Blog Housekeeping: Vacation Schedule!!!! WatchAlong on SUNDAY

I am doing a vacation/staycation! I’ve got activities planned for myself, I’ve canceled other things, it’s gonna be a real life re-set. I hope. Oh, and part of that is rescheduling Blog things.

I am taking Thursday and Friday OFF WORK!!!! In a normal year, around about now I would do a short vacation trip to visit friends or something. I can’t do that this year, but I am still going to try to make it a real break from life, not just “days when I don’t have to wake up for work”.

This post will be filled with my favorite vacation songs.

Wednesday after work, I am going to shut down my computer and order delivery food and pretend I am in a hotel (I already cleaned my apartment bathroom, I’m also gonna change the sheets on my bed. Fun!).

Thursday, I am going to get up early and drive to a new exciting far away Costco and a new exciting far away coffee place and get Costco gas and go shopping at Costco first thing in the morning on a weekday when it is safe and empty. And then drive home and have fancy Costco food for lunch and binge a TV show start to finish.

Friday, the day when it will NOT be snowing, I am going to drive all over the city going to library branches to get copies of “A Discovery of Witches” and then come home and read it in the bath.

Saturday, I give myself a home pedicure and finish the Discovery of Witches series.

Sunday, (this is where y’all come in), I do DCIB WatchAlong ON SUNDAY as a kind of easing into non-vacation life again.

During my “vacation” I am going to try really hard not to blog or computer or anything, the point is to get out of my regular life as though I was actually staying at a hotel vacationing somewhere. So Wednesday night to Sunday morning, low blogging.

And then Sunday, DCIB WATCHALONG!!!!! Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, either works. And whatever movie we feel like. But SUNDAY this week!!! Because by golly I am on vacation!!!!


7 thoughts on “Blog Housekeeping: Vacation Schedule!!!! WatchAlong on SUNDAY

  1. You should cut yourself off, instead of low blogging, no blogging. It is for less than a week. Figure out your Sunday watch-a-long time and movie Tues or Wed and then say goodbye until then. It isn’t that I want you to stop blogging, but you’ve tried to draw back, and I’m not sure how well that has worked, so cut it all the way off for a couple days. If you on day three you find you really really miss it, well then you will know that you love blogging. I know that I, and perhaps most of your readers, have gone multiple days without checking in. Life is like that sometimes.


    • I am getting better at blogging less! Writing about Betsy-Tacy is a freakin’ JOY, and I am letting myself do stuff like that. I also just watched Tumbadd (for my Zoom meetup group), which I don’t particularly want to talk about, so I’m not reviewing it, HA!

      But you are right. I’ll pick a movie tomorrow and do Wednesday watching, and then no Saturday Small Talk, no TGIF, no NOTHING. No blog at all unless I feel like putting up a quick “you guys! I saw the CUTEST PUPPY while I was off on a driving adventure!” kind of post. Because half the fun of a vacation is telling other people fun things you did.

      On Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 4:04 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. I like the idea you not blogging from Thursday to Sunday unless you want to share something random that happened to you on the way to Costco. Also, if you finish all three Discovery of Witches books in 24 hours I am going to be ridiculously impressed and I know you will have no time to blog!

    Also, Sunday watchalong sounds fun. I would be up for Sunday morning or early afternoon. In terms of movies, maybe it’s finally time for Ok Jaanu? I’ll think of some more options and post later.


    • Oh! I am so worried about A Discovery of Witches! This is the main center of my vacation planning. The only copies available through the public library are at really really really far branches, so my fun activity is going to be driving very very far to new libraries and picking them up. BUT! It’s supposed to be snowy on Thursday, so I shouldn’t really do a big big drive that day, which means my library drive should wait for Friday. But then I only have the books for 2 and a half days of vacation!!!! I suppose I could just not sleep?

      On Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 5:38 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Get sleep. You don’t want to be grumpy because of no sleep when you start work on Monday. Also, hopefully you will finish all three books in two and a half days but if not, you can always read during the work week if you stay disciplined, which I am NOT! But it’s what’s everyone else tells me to do so I am parroting it back here.

        I just saw one of your Monday morning responses where you said you are getting a book on tape and I am so curious which one it is. Do tell!


        • Agatha Christie! The best books on tape. And very vacation-y, you always read Christies on vacation.

          On Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 5:57 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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