Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Consider the Possibility That I Am Too Nice

Happy Saturday! I am still homeless! Because I may have made an error in judgement. But I will probably have a home by Monday.

There’s a million new movie announcements and other things going on, but I just don’t have the energy for that. Y’all can share them amongst yourself, and also explain how in the heck Sudeep and Jacqueline Fernandez are co-starring.

Yesterday afternoon the tenants of the downstairs unit of our building, “my” unit, came to us very upset because their housing plan fell through. So the moving truck is coming and so on and so forth, but they don’t have anywhere to sleep tonight. And they have pets, so they can’t really go to a hotel. Naturally, I felt very bad about this. So I said they could stay until the 1st. Well, the 2nd if they really REALLY had to.

And then the dog and I stumbled out the door to my parents’ new place which has no guest room, and they also hadn’t unpacked their blankets, so we slept on the floor with a furniture padding cover as a blanket. And I woke up today thinking, “wait, I don’t have anywhere else to stay. And I also have a pet. WHY THE HECK DID I LET THE TENANTS STAY??? THEY SHOULD BE THE ONES SLEEPING ON FLOORS AND THINGS!!!!”

Oh well, too late now, and the Karma will come back to me tenfold somehow or other. Just two more nights sleeping under furniture padding, and then we get to move into our Real place. It will be fine.


20 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Consider the Possibility That I Am Too Nice

  1. It will be fine, your karma will be phenomenal, and yes, you may be too nice on occasion. I would have done the same: accommodated them, and then chuntered to myself and near ones. I would also think unloving thoughts about people who make plans for their own accommodation that can fall apart on the very day they are meant to happen, leaving others to pick up the flak! Still, it’s only two or three more days, their stuff has all gone yes? If not, prepare to descend like Ebenezer Scrooge next week. All will be well, I will cross my fingers for you.


  2. Many hotels and motels take pets. There are a million of them on Google, many of them I’m sure in your area.
    I USED TO BE NICE. Maybe those days will pay off when I cross over the rainbow bridge. But right now, my life is equally divided between Good Morning Sunshine, and oh shit, not again.


    • I know this, because I WAS GOING TO DO THAT. Albie Dog and I were originally going to spend the night at a motel until my parents stepped up and offered a corner of floor. Sigh. I should be tougher.

      On Sat, Jul 31, 2021 at 10:57 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. You are too nice but as you said I’m sure Karma will come back to you. And isn’t it good to start this new part of your life with a good deed?

    I started watching Hungama 2 and it looks so dated, like 90′ movie. It also feels a little malyalam because it starts like in the middle, with a lot of people who we don’t know talking about another people we don’t know. I was confused and bored and stopped watching after 7 minutes. Now I saw another few minutes and I think I would rather rewatch Malaal than continue with this film. I started watching it only for Meezan but he is hardly there!
    P.S I was right with the 90′ and malayalam movie feel – I just read it’s a remake of Minnaram.


      • Sorry I can’t 😦 I love you and Meezan but not only this movie is dated, it also has Paresh Rawal playing husband of Shilpa Shetty (!). But the worst is the scenography – after 15 minutes I already suffer dancing eyes and a headache.


          • Terrible. And the plot? The girl comes with a baby and tells it’s Meezan’s child and of course nobody is like: Girl, it’s 2021, let’s make a DNA test. No, in Priyadarshan’s mind we are still in 1992, and if the girl says it’s yours, it’s yours. I mean, I understand her a little, I also almost get pregnant when I saw Meezan in Maalal but I didn’t make a movie about it!

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          • This comment is comic gold! I cannot stop laughing! Also, thanks for letting me know that they pair Shilpa with Paresh Rawel; I will not be watching this movie!

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    • Yes! It would have felt so yucky to start off by making people miserable.

      On Sat, Jul 31, 2021 at 2:25 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • This would not have been a good way to start out in your new house, it would have left a sour taste and you want your new house to be a happy place. Not to the point of giving them another month, and I know it’s hard when you’ve been hanging in there in a temporary set-up with all these complicated logistics and then it gets drawn out past the day you’d been counting on and even turns more uncomfortable. But still, I think you did the right thing, and I’m not as nice as you are :).


  4. This is not new, but did anyone else watch House Arrest? I got curious about Ali Fazal after Bobby Jasoos and watched it. It had its shaky moments but it’s sweet and funny. Ali has that lanky, soulful eyes, long dark eyelashes thing I appreciate, and this role gave him more to work with. Plus Shriya Pilgoankar, the nice girlfriend from Fan with the dimples, and Jim Sarbh.


      • When I first saw it in the Netflix suggestions, I totally thought it was a pandemic production. I was surprised at first that Ali was the only one shut in. But I’m guessing it made me more sympathetic to his character than I would have been if I’d watched before – all of us who were lucky enough to have the means and ability to hole up during the pandemic have gone through some kind of transition to step back outside again. And the divide between Ali and the other characters who were out at parties or socializing also felt familiar.

        The main thing that bugged me, besides a bit of awkwardness between Ali and Shriya early on, was the way the Jim character was written. His motivation seemed all over the place, as convenient for the plot at any given moment. But once Ali and Shriya’s chemistry kicked in I really liked them together. Especially the intimate moments, I thought that was really well done. And the ending was cool. And I didn’t mind the Barka Singh comedy plot, she was funny.


        • The comedy plot was my favourite thing about it! I don’t know, I thought at the time it was all a bit too easy for the main character. You’re right about Jim’s character, but he’s really more of a genie or fairy godmother than a character, so.


          • True, a genie as a dude who tends to hold his phone conversations where he sorts out his friend’s love life in various bathroom settings 😂.

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