Christmas GiveAway Week 5: Congratulations Genevieve!

Did I mess up my weeks? Oh well, no matter. Also, what with mail slowness and so on, I went ahead and mailed Xmas cards to a lot of my regulars. Those are the GENERAL cards, not your specific winning cards. If you win, you’ll get another even better one.

First, the lovely card for Nayahaiya!!!! In honor of the movie that gave her the win, JTHJ!

And this week, Genevieve! As a reward for dragging herself from her sickbed to join the watchalong late! She finally has a win! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Genevieve!


5 thoughts on “Christmas GiveAway Week 5: Congratulations Genevieve!

  1. It’ll be hard to beat the card you already sent me! LOVE Nayahaiya’s card, or well, I love the tagline. Happy Sunday! THe silver lining of stomach bugs is that they are great for weight loss!


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