Shahrukh Birthday Countdown, Baazigar! Part 2!

Another part! This is a movie that is actually worth rewatching, so rewatch it, read my posts, and follow along.

So, I cut off when Shahrukh as an adult threw a coin into the air and it dotted the “i” on Baazigar.  Very Cool!  We come back to see Shahrukh standing by the side of a highway trying to wave down a bus.  It goes by him without stopping and he does his little Shahrukh “oh, fish!” move.  But!  A fancy red jeep stops for him and calls him by name “Hey!  Ajay!”  Well, not the jeep, but the guy driving the jeep.  Who is this guy!  Continuing to be in every film of the 90s!  He greets Shahrukh like an old friend and asks after his mother, who Shahrukh says is “fine”.  Is she really?  Isn’t she, like, nuts and refusing food?  Well, maybe if that’s the same as she was the last time his friend saw him, then he means “fine” as in “just the same as last time you saw her.”

Anyway, Shahrukh hitches a ride with him to Bombay and they check in about what they are doing since school.  Red jeep guy is working in Bombay, but used to live in Pune.  And his parents both died in a plane crash.  Shahrukh takes a moment to let this sink in.  I guess even though his mother is nuts, he is still grateful she is alive?  Or something?  Anyway, Red Jeep (named Vicky Malhotra, remember that!  It’s repeated like 3 times in this conversation, so you know it’s important) asks him what he is doing in Bombay, and Shahrukh replies “seeking wealth!”

Cut to, wealth!!!!  A big fancy gate with a big fancy plate next to it which is being polished by a lowly white jacket wearing servant.  Oh, and the plate says “Chopra Palace”.  Hoity-toity!  A palace!

And inside we find, Johnny Lever!  Nooooo!  Okay, I’ve made a decision, I’m not even going to bother with the Johnny Lever bits of this movie.  I’ll tell you if anything comes up related to plot, but the humor won’t translate out of Hindi and off the screen onto the page, so what’s the point?  This bit, is apparently funny, because he has short-term memory loss, but is also very proud of being the head servant.  So he forgets phone messages, etc., but won’t let anyone correct him.  Oh, and someone is calling about arranging an engagement for the eldest daughter of the house.

Which leads to, sexy feet!  In sexy high heels!  Sexily coming down the stairs.  And revealing, Shilpa Shetty!  In her first movie!  Looking completely different than she does now!  Big hair, round face, looks kind of sweet and young.  Because she was kind of sweet and young.  Oh, and wearing a terrible outfit!  Red short top, poofy denim jacket, an three quarter length pants that are also super high waisted.  It’s like all the fabric that should have gone at the bottom to reach the ankles ended up above the waist instead.  Anyway, she is apparently very sexy, because we see a couple of random louts whistling and talking about how sexy she is when she arrives at college.

But, she is sweet, and just rushes up to meet her female friend and doesn’t even acknowledge the boys.  The friend asks her if she is all happy today because she is meeting her secret lover again.  Shilpa tries to deny it, but then gives up, and says she is, and she has to skip class, but it’s okay, because Ravi will take notes for her.  Sure enough, Ravi shows up, completely willing to take notes!  Oh poor Ravi!  This girl will never ever be interested in you.  Just give it up!  I am getting a strong Akshay Kumar in Jaan-E-Mann vibe off of this (to learn more about Jaan-E-Mann, check out this).

So, Shilpa rushes off to a garden/park to meet her love.  Side-note here, I love how old-fashioned this is!  The location, I mean.  All the love songs in the 60s and 70s between young people were at parks.  And then in the 90s and on suddenly they have to be overseas or in malls or discos or some other super fancy location.  It’s just like Siddhu’s speech in Dilwale said!

Oh right, there’s her secret lover, and it’s Shahrukh!  I never would have seen that coming!  Except that he is the star of the movie!  It’s kind of cute, he sees her rushing, and then runs over and sits under a tree and pretends to read a book, like he got so bored waiting he had to read.

It continues to be kind of cute, she apologizes for being a few minutes late, he won’t put up with it, does funny Shahrukh mugging of being angry, and then says that to make up for it, she has to sit their quietly and let him finish reading.  His acting is a slightly over the top in this scene, too fake when he fakes being mad, too pouty when he is pouting.  And then song!  She keeps trying to distract him from reading, and he keeps mugging.  Even when he gets to be happy, his smile looks just slightly fake.  But whatever, it’s cute!  Oh, and, it is still in the old-fashioned locations, greenhouses, water parks, old horse carriage, local cheap fun places.

Song over, Shahrukh is still sort of humming it, which is cute.  Shilpa cuts him off and asks when they can stop sneaking around, because she doesn’t like it.  Shahrukh reacts with more mugging and over the top fast talking, saying that of course he wants to stop sneaking around, but the time isn’t right, her father wouldn’t understand, she has to understand, but in the meantime…[back to humming the love song and grabbing her hands].  Okay, if your boyfriend ever says “it’s not the right time to tell anyone, just give me a little longer, in the meantime let’s hummana-hummana,” dump him!  He is clearly hiding a terrible secret!  I’m not necessarily saying that is what’s happening here, but in real life, it means he’s cheating on someone with you.  Helpful Hints from Horrible Haircuts on Film.

And, KAJOL!!!!!  See, Shilpa suddenly remembers that she was supposed to pick up her sister and she must have arrived by now.  Cut to, GABBAR SINGH!   Not really.  But it’s kind of awesome, Kajol’s introduction is the same as Gabbar’s in Sholay, walking along a ridge and swinging her belt around her feet.  And all we see are the boots and the belt.  She asks “Kitne servants tha?”  And then yells at Johnny Lever (yes!  Yell at him some more!  Johnny Lever ruins everything!) for not making sure someone was there to greet her.  Whatever, it’s Johnny Lever, I’m skipping.

But, just as she dismisses the servants, Shilpa comes running out of the house, greeting her!  They are sisters!  And Kajol is all excited also, jumping up and down in front of a HUGE fountain and waving her belt in the air.  They run to embrace.  And oh my gosh, Shilpa is tall!  Or else Kajol is short.  Or both these things are true.  Anyway, Shila has to like awkwardly crouch over to reach her for a hug.  And Kajol is wearing a hat and her head is still noticeably below Shilpa’s.



Anyway, Kajol is all naturally Kajol and irritable about no one meeting her at the airport.  Shilpa says she is sorry, and of course “Daddy” couldn’t make it either, because he is always busy, either racing cars or doing business, because those are the only two things he really loves!  Cut to, Daddy!  Yelling in a business suit!  So I guess he is doing business, not cars, right now?

Oh, also his office is so weird!  There’s this very grey wallpaper with a white design, and a huge black desk with a white stripe around the edge, and a very odd modern art on the wall with is just a big white background with a smiley face, except that one eye is a question mark and the other is a check part.

Anyway, Daddy is eeeeeeevil.  One of those eeeeeevil heartless businessmen you hear about.  He is yelling at his underling, because the underling wants him to keep providing housing for the workers at the factory he just bought, and his response is “They still have jobs, don’t they?  They shouldn’t ask for anything else!”  This would seem more evil if I didn’t live in America in 2016, where no one provides housing for workers, and even giving them real “jobs” instead of “consultant work” is kind of awesome.

Anyway, he finally comes home to greet his daughter.  Shilpa and Kajol both come running up and cuddle up to either side.  Which just makes the height disparity more obvious!  Shilpa is allllllll the way up there, and Kajol is allllllll the way down there.  But they both love their Daddy, especially when he explains that he is naming the factory he just bought after Shilpa, “Seema Garments” (right, did I say that her character’s name was Seema?  It’s Seema).  Kajol immediately asks “What about me?”  Okay, that is very true to life in terms of sister interactions.  “Daddy” asks “What do you want?”  Kajol takes a moment to think about it, then says “A sports car!”  He says yes, she screams and hugs him.  Boy, she is a lot more humble in her requests in DDLJ, she only wanted 3 months of her life!

Next morning, breakfast!  Johnny Lever does something funny, I refuse to record it.  Both girls come rushing in to have breakfast with Dad, wearing the most ridiculous outfits!  Matching nightgowns with matching bathrobes, all silk and lace and frills.  Why bother?  And do they have a whole closet full of bathrobes to go with all their nightgowns?  So, plans for the day, Kajol is going with “Daddy” to the race track, Shilpa has exams.

Baazigar pjs.jpg

Race-track!  “Daddy” is in a yellow race car driver onesy thing.  Kajol is in unflattering Mom-pants and a baseball hat that is way too big.  Possibly because it has to fit on top of her ponytail.  Someone really fell down on the job in figuring out this outfit.  But, plot-plot, they are learning that “Daddy” may have stiff competition, because there is a new guy at the track who looked very impressive in practices.  Vicky Malhotra (wait, have we heard that name before?).

And, it’s Shahrukh!  He shakes out his gorgeous young SRK bangs, and slowly pulls off his sunglasses to reveal brown eyes.  Wait, other guy from the Shilpa love song had green eyes.  Are these two different people?  His affect is very different too, very sort of still and confident and cocky, instead of fussy and mugging and humble glasses wearing.  And it’s an Indian film.  So this could be secret twins, magic, random doppelgangers, really anything.  I make no judgements!

And I will break here, so you can think over the next day or so as to what your best guess is for exactly what is happening here with the brown-green eyed SRKs.

8 thoughts on “Shahrukh Birthday Countdown, Baazigar! Part 2!

  1. When I saw the film, I would always get confused over which SRK had which color eye, and gave up on the whole eye color thing. Thanks for clarifying who gets what.


    • He’s so tiresome!

      My loose understanding of Jonny Lever’s career is that he is mostly a stand up comic. When he was young and trying to make his name, he would do tons of little comic turns in movies. And then he got successful and moved on to big club bookings and stuff, a celebrity in his own right, didn’t have to slum it in movie bits any more. So now he still acts, but only when it’s a really good full fledged comic bit, not the random “showing up in every movie for 5 minutes” thing he used to do.

      Here’s a fun thing, he doesn’t have a son in the industry, but his daughter Jamie is now a successful stand up too.

      On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 9:03 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. This was the point where I stopped the movie to go google SRK’s eyes because I was weirded out by the changing colors. (This, for the record, was not at all a terrible thing to google.) Later when they use the eye color close-up as a way of showing the transition it becomes one of the effective visual tools in the film.

    And little boy Shah Rukh had bright green eyes, which were apparently the thing that would have made everyone recognize him in spite of looking like SRK when he grew up, thus “Vicky” who meets Daddy and Kajol has to be the brown-eyed version.

    Enjoyed the family scenes, they do a good job of showing warmth between the sisters especially, which gives us a foundation for Kajol as implacable mystery solver in the second half, she would never let that go. Kind of wish I hadn’t already known what was about to happen, I could see how that would have been shocking.


    • It also means that that the original audience would think Kajol’s boyfriend SRK was a “good” guy. Evil green-eyed SRK was obviously the little boy grown up and EVIL. But brown-eyed SRK was a random good guy who happened to look like the other guy. Strange that both girls were dating identical guys, but not unheard of in Hindi film.

      On Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 12:23 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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