Weekend WatchAlong: What Day, What Time, What SRK Movie?

Naina, a new commentator, is SRK obsessed and unable to make our usual watchalong times. And I know there are others who like to join but can’t at the usual times. So just to shake things up, let me know if you can/want to join, if Saturday or Sunday works better for you, and approximately what time (midday, morning, afterning, evening) Chicago time works for you.

I’m available early morning Saturday or Sunday, as usual (what else am I going to be doing?). I’m also available Saturday after 4pm, and Sunday after 2pm Chicago time. Tell me what time Chicago time works for you and which day! And if nothing works out, that’s okay, we can all just go see Pathaan again instead and reconvene next weekend.

Now, what SRK movie???? I have some suggestions:


I haven’t seen it in a while and it’s too stressful to watch without company!

Chak De India

Kabir Khan did just win our “Most Manly SRK” pull

Don 2

SRK’s last full action movie!


13 thoughts on “Weekend WatchAlong: What Day, What Time, What SRK Movie?

  1. I am much more flexible on Saturday. I am available anytime after 12:15 CT on Saturday. Sunday I am only available in the morning. I have guests coming over around 2:00 pm CT.


    • Oh and hard pass for Fan but I would be up for Chak De or Don 2. Also, speaking of chemistry, SRK and Priyanka chemistry in Don 2 is AMAZING!


  2. No watchalong for me this weekend, because my mum’s staying with me. Enjoy, everyone!
    In general, I’m not free at all on Saturdays until April, but Friday evenings Chicago time and all of Sundays are fine!


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