Non-Indian Gossip Discussion Post! Let’s Talk Royals and Brad Pitt

I have faith that this community can intelligently discuss these two non-Indian news stories, and also find interesting ways to compare them to Indian news stories.

Prince Harry and Meghan are Moving to Canada!

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My first thought with this story was “I think this is only unusual because it is now”. Like, 100 years ago as royals moved farther down in the line of succession, they sort of disappeared into the regular world. That comes up all the time with discussions of Queen Elizabeth having a “normal” childhood because her father was just the heir’s brother. But celebrity culture has exploded, and the royals “jobs” have increasingly become going around being charming and visiting places (instead of just giving a speech at the opening of some local parade and then going home and having dinner, they are flying to New Zealand), suddenly just going off and living your own life instead of being a full time royal is a big news story.

But feel free to disagree! And say anything else you want related to this! And draw comparisons to Shweta Bachchan, or Aish struggling with marrying Abhishek, or anything else similar with the “royals” of Indian film.

Brad Pitt is Now Openly Talking About His Addiction Issues

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I find this fascinating! Because he was a “functioning” alcoholic in the celebrity sense. There weren’t crazy stories coming from film sets or anything like that. And now that he is sober, his “celebrity” life hasn’t drastically changed, I don’t think he is any more or less famous than before or getting different jobs or anything. But because he is open about his journey, there are various little things from gossip stories that make you go “oh! I see now!” At least, for me.

Do we think there are Indian stars who have this level of addiction issues, not dramatic and obvious but still affecting their lives in subtle public ways? If that is the case, and if they get sober, is there a responsibility to tell the public what is going on with them or does it not really matter? And am I the only one who thought “Oh! That’s why Brad Pitt’s career has never felt like it made sense!”

12 thoughts on “Non-Indian Gossip Discussion Post! Let’s Talk Royals and Brad Pitt

  1. The impression I have with the royals stuff is that part of it is also about the official Royal Family guidelines for media, which they are trying to get out of or change. I don’t know if there’s an Indian film analogy that might be interesting?


  2. The Royals thing isn’t business as usual for a few reason:

    1) Terrible, awful racism in Meghan’s media coverage and Harry being very vocal about comparing the coverage she gets to how his mother died.
    2) The couple’s desire to overtly monetize their Sussex Royal brand while also continuing to get financial support from the Royal family (and by extension the taxpayers).
    3) The only way this would be comparable in Bollywood is if Aish was subjected to nasty caste related press coverage and then Aish and Abhi created a Bachchan brand and started selling it against the wishes of Jaya and Amitabh while also taking an allowance from J&A.


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