, apart from the beginning for obvious reasons. I surprisingly hated both Amitabh and Jaya and disliked Rekha for hurting Sanjeev the way she did. He’s the only one who deserved better. If he hadn’t been part of the equation, then the other three deserved the mess they were in. Yes, that includes Jaya and her wishy-washy character.

    Don 2: Nope, just nope. He killed her brother!!! There’s no coming back from that.

    War: Hrithik and Tiger 4eva!


    • Finally someone who agrees that Jug and Kiara have a chance in Dear Zindagi! I think I wrote a fanfic somewhere suggesting how it could totally happen, forget the ethics. not right away of course, but if time had passed, or he got amnesia, or something.

      On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 5:17 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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