New Homework Assignments for ME! 9/24 Review of Ante Sundaraniki, 10/1 Review of Ponniyin Selvan!

Once again, giving myself deadlines and assignments so I will do it! I’d be reviewing Ponniyin Selvan anyway, but maybe not Ante Sundaraniki, and I should watch new things! Yes, I will review Thiruchitrambalam, it’s rumored to possibly be hitting Netflix, so I’m waiting to see if that happens.

9/24 Ante Sundaraniki

Sweet rom-com that I’ve heard good things about, and I need to experiment and expand my mind, and it’s on Netflix. I’ll watch and review on Saturday.

10/1 Ponniyin Selvan

Woot! Ponniyin Selvan! After YEARS. I’m gonna go in cold without trying to follow the synopsis anywhere and just let the narrative surprise me. I’ll watch it Friday evening, or Saturday matinee if I can’t do Friday. And then review.


13 thoughts on “New Homework Assignments for ME! 9/24 Review of Ante Sundaraniki, 10/1 Review of Ponniyin Selvan!

  1. Lucky you to see Vikram on the silver screen! He has really grown on me, even more so now with PS promotions. He might be a “serious actor” but he is literally the exact opposite of Aamir in every way, very relaxed, especially in interviews. Having usually heard his rough-edged Raavanan voice, I was shocked at how sweet it is in real life. The man is just plain adorable and funny! Sorry PS has me going in cycles at the moment, even though it will be a while till I see it…


  2. Ooh, I’m really excited about Ponniyin Selvan!

    Also I need to warn you that Ante Sundaraniki is more of a family dramedy than a rom-com. It’s still a good movie and I think you’ll love it but it’s not really a true rom-com imo.


  3. I’m getting more excited about PS, too! Niki is right that Ante Sundaraniki has a lot of family drama around the romance, especially in the first hour or so and the last half hour. But the center part is a perfect rom-com, cemented my new appreciation for Nani.

    Also related to South rom-coms…I’m planning to rewatch OK Kanmani, Fidaa, Pelli Choopulu, and Ohm Shanthi Oshana for rankings on my mega rom-com list next. All should be on the list, but I still really need recommendations for other great non-Hindi rom-coms. Are there also any Punjabi, Bengali, or Gujarati films I’m missing, too?

    Not so much a homework assignment, but a suggestion for a post:) Since I’m watching all of these rom-coms lately, I’ve been indulging in a lot of female gaze pulchritude. Wouldn’t it be fun to do a really politically incorrect post where we Frankenstein the perfect filmi hero based on their specific body parts and qualities? Maybe appropriate for Halloween time…lol. After watching Tevar last night, Arjun’s thighs and grin are on my list (as we knew they would be). And then after watching KHNH, SRK’s shoulders/clavicle…I know, oddly specific, but he rocks the tank tops, hoodie, and boatneck looks in that one. OK, I’ll save the rest for another day. And we can totally be gender -inclusive and mix it up, too.


    • These are still Telugu rom-coms but have you seen Oohalu Gusagusalade and Sammohanam. Oohalu Gusagusalade is a really cute adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac while Sammohanam is sort of inspired by Notting Hill.


      • Thanks for the recs…this is what I’m looking for! I didn’t know about the first one, but I tried the second one and couldn’t get into it. Aditi has yet to have a rom-com that I connect with (London Paris New York was such a letdown since I love Ali Zafar, too). I guess my favorite Aditi romance is the Mani Ratnam one where he’s a pilot (and super problematic). I tried the one with her and Dulquer and that was also too weird for me to get into as well.


        • I get it about Sammohanam because I’m the only person I know that loves the movie so much 🙂

          Oh yeah, I had such high expectations for the Dulquer-Aditi movie but that movie just gave me a headache and was a literal pain to finish.

          I also remembered that Chi La Sow is another Telugu rom-com that is really good and worth checking out! I love the heroine’s character in that movie. The only downside to it is the fact that it’s hard to find the movie online, though I do think it’s streaming on sun nxt now.

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