Wednesday Watching Post: What Are Watching and Reading and Thinking and Listening to on DHARMENDRA’S BIRTHDAY????

Happy Wednesday! It’s DHARMENDRA’S BIRTHDAY!!! What a glorious day for us all.

I’ll start!

Watching: I’ve retreated to the Vicar of Dibley for comfort and joy. That is just SUCH a good show!!!! Dawn French is amazing of course, but the whole cast is just perfection, and it captures the experience of being on a church committee (which I did for many MANY years) just right.

Reading: Hmm. I feel like I should link to some deep and thoughtful piece here, but I’m not going to. Instead, look at this wonderful book I just bought for my nephew! Guess what it’s about???

Thinking: Vicky and Kat! Kat and Vicky! Why no photos yet? Why no leaks? Why no deeply personal post explaining the details of their romance and relationship? Instead, we are left to think of things like “what portmanteau could they use to name their child?” I think “Katshaul” would be cute! Or, of course, “Kacky”.

Listening: It’s CHRISTMAS!!!!! And this odd song just popped up on my streaming, it’s fun, right? I always like story songs.

Okay, now, question for you!

Which of these Dharmendra photos is most Christmassy?

Esha Deol's Childhood Picture With Her 'He-Man' Daddy, Dharmendra, Looks  Confused And Petrified
Dharmendra says he is a loner living with memories |

21 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are Watching and Reading and Thinking and Listening to on DHARMENDRA’S BIRTHDAY????

  1. Watching: I’ve been watching so many movies it’s ridiculous but I’ve not finished any of them. However I did finish Jane Eyre which was nice but wasn’t Jane Eyre. Michael Fassbender is so handsome thus isn’t Mr Rochester. But still a great movie nevertheless.

    Reading: I’ve joined a book club and started reading All the Light we cannot see. It’s pretty good so far but also really depressing. It’s like path which doesn’t have hope no matter what.

    Thinking: Will Vicky and Katrina have kids immediately? When will the wedding photos come out? I hope Katrina doesn’t wear Sabyasachi as he always has the same styling not giving too much freedom to the brides.

    Listening: I’ve been listening to the Atrangi Re album and have been listening. Tumhein Mohabbat Hai is really good however Garda is my favourite.

    The second photo is cuter. Young Dharmendra was ridiculously handsome especially in Anupama. Which is such a good movie, if you’ve not watched it yet please do.

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    • I was feeling guilty about you watching so many more movies than me, but then I got to the part where you admitted you haven’t finished them! I haven’t watched many in the past few weeks, but at least I did finish them.

      I want Vicky and Kat to have kids right away! Kat has talked so much about how she wants a family, so YES babies!!! Also, I want them to do a Christian ceremony along with Hindu because I want to see Kat in a big fluffly white dress.

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      • I also want them to have kids right away as it’s always been Katrina’s dream. However I don’t know whether we’ll see the white dress as Katrina’s always been secretive about her Christian heritage so maybe even if they do those photos they won’t show it to us. Hopefully they do as it would be nice to see Katrina in a white poofy dress or even a simple one. She looks gorgeous no matter what so it doesn’t really matter.

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        • I read that everything is so secretive because they sold the rights to their wedding to Netflix or something and there will be a series or a documentary. I think it’s good idea and I hope it’s true because I want to see this wedding (and I’m not even a fan)

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  2. I have been loving the ridiculous Vicky-Katrina wedding headlines. The details being published are so inane and pointless…like they will cut a five-tier wedding cake made by an Italian baker…I didn’t think I needed to know this information…but now I really really want to see a photo of this goddam cake.

    Though, my favorite headline of all was “Bride-Groom to dance on Kala Chashma, Nachde ne Saare; No Ranbir Kapoor Songs at Sangeet Ceremony”. hahahaaha…I love how someone found the list and then combed through it to see if a Ranbir song made it or not…this is delightful!

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  3. I watched Honsla Rakh (Diljit Dosanjh newest punjabi comedy) and it was so stupid and so long. It’s almost 2.30 h long but there is nothing more than what we saw in 2 minutes long trailer. I should have known better and quit after one of scenes in the beginning in which Diljit visits white Canadian family for bride seeing ceremony. If that wasn’t enough, the bride turns out to be oversize and there are elefant’s noises while she enters. Such a rubish movie. To avoid.

    Today is December 8th – the beginning of the Christmas time in Italy , and as every year , this is what I’m listening to:


  4. Are they actually married now, and details are a secret, or is all of this just speculation? One of the gossip rags was referring to her as Katrina Kaif Kaushal like a week ago so it’s like we’ve all decided the actual wedding doesn’t matter.

    Watched, as I mentioned before Sooryavanshi, which is annoying in how often it announces that it is not Islamaphobic (Look, the policeman’s name is Abbas! Look, Akshay is talking to a moulvi!). Also, Rohit Shetty’s movies are annoying in that they set the hero’s name to a very catchy tune, so you go around the whole next day singing SOOOOOO-rya-VAN-shi! or HA, HA, SimmBA! like an idiot. That said, I’ll probably go ahead and watch Singham since it’s on Netflix and I might as well.


  5. Thinking: Since yesterday, Vicky-Katrina of course. I’m stupidly excited that they’re going to be Anushka’s neighbors and want them to do neighborly things and let us know about those. Also Filmikudhi, has she had the baby yet?

    Watching: Dil Bekaraar, a 10-episode series on Hotstar (Hulu? Disney?), based on Anuja Chauhan’s book ‘Those Pricey Thakur Girls’. She is the author of Zoya Factor and Battle for Bittora (which I just found out was supposed to be made into a movie with Sonam-Fawad, now I’m sad that’s not gonna happen). I’ve wanted to read her work but haven’t yet, so I was happy to come across this one. It’s set in the 80s in upper-middle class Delhi, about a family of 5 daughters, but mostly focuses on one. She is a newscaster and clashes with a journalist and they eventually fall in love. It’s funny, cute and romantic. There is one serious thread which doesn’t work well with the rest of the story, but it’s not too bad. The leads are quite good. The female lead is Saher, who was supposedly in Sunny Deol’s son’s movie, I’m gonna guess she didn’t have as much to do there compared to this. The male lead is Akshay Oberoi who I hadn’t heard of but has been in a bunch of movies; he’s impressive and has those leading man looks and chops, much better than many Hindi actors nowadays. Mostly I’m glad to watch a web-series which is not a thriller or crime-drama, more of these please!

    My classic movie journey continues, and I have a new crush – William Holden! His smile is to die for! Watched a bunch of his movies, mostly the lighter, romantic ones. And now I’ve to decide whether I’m crushing hard enough to watch the ton of war-movies and westerns he made, sigh! 


    • Oh oh, Dil Bekaraar. I wanted to watch it because I have a big girl crush on Saher since I saw her in Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, but we don’t have Disney+Hotstar here in Italy 😦

      Akshay Oberoi is Vivek Oberoi’s cousin. He was great in Gurgaon.

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    • Really? William Holden???? Watch Paris When it Sizzles, and Sabrina, and I literally cannot think of another William Holden movie. Oh! He was in Born Yesterday! That is an AMAZING movie and I need someone to help me recast it for India.

      On Fri, Dec 10, 2021 at 1:46 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Done, done and done! Yes to Born Yesterday! My 90s cast – SRK-Juhi, perfect for the roles! The glasses are a must! Anil as gangster boyfriend – think of him in all the ‘Tapori’ roles. Current cast – I’ll go for Swara, she can pull off brash, uncouth. Ranveer (with glasses) as Holden. I’d love to see Pankaj Tripathi as the bullying boyfriend.

        I’m surprised you say that, as from what I’ve learnt, he was a huge star. Movies I’ve seen:
        Sunset Boulevard – my introduction. I wouldn’t say I became an instant fan of his, but I liked his pairing with Nancy Olson and learnt they did three more movies together. I saw two of them – Union Station (noirish police procedural) and Force of Arms (war-drama-romance). They’re adorable in them.

        The Moon is Blue (romantic comedy) – apparently it was quite scandalous at the time, it has two playboys trying to seduce a woman, who tells them upfront that she plans to remain virtuous till marriage, confusing them and throwing them off.

        Picnic (drama) – he was a bit old for the role of a young drifter, but delivers. 
        Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing and The World of Suzie Wong – both set in Hong-Kong and dealing with inter-racial relationships. The former has a white actress playing half-Chinese, which would not pass today and I didn’t care for the movie as a whole. I loved Suzie Wong, and he’s good in both.

        The Bridges at Toko-Ri – war-movie, and while he’s great, it’s not my jam.

        Miss Grant Takes Richmond – comedy with Lucille Ball. He also appeared as himself in an episode of I Love Lucy, where he is poking fun at himself and being hilarious, it made me love him even more!

        Sabrina and Paris When it Sizzles – thoroughly enjoyable, but watching them was bittersweet, knowing the story of him and Audrey. And how I wish Cary Grant had played Bogart’s role as was intended!

        My impression from these movies is that he’s obviously a very attractive man, can play the sincere, charming hero if needed, but so often has a cynical, bitter edge which makes him very interesting. 


        • Born Yesterday is such a perfect SRK-Juhi plot, I can’t believe they missed it in their remakes. Agree about present day, perfect! Ranveer in particular, he would be so great as the nice shy man who loosens up.

          When I was a kid, we stayed pretty firmly in the screwball/rom-com world! And Holden of course branched out into Dark movies, which we avoided. So we did see The Moon is Blue, which famously was the first movie to be released breaking the Hayes Code (said the word “pregnant”). But none of the others you mentioned. We would have seen Miss Grant Takes Richmond, but it wasn’t available at any of our movie stores. See, in the olden days, we were limited to the actual VHS tapes at the actual rental stores. It was HORRIBLE. But also, kind of fun. My sister and I traveled alllllllllllllllllllllll over finding every single movie from before 1964 that had a happy ending available in our town.

          On Fri, Dec 10, 2021 at 10:19 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I understand! If I had been watching classics when I was a kid, I’m pretty sure I would’ve taken to Cary Grant just like I have now, but maybe not to William Holden. Also, if nothing else, you should see the Lucy episode with him, I keep going back to the clips for a dose of laughter.


  6. I should focus on indian movies, but I watched Bohemian Rapsody instead. I kinda liked it when I was watching but now I think it sucks. It was so generic and just like the other thousand band movies. Poor guy joins the band, they become famous, he party and do drugs, the band splits. To fit the worn out template some real things from Freddie Mercury’s life were changed. Rami Malek was trying his best but he just can’t keep up with the real Freddie (I watched Live Aid concert after the movie and Rami looks like a poor imitator in comparision) And OMG the dental prosthetics were hideous. I haven’t seen Sanju but I feel that Bohemian Rapsody is english equivalent of Sanju .


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