Work At Home Update, I Have Entered Into a Time Warp That Makes Me 12 Years Old Again

You can ignore this post, this is mostly me shouting into the void because I am so bored and lonely.

I was feeling pretty good about my second day of working from home. I got dressed and everything, I had a better workspace set up, I felt like I grown up. And then I realized why this workspace felt so natural.

See, my sister and I were homeschooled from 5th grade to college (ish, we switched to doing almost full time community college classes the last couple years). And about 15 years before we started homeschooling, my parents were at some junk sale and found these two amazing old factory work tables, massive thousand pound wooden things. When we started homeschooling, they put the two tables in our play room and and we each got one as a work table.

When I say “playroom”, don’t picture this, picture a room with peeling wallpaper that had a bunch of bins of toys in it and a shelf for picture books.

Fast forward 20 years, after various moves and furniture inheritances and so on, my parents were down to just one of the work tables which they used as a dining room table. And then they inherited my grandmother’s way way better table (100 year old farmhouse work table, hidden leaves, wheels on the legs so you can move it, all kinds of good things). And I inherited the last remaining massive work table. So here I am, suddenly feeling ten years old again, sitting at home working at the exact same table I had then. With the same hair, minus the bangs. And clothes (literally the same clothes, I’m wearing a skirt I patched up a million times and originally made back then). I have clearly entered a time warp.

Upside is, this all reminded me that I have done the work from home thing before! Not quite as extreme, back then I had family around so I wasn’t totally isolated, but at least I structured my own days and had a routine and stuff. So I just have to do that again. Get up in the morning, get dressed, brush and braid my hair, go into my “work” room. Even the chores I need to do to break up the day are the same, loading the dishwasher and walking the dog. If I wake up tomorrow with braces on my teeth I will officially have turned ten again.

Maybe I should start wearing make-up? Just to fend off the incipient childhood?

10 thoughts on “Work At Home Update, I Have Entered Into a Time Warp That Makes Me 12 Years Old Again

  1. I bet Albie dog is happy tho! It’s weird to be IN your element in such an embodied way. Even when childhood has good memories, odd to be stuffed back into them with very little warning. I have the flu and I’ve been hime for a few days and I am going CRAZY. Watching (I mean rewatching) Fuller House. Don’t judge me…such a soothing laugh track and I’m a sucker for even silly shows that have people who choose to be a family. LOVE that.


  2. First off, I’m almost 44, when I was 42, I went to a baseball game with my father. I was married with three children (I still am actually). Anyway, the last time I had gone to a baseball game just me and my dad was high school. And as I was on public transit with Pops I felt like I was 17. I felt like I was 17 the whole game, and on public transit as we went back home. But not like good 17, more like I don’t really know anything about the world 17, so I’ll just follow my father. On the train coming back there was a “father” (I’m guessing a largely absentee Dad) lecturing his teen son about the ways of the world, ie how bad poor people are. The kid looked miserable, and the “father’s” lecture had a hell of a lot holes, but I was only 17, so I wasn’t going to interrupt! Except I did once and I felt like a little girl, except that the man I was interrupting might have only been 5 years older than me. It was so weird. So based on that experience. If I were you I would go to a thrift store on my “lunch break” and buy new table. Don’t buy one online, use it as an excuse to leave the house. Good Luck.


    • Thank you! That is a great story.

      I’m realizing it’s not just the table. My whole apartment is full of my childhood. Which normally is a good thing, I go out in the world and do stressful Adult things, and then I come home and sit at my childhood work table, and look at my childhood books on the shelves and pictures on the wall, and feel all cozy. But if I’m here all day? That is a heck of a lot of childhood nostalgia! I may need to set aside some time to adultify the apartment. Maybe put the stuffed animals away, or at least in the bedroom. Perhaps retire the Mickey-Minnie Mouse sheets, or put them farther down in the rotation.

      On Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 1:19 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. New development! The kiddo’s school is now closed until 4/14! While there is a plan for virtual learning, we are going to have a lot of time on our hands. Recs for kid friendly Hindi films welcome! He loves Happy New Year and second part of KKHH. He’s seen K3G.


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