Saturday Morning Watchalong: Mom! For Sridevi! 7:30am Chicago Time on Netflix

Woo-hoo! I am beginning to feel like I am getting back to regular life! Watchalong, I made my own coffee, I’ve started laundry, life is good.

Mom! It’s dark, it’s twisted, it’s satisfying, it’s Sridevi! Very excited to share it with y’all

Mom, Story Plot And Rating, Starring Sridevi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Akshaye  Khanna - Filmibeat

At 7:30am Chicago time I will put up an “and Play” comment and then we can all comment along from there!


171 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Watchalong: Mom! For Sridevi! 7:30am Chicago Time on Netflix

    • And it’s another sign of Sridevi as the perfect upperclass wife and mother and housewife, keeping that house running like clockwork.


      • unattainable. I have more sympathy with imperfect people. That said I think Sridevi is great! A better actress now than when she was younger. I suppose that is not unusual. She died too young.


        • I like it, I think everyone overlooks her because she is “just” a housewife. But if you look at her house seriously, you can see that she is very intelligent, organized, successul, all those things.


  1. Ooooo! Hijra’s do their own castrations, it’s a whole ceremony. So that’s why she used them she knew they could do it right and make sure he survived.

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  2. It is kinda disturbing, this idea that vengeance brings healing. One attacker dies and she looks out the window. If only it were so easy.


    • I see it the other way, that this movie is saying healing is the goal, vengeance is incidental. Everyone’s looking at the angry people, when they should be looking at the caregi ver.


  3. Love it. Her husband wants vengeance or justice or something. She just goes for “my daughter feels bad because these men are alive. I will kill them, and then she will feel better”.

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  4. Husband has nooooooooooo idea! Just like he has no idea how much work goes into making his house nice and so on and so forth. Sridevi just does stuff, and his life works out for him.

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  5. She said she was putting the little girl down, right? So she would know the little girl was safe in her bedroom when he came down and saw the bad guy.


    • Did he change his mind? He kinda did didn’t he. Perhaps when she said nothing will happen again. And he just knows the guy killed the detective too. But if he enters that evidence he has to enter the evidence of what Sridevi did.


  6. I am so glad I got to watch that again! It’s as well done as I remember. Very different kind of vengeance story, so female focused and survivor focused.

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