I’ve Been an Aunt for a Whooooooole Year!!!!

Look at that! One year and a day ago, I was on the phone with my sister watching a movie together and timing contractions. And now we’ve got this kid with a million teeth in his mouth and opinions about beets.

My nephew has been alive for a WHOLE YEAR!!!!! Isn’t that amazing? Seems impossible really, 12 months non-stop keeping this helpless thing going. I mean, you get a toy baby and play with it for a few hours, but then inevitably you let the batteries run down, or accidentally leave it in the car or something. At the most it lasts 3 weeks past Christmas. 12 months of a baby and you never forget to feed it or leave it at the train station or pop the leg off and can’t fit it back on or ANYTHING?!?!? Just amazing.

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I had this baby, or one like it, and the feet got all scratched and dirty and kind of twisted, and there was a permanent line on her face, and just generally she did not look good within weeks.

Of course, it’s been a pretty easy year for him. He came out and had relatives fighting over spending time with him and parents who were ready to stay awake all the time to make sure he kept breathing (here is where you get to chuckle and say “oh first time parents!”). Just as he was about to be handed over part time to a nanny, quarantine started and instead he gets to spend every minute of every day at home with his parents and no one else, Baby Heaven. Only real sorrow in his existence so far is that he had to put up with teething. But then he gets teeth, so that’s worth it. Oh, also his parents don’t let him play with electrical cords and he LOVES electrical cords, so I guess that is sad too.

He loves and hates a lot of things, I didn’t realize you come into the world with such strong opinions. He loves running water and things that beep and rumble. So, watching someone do dishes or the running washing machine is his favorite thing. But he hates things that have steam, or the sound of chopping vegetables. Dinner prep time is not his favorite.

Loves electrical cords and other cord like things (shoe strings, spaghetti, etc.). Likes cheerios, and zucchini, not a big fan of mashed potatoes. Likes putting things into other things but is TERRIBLE at it! Why does he keep trying to put the bigger thing into the smaller thing? Why isn’t he smarter? Where have I failed him as an aunt?

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He has this classic toy and he DOESN’T USE IT RIGHT!!!!! I want to get him a ring stacking tutor or something, because it’s been months and he still doesn’t get it

Very fond of carrying multiple toys at once in a kind of hoarder way, crawling around with a block in his mouth and a toy in each hand. Was extremely eager to figure out crawling and standing, but doesn’t seem very interested in walking. I guess he is happy with where he is now and doesn’t see the need to progress, I can relate to that. Enjoys the taste of the paint on his crib. Does not enjoy having paint flakes cleaned off his face.

He also very VERY much likes drumming. For a while he was climbing up the back of the couch to bang his little hands against the walls, now he has moved on to banging on the floor with spoons, hitting his safety gate with rattles, and all kinds of sound creation. I am excited, our family is finally going to have a musician! After generations of practical boring office workers!

Thank goodness, he also enjoys movies. Well, music videos at least. Like I said, musician! Anything with a strong beat from American doo-wop to Yo Yo Honey Singh is his jam. So I think this is probably the best birthday song I can give him:

Or of course this more age appropriate and personality reflective option:

6 thoughts on “I’ve Been an Aunt for a Whooooooole Year!!!!

  1. Walking is over-rated. My oldest could beat his friends at 12 months, crawling to their walking every time. He didn’t walk till 15 months, and now he is super coordinated. Happy Birthday Nephew!

    Liked by 1 person

    • He does manage to do everything he needs to do in his little world, so I guess he doesn’t need to walk!

      On Sat, Aug 1, 2020 at 7:00 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Happy birthday, nephew! Happy aunt birthday, Margaret! Happy parenthood birthday, Sister!

    Give the little dude some more months, he’ll do all the things, plus some other stuff you’re totally not expecting.


    • I just want him to learn his shapes and sizes! It’s so frustrating watching him trying to put things together that don’t fit.

      On Sat, Aug 1, 2020 at 10:44 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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