Saturday Small Talk: You Talk Trailers, Shahid Kapoor, and Whatever While I Run Errands

Happy Saturday! I gotta do a screenfree day. Not in some sort of general mental health way, but in a “my eyes feel like they are going to explode and I gotta give them a break” way. It’s not blogging, it’s this work week, I had to go nonstop all day every day, so I didn’t even get my usual little 5 minute breaks to walk around the room. Anyway, either I do something else today or my eyes are gonna fall out.

Things to talk about!

There’s ten million trailers, I’d look them up and link them for you and watch them and give you opinions, but as previously mentioned, eyes are about to fall out. So you do that for yourselves and then chat here. Tell me what looks good! I’ll watch it tomorrow!

Shahid Kapoor! Him I have opinions on without looking it up. His birthday was on Thursday but I forgot. Anyway, I really like/don’t like Shahid in a complex way. I think he is a very very talented performer who does not get enough credit. I really respect him as an artist. I also think, as a person, he is a bit of a dimbulb. Kind of an odd mixture, it’s not like Hrithik where he is an easy thinker all around, he’s phenomenal at his job, but just sort of shallow in his personal life?

What do you think? Shahid as actor, Shahid as dancer, Shahid as hard worker, Shahid as script picker, Shahid as romantic partner, Shahid as public figure?

You can also talk about whatever. I don’t care, I’m not gonna respond to comments until this afternoon when my eyes have found their way back into my head.

Instead, I am going to go pick up wash and fold laundry, get the pressure checked in my tires, pick up even more new jigsaw puzzles, and (most importantly) get Albie dog his cakes for his party tomorrow.

Do you think he suspects I am planning something?

17 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: You Talk Trailers, Shahid Kapoor, and Whatever While I Run Errands

  1. Happy Birthday, Albie!

    When your eyes are rested, please tell me what kind of cakes you buy for him. Are they special doggie cakes? Human cakes he gets a small nip of while you’re singing Happy Birthday? Specially made or can you pick them up at Petco and such? If not, can I order on line? There’s a site on Facebook that teaches you to make your own dogfood and they have a birthday cake. But it sounds awful, malt and tallow and other yucky stuff.

    Not sure of the day exactly, but Teddi will be 2 sometime in June. I wasn’t able to celebrate last year, but I’d like to do something this year, especially since by then, everybody will be vaccinated and I can have a backyard bash.


    • Dog cakes of course! I went to a Dog Boutique this morning and picked up two little birthday cupcakes. It’s peanut and honey and stuff, no flour. And it’s really pretty, I’ll take photos tomorrow for you.

      I don’t know Albie Dog’s birthday, so I celebrate his adoption day. That’s easy to remember, the shelter really wanted me to pick him up before the end of February, because they have their worst month in February (because it is so short) and they wanted to boost the numbers for the quarterly report to donors 🙂 So I picked him up at the last minute on the last day of February.

      On Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 7:51 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I like Shahid as an actor and a dancer, basically the only one whose dancing I think is truly good of that crop of actors. But he’s got douche written all over him as a person.

    I listened to this podcast about Indian historical movies in the Modi era:

    Probably not much new to anyone here but it’s still interesting. They make a good point that historical movies aren’t really seen as movies anymore, but as the opportunity to tell “the truth” about something for whichever group is making them. I also like that they talked for a bit about The Black Prince, which like 3 people besides me have seen (rightly so, do not watch it) but is an interesting instance of that.


    • If Shahid and his wife both seem very happy with their marriage, am I allowed to judge them because I don’t approve of their relationship?

      On Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 8:36 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • When she was a 20 year old college student, her parents invited her to a friend’s house for lunch and there was Shahid and his family. And slowly it dawned on her that this was an arranged engagement, organized by their shared Guru, between her and a 33 year old movie star. They talked for a long time that day and over the phone, and then decided to get married. She went from college student to Star Wife in a few months. Shahid said their marriage worked because “she conceived early” and “after she got pregnant, we became very close”.

          Also, if I am a 33 year old movie star with loads of life experience and romantic history and stuff, why would I want to marry a 20 year old college student who still lived at home???? (she was very homesick for her Mom after marriage, but his mother was sweet to her, so that helped)

          On Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 3:37 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I had a big crush on Shahid durning Jab We Met and Kismat Konnection time. But then I saw some of his interviews and was like: Man, this guy sucks, and this was the end of my love. Since then the only Shahid movie I saw was Shaandaar (I could watch Udta Punjab, Kaminey, Haider, but no, I chose Shaandaar 😉 ).
    He is a very good actor, dreat dancer, handsome, full package as an actor, but I find him creepy, and his arranged marriage only made me more suspicious. Btw Is there any bollywood actor who had an arranged marriage when he was on the top, and who isn’t creepy?


    • I can’t think of a modern actor who had an arranged marriage AT ALL!!!! Not arranged-arranged like Shahid, loads of people who were “introduced by their parents”, but that’s a whole different thing, if you go on to date and get engaged months later and stuff, not this crazy 3 months from first meeting to marriage, and then BANG! Pregnant!

      On Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 3:21 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Last night I watched Howards End for the first time (husband slept through most of it), and then the end of Master (husband asleep again but this time in bed). Definitely an unusual combination. I’d meant to see Howards End for years and realized when I was watching it that I had no idea what it was about, just vague expectations from knowing it was Oscar nominated and Merchant Ivory and Emma Thompson + Anthony Hopkins + Vanessa Redgrave + Helena Bonham Carter. What I wasn’t expecting was the whole possession of the house plotline, nor all the class consciousness, nor the romantic entanglements. Basically I was expecting Remains of the Day and instead it’s more like Austen lite? Fantastic cast, of course, and twisty twists, but the big climactic violent confrontation between the rich dude and the poor dude was kind of silly, like if DDLJ had ended in a thumb war.

    Master was not a great movie – typical macho posturing squaring off between the redeemed good guy and the irredeemable bad guy to see who can beat more people into submission – but…I don’t know, it was satisfying anyway. Agree with Popka’s opinion that good Vijay was more fun to watch than bad Vijay, though part of that might have been the character. Malaika was gorgeous, the kids were good, and the songs were great – maybe my favorite soundtrack since Gully Boy.


    • I have to admit, I haven’t seen Howard’s End. Or Remains of the Day. And somehow the two of them blurred in my mind, so I thought of both of them as about class and repression and blah blah. Rich dude and poor dude confrontations and Austen Lite makes me WAY more interested in Howard’s End!!!!!

      And I just looked up the Master Souondtrack! It’s by a young hot outside the box type, he did Why This Kalovari D which became a massive crossover hit a few years back. He’s 3rd generation film, directors and composers and actors and his Mom is a classical dancer. He studied Piano at Trinity College in England, and Carnatic music in Madras, and sound design on top of that. He’s worked with Diplo, and Rajinikanth, so quite the range there 🙂

      On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 8:25 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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