Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me as the City Rips Up My Street?

Happy Monday! I have no water! The whole 6 month project of ripping up our street and replacing the pipes might, finally, be reaching the finale. Or this is just another little stop on the road to fully functioning pipes/street. But I like to think it is the finale.

Here is where you get to ask me anything you want from “Did you know it’s Ravi Shankar’s birthday?” to “what are you going to do without water today?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!

Now, question for you! I want to see a movie in theaters this Friday, what should I see? The All Indian Movie Theater is open again, so any release in any language is on the table.

17 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me as the City Rips Up My Street?

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  3. I also don’t have water today! Yesterday we had a very bad weather and now it’s almost 24 h our entire town is without water. So frustrating!


  4. If I had an Indian cinema here and could watch a movie this weekend I would probably watch Gatta Kusthi. The trailer reminded me Godha – there is a guy who does wrestling and a strong girl who kicks asses.

    But there is also Drishyam 2. I saw malayalam version and it was good. Hindi one is earning a lot of money so I think it’s well made and worth watching (+Tabu)

    Varun’s horror-comedy Bhediya released last week. I was sure you will be interested.


        • Bedhia got good reviews in the India Forums by members who had watched it…seems to be more funny than horror.
          I watched the Malayalam Drishyam movies and Ajay’s Drishyam…maybe I’ll watch the D2 when it get streamed (more because of Tabu and Akshaye Khanna as I largely prefer Mohanlal in the leading role). If you don’t know Drishyam yet and you want to see part 2 in the theatre, Ajay’s part 1 is on Netflix. The story is absolutely King in this movie, but excellent performances, too.


          • Hindi trailer of Drishyam 2 looks very good. The BGM is excelent, like in old hollywood films. It makes you want to watch it. The only thing I personally didn’t like is that everybody is too beautiful and perfect. One of the best things in malayalam version is that Mohanlal and his family are very simple. People understimate him, because he isn’t educated and wears simple clothes. Ajay on the contrary looks too perfect, too rich and too “hero”.


  5. I just read that Privithraj’s new movie Gold will release in many European countries, some of them (Iceland, Israel) never show Indian movies let alone a Malayalam one. Isn’t it strange? I mean, there were almost no promotions. I learnt about this film few days ago and I really don’t understand why they got so many screens overseas. What do you think? It’s Alphonse Puthren’s film, he made Premam, but in my opinion he isn’t really that famous.


      • Maybe the movie is great and they know what they are doing but being honest I like Prithvi and malayalam movies but I’m not interested in this film. And why there are no promotions? The release date has been announced 6 days ago, so last week even malayalis didn’t know when it will be in cinemas, and today we have Iceland release date? I find it very unprofessional and crazy.


        • Also while talking about Gold. I watched the teaser (the only official thing available, uploaded 8 months ago) I realized I can’t stand Nayantara. Don’t know why, but looking at her face annoys me. LOL maybe it’s time for a new post about actors we don’t like for no reason.


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