Songs About Sex! Sex Sex Sex!

Little epilogue, a reposted post of all the songs that are about sex so explicitly they really don’t make sense if you see them any other way.

I’ll start with two stories from college. I was friends with a bunch of “nice” desi girls. So, raised in America, but school was most important, never went to parties or drank or did anything but study, didn’t even stay on campus on the weekends. Watching Indian films was their big wild experience. I was friends with them because I myself had no interest in drinking or going to parties and I loved learning things in classes, and I really loved movies. But I eventually started to realize that there was a difference between knowing of other things and choosing not to experience them, versus not even being aware they existed.

For instance, we were having a conversation at the dining table about movies and songs and stuff and I mentioned that moment of oral sex in “Shikdum”. And they all looked totally blank. I reminded them, that moment when Abhishek’s head drops below the frame? And Rimi Sen gets all breath and ecstatic? And the camera spins around? Nope, no awareness. They just accepted that as a weird moment in a song and didn’t interrogate at all what it might be meant to imply.

Same conversation, we were talking about Hum-Tum, and I mentioned the big plot point of Rani and Saif having sex. Again, no awareness. They thought they kissed, then went to sleep and woke up.

Another famous example is this scene from Silsila, Shashi and Amitabh showering together and joking about “dropping the soap” like when they were in boarding school.

Image result for silsila amitabh shashi shower

Another reference to oral sex, “Pardesia” from Mr. Natwarlal, one minute in, Rekha slides down his body and his face suddenly changes, cut to a very phallic tree full of girls.

Chaalbaaz, happy fun family friendly movie, in which Sridevi and Sunny Deol DEFINITELY have sex while her aunt watches. And I’m not saying that is wrong, or this isn’t a fun family friendly song, but it is possible that if I were to say to a desi person “Chaalbaaz! That’s the movie where Sridevi and Sunny have sex, right?” The response would be “I don’t know what you are talking about”.

Another one, Vivah! I’m honestly not sure what is supposed to be happening in this song. They are an engaged couple, they made elaborate plans to spend the night together, the lyrics are “I have the right”, and yet they seem to just be looking at each other in the moonlight? It’s weird, is all I am saying. I would find it less weird if it was implied they did have sex, with the big deal they are making about just looking at each other.

And here’s Kajol masturbating and dreaming of Ajay Devgan. Right? She’s alone in the bathroom in the opening, and has filled the house with water at the end, while she looks up orgasmically? How else are we supposed to interpret this? She’s “dreaming of him”?

Ewww, now I feel all icky and dirty! For a nice cleansing “procreational sex in the missionary position between a married couple who love each other” moment that we can all agree happened and interpret the same way, let’s look at the wedding song from Gadar. So sweet!

What do you think? Am I interpreting these songs and scenes as they are meant to be interpreted, or is there another logical way to see them?

Also, is the post title very clear as to what this is about? Or should I put in another “SEX! SEX IS HERE!” label?

12 thoughts on “Songs About Sex! Sex Sex Sex!

  1. There’s no right way to look at songs, but I think in a coded and censored environment, of course this is the way sex can still be expressed, and it’s especially important for taboo relationships like gay ones. What the intent is, is irrelevant to me. It’s there, that’s enough. It’s like when I showed Binte Dil to my coworker and he was laughing so hard about the blatant blowjob shots and a lot of other people don’t see it.

    Anyway, I just wanted to contribute this song because it’s my favourite suggestive Hindi song.


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