Happy Birthday Kriti Sanon! I Enjoy Literally ALL of Your Movies!!!

Very tall attractive actors with strong noses born 27/28! Which is best?!?!?!? Also, do you now really want to see Kriti dressed in Malayalam mundu and formal wear, and Dulquer in a wig and sexy sari?

Kriti Sanon! You know the thing I just realized? I enjoy literally ALL of her movies! Not a single miss-step. Isn’t that amazing?

Not that she produced or wrote or anything like that with her movies. But somehow when she is looking at her pile of scripts, she goes through going “not this one not this one not this one, THIS ONE! This is the fun one that Margaret will like!”

Anyway, start to finish! Every Kriti movie (except the two I haven’t seen) and how much I like them and why.

1: Nenokaddine

Kriti’s first movie! She was an average nice engineering grad Delhi girl who did a little modeling on the side and had a different look. Also, TALL! And thus got offered a role opposite Mahesh Babu. Because he’s tall, and needed a heroine who would look good opposite him and be willing to take a tiny little starter role. Anyway, I can’t imagine Kriti had any input in this film beyond agreeing to take the heroine role, but it was a great start for me because I LOVE this movie. It’s truly brilliant, a twisted mindbending kind of a film that pushes the limits of what film technology can do. Oh, and Kriti does a whole song number asking to be a “one day girlfriend”, so I’m thinking that’s just asking for a one night stand? Such an awesome first role for her.


Once again, Kriti doesn’t exactly have a lot to do. It’s a nice launch film for Tiger Shroff, and her role is just a “love at first sight” heroine kind of role, village girl with authoritarian father, and so on. But the pure impact of her look, this tall unusual looking woman, makes it feel like something. Tiger doesn’t fall in love with her because she is “pretty”, but because she looks different from other girls because she is different from other girls. Oh, and it’s a silly happy fun action movie with all smiles and no sadness.


Wooo, Shahrukh! Once again, Kriti is just a love-at-first-sight person, but with such a new different look that she feels like more. This time the film definitely wanted it, gave her funky clothes and funky scooter and all kinds of things to make her be strong and confident and different and in charge. Super cool. And the whole film is ridiculously fun of course, the carefree vibe of heroines just being themselves carries through to everything just being free and easy.


Such a good movie! SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!!!! Sushant is a kick as the happy young hero, Budapest looks gorgeous, and of course Jim Sarbh is Everything. And this is maybe the first movie where Kriti is distinctly Kriti, not just a regular heroine. She is an ancient warrior woman who gets angry when men try to tell her what to do. And she is a modern woman who has an accidental one-night stand because she is just really bored with her proper boyfriend. It’s more charming than I make it sound, really, and Kriti is perfect confused and confident and strong and scared and everything at once.

Bareilly Ki Barfi

The movie that made other people love her besides just me! Kriti as a strong outspoken woman who doesn’t think anyone can ever love her as she is, but also doesn’t really want to change herself. And then she finds someone who seems to like her, but won’t settle for that until she is sure he really loves her and wants her with no exceptions.

Luka Chuppi

Okay, this one is fine. Not stellar, but fine. A nice little rom-com. Kriti’s got another great character though, she is the girlfriend who suggests living together as a sensible try out period, she is the one who runs the relationship start to finish, and she is the one who decides when and if they have sex. Could so easily have been a creepy sex-obsessed comedy, but instead it was something with a balance between both partners in the relationship and both lead actors.

Arjun Patiala

Oh man, I love this movie so much! It’s witty, it’s irreverent, it breaks the fourth wall, it’s just EVERYTHING. Kriti has a pretty small part as the love interest, but she is a working woman with ambitions and morals and the romantic conflict revolves around philosophical differences, not family objections or anything dumb like that. Also, she’s FUNNY! Her timing was good in the other comic stuff, but this film is the first straight out comedy and she hits her lines just right.

Housefull 4

Perhaps my favorite Housefull movie! Which is saying very very little, they are truly dreadful films. But Kriti plays a modern spoiled rich girl, and an ancient spoiled princess, and she does sword fighting, and she gets to do her own comic gags at times, and it’s all just generally a delight. The Housefull movies don’t really force the heroines to do much of anything, but there is something there for them to do if they really really want to, and Kriti finds that.

Anyway, there you go! The entire Kriti Sanon filmography, minus Panipat and that one Telugu movie I haven’t seen. All of them guaranteed to make you smile and want to watch them again.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kriti Sanon! I Enjoy Literally ALL of Your Movies!!!

  1. Yay, Kriti post! Thank you! Yes, all of her movies are hopelessly charming and she does something in them that just makes me like her so much. Plus, she just seems like someone I would want to be friends with in real life. I forgot how much I enjoyed Heropanti (which objectively isn’t really a very good movie) and it had everything to do with Kriti and nothing to do with Tiger (sorry Tiger). Happy birthday, Kriti!


    • One of us should really watch Panipat to discover if she saves it. Housefull 4 was pretty dreadful and she saved it mostly. But can she save Panipat?

      On Tue, Jul 28, 2020 at 2:09 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I agree Housefull 4 was pretty bad, but I did watch it for Kriti and she did not dissapoint me. I started watching Panipat for Kriti but just couldn’t get past 30 minutes knowing the actual history and the sad ending. Maybe one day when I am in a weird weird mood, I can get around to watching Panipat. I have a feeling if I watch it, I am going to come away with loving Kriti, disliking the movie, and generally being very annoyed about that “historical” war-based movies with sad endings continue to be made.


        • This is exactly why I have avoided watching Panipat. I think I may just go with the preponderance of evidence, and assume I will like Kriti in it without having seen it, instead of torturing myself.

          On Tue, Jul 28, 2020 at 5:07 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Kriti sanon yeeeeeeeah.
    She is my sweet little crush.her smile is infectious and killer. Have watched umpteen times boyfriend girlfriend song of raabta. Also did the ridiculous but fun dance fitness on a fitness app just for her.
    Became a fav after bareily ki barfi .luka chhupi was a good follow up.
    She just needs to up her pr game a little.


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