Annual May the 4th Post, Let’s Cast Star Wars!

Happy May the 4th! This post never gets much traffic and I don’t care. Star Wars, the real original trilogy ones, has an iconic group of central characters and we need to recast it!!!

Characters to cast:

Han Solo

Luke Skywalker


Obi Wan

Darth Vader

Just to shake things up, I am going to propose the WORST possible cast for all of them!!!!

Han Solo: Ranbir Kapoor

Luke Skywalker: Tiger Shroff

Leia: Athiya Shetty

Obi Wan: Jonny Lever

Darth Vader: Anil Kapoor

And now, All Kapoor Cast!!!

Han Solo: Arjun Kapoor

Luke Skywalker: Harsh Kapoor

Leia: Sonam Kapoor

Obi Wan: Sanjay Kapoor

Darth Vader: Anil Kapoor

And then, Gender Flipped!!!!

Han Solo: Swara Bhaskar

Luke Skywalker: Sonam Kapoor

Leia: Harsh Kapoor

Obi Wan: Shabana Azmi

Darth Vader: Rekha

Oh dang. Gender flipped is by far the best cast, isn’t it?

Okay, now you talk! Tell me about your experiences with Star Wars, see if you can come up with a more ridiculous Darth Vader than Anil Kapoor or a more perfect Leia than Harsh Kapoor, try to sell me on either the prequels or the sequels if you are INSANE.

I’ll tell you my experience. They somehow passed my family by, my parents were too old to really get obsessed, and my sister and I weren’t born yet. And then somewhere around age 8 or so, my Dad decided to try showing me and my sister the first one. It was fine, it was fun, we didn’t love it. And then years later when all the prequels were coming out and stuff, I thought “I should really watch these”. I did it in chronological order, so 123456, which really REALLY made it obvious how special 456 were. I’m not, like, Star Wars Obsessed. But those 3 movies are so immediately powerful that I have seen them maybe twice and yet I can remember almost everything about them. They are just really really good movies!

Also, Star Wars slashfic video:


7 thoughts on “Annual May the 4th Post, Let’s Cast Star Wars!

  1. Gender flipped casting is really good! Now I want to see that movie.

    My early memories of Star Wars are of watching it on TV at my dad’s house – probably VHS rented from the corner video place – and being scared by the scene where they almost get squished in the trash compactor. Plus vague memories of debating that Jabba the Hutt scene with other kids. Leia chained in a gold bikini next to the giant slug is an image that has probably done some weird things to the collective psyche. Oh, and my personal theory of the trilogies is that the originals had by far the superior bad guy in Darth Vader. None of the other villains ever measured up. (I like Adam Driver but his whiny emo boy thing just doesn’t inspire the same dread of the power of evil.) That and truly terrible writing in the 1-3 episodes.

    Here’s my casting:
    Leia: Anushka Sharma
    Luke: Ranveer
    Han Solo: Varun
    Chewbacca: Tangaballi from Chennai Express
    Darth Vader: Akshay
    Obi Wan: Saif
    Lando Calrissian: Shahid


      • Yes. I am convinced of this. I think he can play irresponsible but still a good guy at heart in a way that wins over the audience. And I think he’s good playing off an ensemble in a buddy set up, which is Han with Chewbacca the whole time, adding in Luke as a friendly rival as the movies go on. And I find his romancing more friendlike in most cases, which works for the Leia dynamic.


        • My issue is, Han always kind of felt like the “adult” to me in the central triangle. Leia got around his defenses because she’s so Leia-y, but otherwise he was always kind of cool and older. Like the Senior in high school hanging out with the sophemores. If Ranveer is Luke, can Varun give that big brother vibe?

          On Wed, May 5, 2021 at 8:22 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Yeah, that part would be different. But to me Luke always had a wise beyond his years thing that went with his Jedi persona, and he goes on more of a character journey including being believably tempted to turn to the dark side, and Ranveer would be better at those parts. I think Varun could play more worldly in the early stages, in the sense of street smart, knowing how to talk his way or fight his way out of situations. But closer to equal footing, more like Rey and Finn I guess.


          • Can we agree that, if for some reason we wanted to make a Hindi remake of the recent movies, the Adam Driver part should be played by Ranbir?

            On Wed, May 5, 2021 at 1:33 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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