Biggest Disappointment of 2019 Award Poll Post

Okay, I did the bright side of the delightful surprises of 2019, let’s look at the disappointments! The movies or casting or whatever we were kind of excited about and then it didn’t pan out.

These are the movies/whatever that most disappointed me this year. In the comments, vote for one of them (or a few of them), or write in your own.


A biopic of Jhansi Ki Rani? Great! Casting Kangana as the lead (back in 2016 when it was first announced), perfect! And then time marched on, Kangana became completely unstable, fired her director, and the movie was just a bland shadow of what it could have been. So disappointing!

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A love quadrangle with Aditya Roy Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt, and Varun Dhawan? Perfect! ARK and Sonakshi get the kind of juicy romantic drama they can sink their teeth in, and Varun-Alia are reunited! Plus, Sanjay and Madhuri in the mix? Amazing! But then, somehow, Alia and Varun’s characters were horrible, ARK and Sonakshi didn’t get nearly enough screen time, and who knows what was going on with Sanjay and Madhuri. So disappointing!

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Judgemental Hai Kya

Kangana and Rajkummar Rao! Reunited after Queen! And the producer was Ekta Kapoor, who does such interesting female based films. And the scriptwriter is Kanika Dhillon, from Manmarziyaan! Should be great. And then Kangana did her Kangana thing and the end became some strange nonsensical wish fulfillment justification of mental illness. So disappointing!

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Jabariya Jodi

Parineeti and Sidharth reunited! In a film revolving around kidnapping boys to force them into marriages in Bihar, what a cool central plot idea. The songs looked fun, the costumes looked great, and the more plot details came out, the better it seemed. And then it came out and just somehow didn’t gel together. Too many twists, not enough emotion, Pari didn’t act, just frustrating! So disappointing!

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Prabhas’ first movie post-Bahubali! And such a great cast, Jackie Shroff and Lal and Mandira Bedi. This should be AMAZING!!!! And then it wasn’t. So disappointing!

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Good Newwz

Kiara-Diljit and Kareena-Akshay as couples in an infertility romantic comedy? This can’t possibly be bad! Finally a light romance film, and a multi-starrer, all with that nice Dharma gloss. And then instead it turned into yet another over-serious Akshay “message” film. Blech! So disappointing!

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Koffee With Karan

KWK! Always the best gossip source for everything, always entertaining, always touching and original and fun. Except for this season which just felt kind of lackluster. Sure there were still some good episodes, but overall it felt like the spirit was just gone. So disappointing!

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Letterman Shahrukh Interview

Yaaaay, a western Shahrukh interview! On a big platform with a big star interview! This will be a really good interview, and will be heavily promoted to a new audience! And then, no. Kind of a boring unoriginal interview, and also somehow Netflix didn’t promote it. So disappointing!

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Okay, which of these most disappointed you? Or, what else is there that I didn’t include that was a disappointment?

30 thoughts on “Biggest Disappointment of 2019 Award Poll Post

  1. To me, the biggest disappointment was Mission Mangal. A movie based on a true story about bad ass women who lead India to become the first country to successfully reach Mars starting Vidya, Taapsee, Sonakshi, Kriti, and Nithya!! This should have been my dream movie come to life. And then ya know, they had to put Akshay in it and he had to mansplain everything and completely crush my joy!


    • Also, even if this movie was so-so, just because of how much I love the genre and actresses, I would have still loved it and probably watched it over and over again. It took a concerted on-going effort to make me hate this movie!!! Sorry, I guess I realized I was not done venting!


    • Oh that is a good choice! I was so unhappy with that movie, it erased how excited I was at first. Nithya Menon! Vidya Balan! Kirti Kulhari! And then Big Head Akshay. BLECH!

      On Thu, Jan 2, 2020 at 5:46 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. My gut was to scream KALANK, but then I saw you mentioned Jabariya Jodi, and now I think I have to say a tie between the two. Both I was extremely excited for since announced, and both were huge letdowns for me. Kalank looked incredibly promising, I love Varun & Alia, and even ARK looked like an interesting character in the trailer. The music was phenomenal (3 songs from the soundtrack were in my top 5 most played songs on Spotify in 2019), and of course it looked stunning. But the dialogue was confusing, it was too long and boring, and I was only sad when Varun died at the end because I love Varun and he was the most interesting character.

    Jabariya Jodi didn’t look as promising because of how problematic it was, and a lot of people were boggled that I was so excited to see such a problematic movie. But similarly, I love Sid and Pari both as individuals and as a couple (I love Hasee Toh Phasee). The music was also really good, and it looked bright and fun and summery. But it was so horribly confusing and all over the place, SId and Pari had maybe 5 scenes together which is a crime for what’s supposed to be a love story, and I walked out with a massive headache, which I can’t remember the last time that’s happened. Probably the worst movie I saw in 2019. Kalank had more redeeming qualities, even though it was also bad.


  3. The Letterman interview bummed me out. I was really looking forward to it, and it was boring. I haven’t seen any of the other films so, not bummed about them.


    • I was so disappointed I almost managed to block it out. And then I turned on Netflix and they promoted it to me again and all the disappointment came flooding back to me.

      On Thu, Jan 2, 2020 at 8:39 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I can see you don’t want to go here so I’m going to tread carefully, but I think the biggest 2019 Hindi film disappointment to me was the Kabir Singh release and reaction cycle. It looked promising pre-release, I liked it in the theater, other people had a wildly different reaction and raised valid objections, the director gave that terrible interview equating passion with hitting your loved one…it all turned awful. I wanted there to be a possible conversation about flawed protagonists vs. “heroes” and the power of a performance to confront audiences with uncomfortable realities, but it felt like when put to the test the film didn’t bear up under that level of scrutiny. Or maybe I was being naive and oblivious to people who had lived through the Kiara side that equation. I did feel like Shahid gave an amazing performance as an actor and I give him the benefit of the doubt that he went into it with the intention of exploring the moral failings of the character, but in the end artistic intention wasn’t enough.


    • See, I really really wanted to put Kabir Singh in the “nice surprise” post! Because for me, that’s what it was. I was super impressed by the original, and was ready for the remake to be a disaster that lost what was special about the original. And then it was actually BETTER than the original! But I didn’t include it because I knew that wasn’t really going to be a shared experience.

      On Thu, Jan 2, 2020 at 9:32 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I didn’t have a lot of expectations, so. The Siddarth movie was fine, I thought. Honestly to me the biggest disappointment was how few movies even looked watchable, let alone interesting, and how few I ended up taking the trouble of watching. The disappointment is the industry.


  6. So many disappointments this year! I agree with you about KwK and Letterman interview.
    Kalank – I didn’t have high expectations and watched it only when everybody said it’s bad. And yes it was very bad, but not a surprise. The same Saaho.

    My disappointments:
    1. The biggest was Pailwaan. I haven’t been that excited for a movie for a while. Sudeep, Sunil Shetty, wrestling, a lot of drama, colours and mass scenes. But no, the movie turned out to be super dull and long, Sudeep’s character was a boring saint, the villains were ridiculous, the girl was 100% men’s fantasy (beautiful, saintly and without any agenda or ambition).
    2. Sarvam Thaala Mayam – ok, the movie is not that bad, but it’s about drums, and I love drums. It has Vineeth, I’m fan of, and was made by Rajiv Menon. It should be much much better in my opinion.
    3. Athiran – Fahadh Fasil, Sai Pallavi, Atul Kulkarni, Renji Panicker what can go wrong? Everything if you ask me. What a odd movie without soul.
    4. Jersey – why this was a hit I will never understand. It’s the movie I hated the most this year.
    5. Game Over – SPOILERS! Seemingly a feminist message and stuff, but for me it was just a story how helpless women are when some sick pervert decide to harm them.


    • Bright siding this, isn’t it nice that SOMEONE in the world was excited for these movies? Like, I don’t think the makers of Pailwaan thought there would be someone passionately interested and following every moment of production, and then disappointed.

      On Fri, Jan 3, 2020 at 6:50 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  7. Sahoo- I went first day,dragging my poor husband for a Telugu film without subtitles and came out with a pounding headache. This is what they were making for 2 yrs,shoot me.
    Also Athiran- was so excited to see Saipallavi & Fahadh together and then stupid stupid movie.
    I also think my tolerance level is better if I watch it at home v/s watching it at theater. If I have to drag my lazy ass to theater,I expect to be rewarded big- like War or Virus or Kumbalangi Nights.


    • I am the opposite, I love the whole theater experience and it softens me up to enjoy a movie more on the big screen than I would at home.


  8. Kalank was a disappointment but not such a bad movie that I remember it as a disappointment. When I think about it now, it’s just a movie that was not executed well but it had some nice moments.

    Saaho would have been a disappointment if it came out in 2018 like promised. I lost interest in the movie due to all the postponements.

    I think the biggest disappointment for me was The Zoya Factor. There’s a certain quality I expect from Sonam starrers (where she’s the lead) and I felt like The Zoya Factor was just cheap. I don’t know if I’m explaining it right but something felt off about the entire movie.


    • Yes, your complaint about The Zoya factor makes total sense. At least, to me. Comparing it with Khoobsurat, for instance, Khoobsurat had more original songs, a big location for the shooting, and well-thought out costuming and a distinctive look for each character. Zoya was just not-quite in all those areas. The sets felt small, like they were working around the space they had instead of spreading out. Sonam’s look was okay, but didn’t feel like it was specific to her character, and all the other actors felt like they just showed up in whatever they were wearing anyway. And the songs were rushed and cut off. The script felt a little rushed too, but that is also true of Khoobsurat and some of her other films. It was the “mise-en-scene” (to use the fancy word) that felt cheap to me and just less fun.

      Now that I think about it, those two things go together. In Khoobsurat, the script was a little weak, but the songs and costumes and everything kind of carried that. Like, we didn’t need to know everything about Ratna Pathak’s character, because her styling alone told us a lot. Does that make sense?

      On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 10:04 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yes, that’s makes a lot of sense and I feel the same way. I love Khoobsurat so I wasn’t expecting The Zoya Factor to be on that level but I was still expecting it to be as good as Dolly Ki Doli which is surprisingly well made and fun.


      • Maybe combination of budget and topic? Not having the money to give you that feel of a Cricket stadium is really obvious, where it wouldn’t be if the topic was smaller.

        On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 1:42 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • But it felt cheap even in those low-cost scenes like when Sonam talked with people in hotel rooms, or on the street. For me it looked more like random scene rehersals than a real movie. It was lacking mood. Maybe it’s background score fault?


          • Yeah, you’re right. I like the background score theory since it was there in every scene. And maybe also the lighting/camerawork?


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