Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Have ADVENTURES!!!!

Happy Saturday! I should be cleaning the house and organizing the basement storage unit and generally being a good person. But instead I am going to have ADVENTURES! I have shoes to pick up at a super far outlet store, and I have a massage scheduled, and I need to do recycling. A Grand Day Out.

Things to talk about!

Shahrukh is still not running his twitter, right? I’m happy to see his little announcements and stuff, but it does not feel like his voice behind the tweets:

A new co-worker came over to co-work/be trained at my place this week and I showed her War and Shivaay and Baaghi. What are other super dumb/awesome action films I can show her? You know, as part of her training? (I mean, I am actually training her on phones, so it needs to be a movie so dumb you can put it on mute and still follow what is happening)

Is Hrithik in love with his car?


8 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Have ADVENTURES!!!!

  1. How about Style as the next movie to show your new colleague? I know it was made with 2% of Shivaay’s budget, but I love it and it will always be my first choice for fun/ridiculous action film. Also Unni+Tovino >>>>>> Ajay .It’s simple maths 😉

    And for something big budget – Eega, this movie never fails.
    Or 2.0, the bird made of mobile phones is something everybody should see.


  2. Are those really SRK’s abs? The face is as craggy and handsome as ever. But the bod looks like it got the Salman airbrush treatment.

    I finally got around to Tadap on Hulu. To me it wasn’t as good as RX 100. The romance wasn’t as believable and the film started too slow and ended up too fast. Ishaan Shetty isn’t as good looking as his father or as sexy as Karthikeya Gummakonda. But he’s a better actor and I can see him shooting right up to action hero super stardom where Karthikeys’s career is stumbling.

    Did anyone else see it? I’d like to know what you thought.


    • I saw it!
      Spoilers ahead
      I agree Tadap was very far from #RX100. The latter’s force were sexy scenes, colours and music, and Tadap has nothing of those. The colour pallete was changed to sad and cold blue. The music was only ok, and the sexy scenes? Inexistent. Also Tara Sutaria was a terrible choice for the role. From her very first scene and the first word she said I knew we are in trouble. But what I hated the most is how they changed all the sexual dynamics. I mean in the RX100 it was the girl who seduced the boy. She wanted to have sex with him, she was inviting him, and seducing him all the time. He was her sexy toy and she was enjoying his company to the fullest. In Tadap all this fun part was thrown away, and instead we have this one, sad missionary position sex. Like all this seducing for this one time? It must have been very bad because the day after she didn’t want to know him anymore.


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