Shahrukh Month: A Friday Kind of Question! Marry, Sex, Punch? Which 3 SRK Characters?

I’m pretty sure this is the 3rd year I’ve used the question. But it has infinite variety! We can ask it again and again!

The Rules: If you Marry an SRK character, you get to share a life with him and so on and so forth, and he loves you very much, but he is asexual. Nothing more than fully clothed hugs. Oh, and also you get to live in his nice house

If you Sex an SRK character, you get to have sex with him for one night but then no relationship, never see him again.

If you Punch an SRK character, you are allowed to explain to him why he is being punched so that he can learn from the experience and be a better person. But then you never see him again, no sex or marry.

Okay, you can put any three you want in the comments, but I CHALLENGE YOU!!!!! Out of the following sets of three, what would you do?????


10 enriching 'life lessons' by Dr Jehangir Khan aka SRK in 'Dear Zindagi' |  Bollywood News – India TV


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Shah Rukh Khan will be in Don 3; rest of the cast will depend on  characters: Farhan Akhtar | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

Darr SRK

This Actor, Not Shah Rukh Khan, Was Apparently Yash Chopra's First Choice  For Darr

Baazigar SRK

Baazigar was shot with two endings, one would keep SRK alive, reveal  Abbas-Mustan

Zero SRK

Why Shah Rukh Khan's Zero is a special film | Bollywood News – India TV

Duplicate SRK Bad

Duplicate SRK Good

Shah Rukh Khan in 'Duplicate'


25 Years of DDLJ: Shah Rukh Khan reveals why he 'felt I was not cut out to  play any romantic type of character'


Shah Rukh Khan calls iconic Kuch Kuch Hota Hai dialogues as best way to  stay away from a committed relationship


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Shahrukh Khan's Dialogue with Ranbir in ADHM – will make one-sided lovers  feel good

Tubelight Cameo SRK

Tubelight making of Goga: Kabir Khan shares memories of exchanging notes  with Shah Rukh Khan in college, watch video | Entertainment News,The Indian  Express

Luck By Chance Cameo SRK

Shah Rukh Khan - Luck By Chance | Film clips, Bollywood movie, Bollywood  movies

I don’t want to influence you TOO much by giving my answers, but I will do it for one category:

Marry: Tubelight Cameo SRK. I could travel India as part of a magic show! That sounds really fun!

Sex: Luck By Chance Cameo SRK, for sure. It’s real life SRK, only slightly more confident and aware.



10 thoughts on “Shahrukh Month: A Friday Kind of Question! Marry, Sex, Punch? Which 3 SRK Characters?

  1. It’s easy
    Punch – Buua Singh (obviously)
    Marry – Jug. It would be nice to be with somebody who knows how to listen, and he lives near ocean.
    Sex – Harry


    • Well sure, if you can pick between all of them it’s easy! But what if you limit yourself down?

      On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 12:05 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Sex – Harry
    Punch – Jug: everyone on DCIB LOVES you and I just think you are whatever, a therapist. We never actually really know you and most therapists are therapists because they’re CRAZY. Also you’re divorced, that might be your fault, and your kid isn’t around. I’d like you a lot more if you fought harder for your kid.
    Marry – (this is hard I almost chose K3G but ultimately I think rich people often suck and his father certainly sucks so I chose…) KKHH SRK, whose character name I don’t even remember! It’s Rahul isn’t it? BUt he is funny and a good dad and I might be able to beat him in basketball because he really isn’t that good. Also, I like his mom.


    • HA! I want you to punch Jug now just to see how he would react! Will he be all therapist and wise and understanding, or human and normala nd confused?

      On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 2:05 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Going to do a gangster edition:

    – Sex: Raees. He’s hot. But no sticking around for the sad ending.
    – Marry: Don. Not sure he’d actually be good lover, anyway he could go have unconsummated affairs with various victims and police officers. I would jet around and take care of the empire, and eventually he would get himself thrown in jail or killed and leave me set up for life. (I get to be Lara Dutta in this scenario, bonus.)
    – Punch: Bad Duplicate, no explanation, just for funsies. Actually I would punch Good Duplicate first by accident, then punch Bad Duplicate twice to make up for it.


    • Oooo, I like the idea of marrying Don as a Power Move to take over the Empire! That’s very Don-style of thinking.

      On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 10:46 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Marry: Jug (I have a therapist complex so I would be totally accustomed to the lack of physical contact….totally clothed hugs sounds great right now)

    Sex: Harry. Always Harry. I could probably go a long time on that one night.

    Punch: Bauua. I really dislike the character and I think it might have made him a better person to be punched much earlier in life by a potential partner. He needs a good left hook.


    • Excellent choices all around! And I feel like Jug would be very good at creating a sense of intimacy without actual physical intimacy.

      On Sat, Oct 16, 2021 at 2:52 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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