Alert Alert! Varun and Natasha Are Married!

I’m so happy for them! I love this couple.

Varun Dhawan! Child of film folk, went from college to assistant directing to drama school to a big film launch. Huge personality, great at public appearances, big bouncy out there movie star type. Until you ask him about his college girlfriend at which point he gets dead serious and quiet and says “I do not talk about that”. Natasha, sweet girl, normal family, started dating this guy in college. Not interested in the spotlight, not happy being photographed, kept totally secret for the first few years of Varun’s stardom. He may have put on an act of big silly puppy, but he protected her like a pit bull. Finally, after rumors started leaking out and candid photos of them together and people began to learn that the new chocolate boy actually had a long term serious relationship, he took her to her first few public events. She looked miserable, he looked protective.

Varun Dhawan With His Girlfriend Natasha Dalal At Sonam Kapoor's GRAND  Wedding Reception - YouTube

And then you look at candid photos, and they are just so happy! Like any nice young longterm couple in love. Varun may have this wild out there persona as a movie star, but in private life he is just a nice man who really really loves his girlfriend.

Here Are Some Details About Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal's Wedding  Festivities |

And now they are married! After a big planned wedding that, supposedly, was canceled months back because of COVID, they decided they just didn’t want to wait any longer and went ahead and had a little wedding with family and friends and happy photos.

17 thoughts on “Alert Alert! Varun and Natasha Are Married!

  1. I was going to link that same photo on the Saturday post, but Kirre beat me to it. I have Varun on Instagram notifications, and when I saw he posted pics, I gasped and screamed so loud I scared my parents and ran to show them pictures even if they can barely remember who he is.

    Natasha has rubbed me the wrong way, mostly because of her visible discomfort in candids and because of nasty rumors someone told me about how she treated Varun badly when filming Badlapur affected his mental health. But this person never liked Natasha, so of course she’s going to be painted in a bad light, and she has been so negative all weekend since these rumors really started flying, but I can’t listen to her anymore. They both look so unbelievably happy, the photos are gorgeous, and I am happy for him and them and wish them nothing but happiness.


  2. I have a conspiracy theory (actually it’s my mom’s, but it is plausible) that the reason why Varun and Natasha decided to just get married, sacrificing the idea of a big wedding because of the pandemic, is that Natasha might be pregnant.

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  3. Well unlike the popular opinion , I have always liked the visible discomfort on Natasha’s face and body language in photos. It’s kind of cute. Also it makes her a real person with her own likes and ways of life regardless of varun’s life. They being together make me so happy. And I like how Varun kind of shows a different, more mature n calm side whenever he is with her.

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  4. I knew the rumors were not unsubstantiated this time; as soon as I saw Shahank Khaitan had arrived in Alibaug I knew this was happening! I am SO SO happy for Varun and Natasha!

    I am so conflicted about whether I want them to have babies right away or just be a cute married couple for a while. On one hand, they have been together forever and Varun has his own apartment, so I assume he and Natasha have been unofficially living together for a while. Therefore, the wedding doesn’t change things too much and they should just start having babies already! On the other hand, if they are living together for the first time after marriage (like Deepika and Ranveer), then I want them to experience all the joy of living together as a couple and wait a few months to a year to have babies! That’s my extensive analysis on a topic that is absolutely none of my business.

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    • And on the third hand, we are still dealing with the tail end of COVID. Which means if she does get pregnant, this is the best time for Varun to be a supportive at home husband for the first trimester at least and run around getting her pillows and rubbing her feet and stuff. But it also means that he will have to work 3 times as hard for the second two trimesters to make up for the gap in his career.

      So maybe they should enjoy the work break at home time now during quarantine, and then she gets pregnant right when it ends and can still travel around with him and stuff while he is working extra hard, and then he can take a break around January of next year to have paternity leave once things have settled again in the industry. But they can’t put it off too long because I don’t like a big age gap between couples, so Varun has to have a baby soon so that Hiroo/Yash is only 5 years older than his baby and they can still get married.

      On Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 10:40 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • Very good point about age gaps!

        Varun is currently shooting for Jug Jug Jeeyo (which is how he and Neetu got COVID last month). But hopefully he is not working too hard. It doesn’t seem like he has anything else in the pipeline. So, if Natasha gets preggo soon, he can semi be there for her now, and then she and the baby can travel with him next year. And they will be close in age to Karan’s Anuhka/Virat’s and Kareena’s child. So many marriage options for the future!!!

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