Toe Success!

It worked! I got surgery! Despite the almost criminal incompetence of the doctor-doctor, and all my panic attacks

Look at my beautiful foot! And my other foot with the nail polish, and my two stuffed cats.

I was supposed to be at the surgical center at 9:30, but i got there 10 minutes early. Because i was worried about being able to give a urine sample and therefore hadn’t peed in 12 hours. Bow down before my amazing youthful bladder! But yes, a bit eager to do the chevk in.

Checked in, waited around, finally taken back, explained that blood pressure tests terrify me snd they were very reassuring. Then anesthesiologist came in and checked my paperwork which said i was a high blood pressure diabetic. Which wasn’t just wrong because i think the doctor was wrong, it was wrong because that was my initial results, she had me do more tests, we had s conversation about how i was actually fine. And then she DIDN’T UPDATE HER NOTES!!!! So the surgical center was ready to treat me with conditions i don’t have. That’s got to be, like, almost malpractice right?

Anyway, i convinced them to believe me i think, i got the surgery, i woke up and said “I’m sorry if o throw up on you”, and then i didn’t, ha ha! Mimd over matter! Nice nurse gave me chips ahoy and ginger ale, then walked me out to my parents. Got home, got in bed, Albie Dog brought me all his toys and my Dad made me scrambled eggs and built a foot elevator platform from a cardboard box while my Mom went to get my perscription.

And now i am very heavy feeling, and can’t really do anything, but also bored. So i am writing this blog post on my phone. Excuse typos andvramblung.

13 thoughts on “Toe Success!

  1. I projectile vomited after my last surgery, which then stuck on the bottom of my food tray and I was too embarrassed to tell the nurses, and so had constant memories of my vomit for two days until a friend who worked at the hospital visited me and made them clean it up. It is nice to be nice, but then you have to look at dried vomit, thus my continual admiration for the not nice women in films. That was a very roundabout way to say CONGRATS on not vomiting! I like that you made your big toe special.


    • Thank you! I am very impressed with myself as well! And poor you, nice woman have a horrible time of it. I am very proud of myself that I did ask the nurse to help me to the bathroom, even though it felt like being a bother. They had me not drink anything and be totally dehydrated, and then they stuck in IV fluids and pumped me up so full I can’t stop peeing. Make up your minds, medical professionals!

      On Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 10:39 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Thank you! And I also think I am doing pretty well. The last time I had anesthetic was a similar wisdom teeth surgery, which I realized was 17 years ago! so I don’t know if this time it is because I am older, or because I had a better anesthesiologist, but so far pretty good!


    • I am! Although it’s also super irritating to have to ask for help for stuff like “can you bring me my hairbrush that is on the other side of the room?”

      On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 9:28 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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